Do you think that race is a factor in education in the U.S.

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  • Hairtrigger

    Teachers in LAUSD get paid for a 6 hour day for 10 months in a year. Yes the are not paid for 2 months of the year. However the 10 month pay is divided into 12 months so the teachers get paid “every month”.

    The teachers union is the only thing standing between complete takeover by a corrupt board backed by greedy billionaires . It’s th only thing standing between complete takeover of the district by the charter leaning board.

    On a off note- charter schools have the options of cherry picking students. Public schools don’t have that option.

  • GrreatTeacher

    The not getting paid/getting paid for the summer is a red herring.

    Teacher salaries are all based on 10 months. Whether they get paid only over those ten months or have a little of each paycheck witheld for summer pay matters not an iota.

    Some teachers get to pick which arrangement they prefer, some districts make that choice for you. I know of several local districts that mandate salary distribution in exactly opposite ways.

    Never assume that teachers get paid over the summer. That may or may not be true.

    More importantly, never assume that teachers get paid FOR the summer because that is patently untrue.

    Unless you teach summer school, in which case you are paid in accordance with your salary scale.

  • Hairtrigger

    Humbled: That is just one . The number of schools is in the hundreds. Yet not a single media source cares to do an expose on the corruption rampant at the top levels of management.

  • LV101

    Teachers are not overpaid and they've much education behind them. Need a masters and 30+ to bump up the pay scale for decent hourly. I know the long hours - I have family member/friend that are principals and they (along w/teachers, aids, crossing guards, you name it) all buy and provide so much for their schools -- out of their very own pocket or their husband's salary - even items for the physical ed classes. It's a horror story.

    Some school districts have better budgets than others - the gaming industry is taxed for the public education in our state and there should be enough revenue but the system is rated poorly - was at the bottom of the barrel. The gov't must look at the most important profession as a calling and salaries are paid accordingly - it is what it is, I guess/oh well is their reasoning. Who the hey ever made up this insane thinking! For one thing, a religion ran the school district here for many decades all congregated here from Utah - need I say more! So meager with salaries but looked out for their own religious-cult people. That's not the case any longer and this probably was the case in many states. The Jewish/Catholic mafia running the areas of money but a lot has changed in that aspect.

    Parents show up at the high-risk/underprivileged schools begging for warm coats, sweaters, shoes, etc., for their children yet are dressed in designer (maybe not Gucci or Armani/high end Euro designer but sometimes!) shoes, handbags -- Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch (US designers) but still designer items (lower scale but still very expensive) and teachers shopping sales/wearing normal clothes from jcp/discount stores -- which is fine -- but something is radically wrong out there starting with irresponsible/inadequate (to put it mildly) parents! Teachers calling friends, family, etc., for donations for these students every year -- thankfully! Kids get cold and need basics.

  • Hairtrigger

    Great Teacher : Agree on the 10 month pay distribution.

  • LV101

    LongHairGal -- Unfortunately, I don't think this is a new attitude for parents expecting the system to educate their children but is common, ignorant thinking, for decades! This was going on when I was growing up. Fortunately, many had responsible grandparents living in close proximity. Flakey, uncaring, inadequate, mothers/fathers (breeders) are a dime a dozen in our society for as long as I've been on the planet. Society was rigid decades ago and at least many tried to act responsible. In many cases they were married too young and didn't know (oh gawd) and that's understandable/yeah, yeah, yeah -- I'll stop there ---- oh boy!

  • humbled
    Hairtrigger—Yet not a single media source cares to do an expose on the corruption rampant at the top levels of management.

    l despair. This picture grows: We ordinary humans are simply being farmed by a vast network of greed.

  • LV101

    Who can change the cultures and attitudes or make people responsible citizens and parents. Cart before the horse is impossible. The taxpayers pay for so much today compared to what the working-class survived on years ago which represented the majority of the populace! People had to work hard just to survive and have minimal food on the table. They were too busy working to be involved with drugs and partying or petitioning for redistribution of assets -- still inadequate care giving for children and families but they received no hand outs unless severely disabled or crazy. It was brutally hard for families. So much assistance provided today -- obviously, not in the right direction!

    Believe me -- I'm not begrudging what help adults/children receive. Life is very challenging/difficult. When schools are cramming backpacks with food for the children and parents to survive throughout the weekend during the economy crash 9-9-1/2 yrs ago here (depressions called recessions) something is wrong. Many people can't or won't work - wages have been so low for decade and they give up or WTH knows, but it's a serious crisis when there are no jobs! The economy is solid again at this point in time/thankfully! Too easy to fake medical and go on workmen's comp, early retirements they've not earned -- the unreal has gone on way too long.

  • Simon

    Both teachers and parents believe the system fails, and many are begging for a better system, and yet they then go to the ballot and vote back in the same bunch of people to prop up the same system.

    Stop doing that! These people are not on your side, they are on their own side and just reward their own cronies.

    Your vote is wasted if the people you give it to expect you to give it rather than working for it. Looking at policies is important and I mean real policies, not the nonsense headlines from the media that the same politicians control.

    Unfortunately, their idea of measuring "success" is how much tax-payer money is spent on something. This is not healthy and is a poor measure of how effective the education is.

  • Hairtrigger
    Simon: Both teachers and parents believe the system fails, and many are begging for a better system, and yet they then go to the ballot and vote back in the same bunch of people to prop up the same system.

    Agreed. But here’s where the rope rubs.

    Here in Southern California - Los Angeles - it’s billionares like Eli Broad, owners of Walmart and a host of other billionaires mates who want a slice of the pie called Education- more specifically the money that it brings. They spend millions on voter turnout ,TV adverts, and propaganda to Support their chosen candidates. Against them there is the UTLA ( United teachers Los Angeles) - a lone union and its few supporters who are battling against mighty odds with meager funds. The are trying to educate parents about the billionares takeover of public schools in order to get them out and vote. So far with little success given the last board elections. Isn’t surprising as voters are uneducated, ruled by emotion and to an extent racially inclined. That’s why a crooked hen like Monica Garcia gets voted in despite being the queen of the corrupt. Hence the Catch -22 situation.

    LATIMES is pro LAUSD management , so won’t report anything negative- not surprising- as they are controlled by the billionare club. Any wonder them why we have a system that’s a failure but is being propped up by very people who have brought it down to its knees!

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