Do Jehovah's Witnesses Accept Evolution?

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  • Onager

    So you're saying that 250,000 people enjoyed dying in a tsunami?

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Earnest -

    Cofty gives an example of discovering his friend was beating his wife, not that he suspects abuse based on bruising...

    The Bible is clear on what love is. It is clear on what the Christian god is. The Bible is very clear on what this god does. No ambiguity to hide in here...

    His point stands, yours fails, again.

  • slimboyfat

    No, I think Earnest is saying that just because we can't think of a solution to a problem doesn't necessarily mean there is no solution.

    It's as if nothing surprising has ever happened to an atheist, or they've never been wrong footed in their life. Haven't we all had the sensation of believing we fully understand a situation, only to find out later that we completely misunderstood what was going on? If these things happen every day in ordinary life, can we really rule out the possibility that God knows more about goodness and free will than we do?

  • slimboyfat
    Cofty gives an example of discovering his friend was beating his wife, not that he suspects abuse based on bruising...

    That's the problem. All our is knowledge is based on the evidence of our senses and our ability to interpret it. Therefore no matter how strong the evidence for a thing (even seeing it with your own eyes can be hallucianation) there always remains the possibility that we have somehow got the wrong end of the stick.

  • slimboyfat
    Objective fact 1 = xtians believe that their god is love and that love has to do with actions that promote the well being of others.
    Objective fact 2 = xtians believe that their god was in complete control of the tsunami that randomly killed a quarter of a million men, women and children.

    Chritians also believe that there are things we can't know or understand about God. The Bible says we can't understand the mind of God. So the unreconcilabilty of God's character and his actions is not contrary to Christianity. It's part of the problem Christians have acknowledged from the beginning.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    SBF -

    #1 - The God we are referring to here is the god of the Bible. We get our information of this thing from the Bible. It is all there in black and white. Why do you need to start pondering what if's? Is it because the black and white god of the Bible is unpalatable?

    #2 - I agree with you in the main however there comes a time when we can confidently state something is a fact. Wife complains to police about abuse, Police arrest man and he confesses, man confesses to Cofty because they are friends. There is no question about the abuse accusations being false due to the wife secretly filming events over the previous couple of weeks.

    #3 - Not understanding the mind of god is one thing. However the Bible clearly explains what love is, and that god is love etc... In this instance the discussion is around the fact that god does not behave as it should based on what the Bible states about love: 1 - God is love; 2 - Love is this; 3 - God does follow the rules of love; conclusion: God cannot be love and the Bible is full of contradictions and lies.

  • jp1692

    How did we get here from the OP question: "Do Jehovah's Witnesses Accept Evolution?"?

  • cofty
    As it happens this friend of cofty and his wife practice BDSM

    No you don't get to change the illustration.

    The man beats his wife mercilessly against her will. He also beats his children black-and-blue.

    This is irreconcilable with the belief that he is a loving husband in exactly the same way that murdering a quarter of a million men, women and children in a tsunami, over which he had complete control, is irreconcilable with being a loving god.

    Every possible explanation fails because it contradicts other 'truths' about the god of xtian theism.

    As I said apologetics is like the small print in a fraudulent contract. Thanks for demonstrating that.

  • Earnest
    jp1692 : How did we get here from the OP question: "Do Jehovah's Witnesses Accept Evolution?"?

    jukief raised a very interesting question as to whether an atheist can be logically consistent in acknowledging that "the apparent perfection of organisms" is the "chief evidence of a Supreme Designer"?

    It would be interesting to get some views on that.

    I dared to suggest that atheists as well as creationists are sometimes guilty of using the argument from incredulity. I then compounded that by giving an example where I thought cofty used an argument from incredulity. It seems I stepped on holy ground and nothing short of a full recantation will appease a certain faction on this board.

    Perhaps we could return to the question jukief asked.

  • cofty
    How did we get here from the OP question: "Do Jehovah's Witnesses Accept Evolution?

    Because Earnest thought he would have a go at the challenge of the tsunami thread on there rather than address it directly over there. Then SBF waded in with bullshit he has already raised over there and had answered in full.

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