Watchtower looses Norwegian Appeal

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  • Jeffro


    as a legitimate religion they do qualify for tax exempt status

    Many governments do provide tax breaks to religious denominations, broadly with the view that those denominations provide charitable works (though that often isn’t the case). But there is no intrinsic obligation for individual governments to provide those tax exemptions, nor any requirement that illegal activity can be the only criterion that could disqualify a group from such exemptions.

  • ThomasMore


    And Norway is a legitimate government that gets to decide who is helping the citizenry and who is hurting it. Your reasoning isn't swaying me. Please don't count time for a reply - "Not interested".

    Have a nice day my friend!

  • BluesBrother

    The U K gives charitable status to organisations simply for being a religion. I get that religion does often make its members better people, but in today’s secular world this really is an anachronism that should be done away with

  • Vidiot

    Any government agency that offers financial aid has every right to set certain minimum qualifications for receiving said aid.

    Complaining about changes to or stricter enforcement of the rules doesn’t make you look “persecuted”.

    It does make you look like a whiny little bitch, though.

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