Shocking Example of JW Elder Corruption

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  • Roger Kirkpatrick
    Roger Kirkpatrick

    Let's play a game of Believe It Or Not, shall we? I'll relate a story, and you decide whether you believe it or not.

    What would you think of an elder who told his daughter's fiance that he would kill him if he ever did anything to hurt his daughter? The presiding overseer in my former congregation admitted to me that he had said that very thing to the young JW who married his youngest daughter. At the time, I was shocked that he would admit saying such a thing, but I didn't know the rest of the story at the time.

    Some time after I disassociated from JWs for conscientious reasons, an elder from my former congregation--whom I will call TW--also disassociated, and subsequently called me up to tell me about all the corruption that had existed in that congregation, some of which he admitted to having taken part in and said he was racked with feelings of guilt. Among other things, TW told me details about the PO and his daughter that I found shocking despite the fact that I thought I was beyond being shocked by anything I might ever learn about JWs.

    According to TW, when the PO's daughter was 16-years old, a 19-year old JW from another city met her at a convention and became infatuated with her. During a weekend when the PO permitted the young man to stay overnight in his home, the teens had sex. A judicial committee was convened for the 16-year old daughter, and TW was selected as a member of the tribunal. After listening to the young girl, TW said that she should be publicly reproved, and that her father should be deleted as a elder. The other two committee members overruled TW, saying that the girl would be privately reproved, and that her father would retain his powerful position in the congregation.

    But TW was not finished. Since the girl was a minor and the young man was an adult at the time of the incident, thus possibly constituting statutory rape, TW insisted that the matter be reported to the local police. The Branch was consulted and directed that the incident be reported to authorities. Since the girl's father refused to press charges, the police took no action against the young man, but a record of the incident had been made.

    The girl's father informed TW and the other committee members that the young man would be subjected to a judicial committee hearing in his own congregation. The two youngsters subsequently got married in a typical JW wedding, except not in a Kingdom Hall, which some attendees found strange since her oldest sisters had both had KH weddings.

    The young man's father--whom I will call DF--was serving as an elder in his congregation at the time of the incident, and the young man was living in his father's home. It just so happens that DF was also a musician with whom I had played music on several occasions; in fact, DF used to schedule his visits to our town so that he could sit in with the band I played in. After some time, DF awakened as a JW, ceased serving as an elder, faded, and moved to a city which is a renown live-music center in our State.

    When I eventually moved to a town near that live-music city, DF and I played music together once again. While visiting, DF mentioned certain things about having served as a JW elder which made me wonder if he was aware of the situation involving his son. When I told him the story TW had told me, DF said he had never heard the story before but, knowing his son, he did not doubt it. Later, he called another couple of elders in his previous congregation with whom he had served, and they confirmed that his son had never faced a judicial committee in that congregation.

    Could it possibly be that the girl's father--in an attempt to protect his family's reputation--had circumvented the young man having to face a judicial committee in his own congregation by never reporting the incident to the young man's father and the other elders in that congregation? That would seem to explain his telling the young man that he would kill him if he ever did anything to hurt his daughter. All that I needed was someone who could corroborate TW's story about the incident having been reported to the local police.

    Would you believe it if I told you that the public information officer for the local police department was a former JW whom I will call RT, that RT is a friend of mine and TW's, and that he corroborated that the incident had, indeed, been reported, but that the girl's father refused to press charges?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    ...and this surprises people? Anything goes in the world of JW's.

  • smiddy3

    I have no problem believing it .I have witnessed shady dealings between brothers a number of times .

    JW`s are just human beings who have faults like all of mankind (women ) too.

    Google crimes committed by active Jehovah`s Witnesses and you will find they can commit every crime under the sun just like anybody else .

    I personally know of brothers who have been guilty of fraud ,sexual offence, mis-appropriation of KH funds. and a brother who who was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife and served time in Jail.

    And sexual dalliances between married bros, and sisters .

    The JW religion A spiritual paradise ? I don`t think so.


  • ShirleyW
    What would you think of an elder who told his daughter's fiance that he would kill him if he ever did anything to hurt his daughter

    At least that faithful servant of Jah just threatened death.

    I guess you're not from the NY area, you didn't hear of the story in the mid 80's of a sister who had her husband killed as they came back from the meeting one night in the vestibule of their apartment building in either the Bronx or Brooklyn. Made the news and everything

  • Phoebe

    ...and it doesn't surprise me in the least to see elders conveniently keeping things quiet. I can think of at least 3 incidents in my former congregation of where elders or their children committed serious sins that were merely swept under the table and never mentioned, including an elder getting another elders wife pregnant, an elder's son thieving from work and having an affair with an older woman......just swept under the carpet - go figure.

  • slimboyfat

    This doesn’t strike me a particularly shocking to be honest. The age wouldn’t even be illegal in the UK. And if they ended up happily married where is the problem? Would it be better if they had been publicly shamed, shunned, relationship ruined and so on. Would that be less of a scandal?

    The only problematic angle is that such common sense is often not extended to individuals without important connections. But that’s the problem, not the action itself. Am I way out or what?

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Slimboyfat – quite agree, I don’t see this as particularly shocking, but it does highlight the level of hypocrisy among JWs, who talk endlessly about a “clean congregation” free form such disgusting things as pre-marital sex. Mind you, I would be willing to bet that had this couple been engaged in browsing apostate web sites and said that as a result they no longer believed the GB were the FDS, they would both have suffered a lot more than a public reproof.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Not surprising. There was an elder just appointed in my old congregation that is known by everyone (I guess except those in the congregation) that is fooling around with a married woman. He is a grandson of a local heavyweight in the org so he gets a pass. That's the way it works with "holy spirit' I guess.

  • tiki

    Oh yeah...totally believable...and typical for some elders...nepotism...protecting themselves from least this one involves a normal teen tryst and not the ones about the glorious elder hiding the pedophile min svt pioneer son who loved to babysit the young boys in the cong...

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Something similar happened in my family a long, long time ago. My brother was guilty of some misdemeanour normally subject to a JC. My father was both congregation servant and city servant (both long since defunct positions). My brother's frequent transgressive activities put my dad's elevated position at risk.

    How did my dad handle it? He put my brother on "family probation". I think he was ahead of his time really, it was a fudge, not the first or the last.

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