Shocking Example of JW Elder Corruption

by Roger Kirkpatrick 15 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Roddy

    The "killing" part can be taken as a figure of speech. The rest is plausible.

  • Simon
    What would you think of an elder who told his daughter's fiance that he would kill him if he ever did anything to hurt his daughter?

    I'd think he was a regular father of a daughter.

    Seems like a lot of coincidences in terms of people that you know and it's not easy to follow the story. What's the crime meant to have been?

  • careful

    I agree with the foregoing comments. Human failings + the example of a corrupt GB = corruption at the lower levels in all kinds of forms. When I was in, I witnessed all sorts of examples of elders intervening and showing nepotism to their relatives and friends, and causing unfair treatment of lesser ones for personal gain. It's at least as old as, well, the Hebrew prophets!

  • Finkelstein

    JWS men are just a typical part of the general population in society, there are adulterers, child beaters, child sexaul abusers, wife abusers, corrupt businessmen the list goes on.

    Although there is acceptance of virtue and wholesomeness by JWS themselves within each congregation ( ie. she's a sister, he's a brother ) a bit of psychological delusion to the facts probably because they see the men wear their " righteous " suits and smiles at the Kingdom Halls.

    Everything is honest clean and wholesome at the Kingdom Hall but outside of it tells a different story.

  • Betheliesalot

    Years ago I bought a cheap truck from an elder who said it ran great and was reliable transportation. I paid him cash and I got maybe 10 miles away and the engine blew. I never trusted another elder after that.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    At our Hall, it was well known that this certain elders young daughter had slept with every boy she ever liked since she was in her early teens and was only privately reproved each time. Finally at around 19 she turned up pregnant and she and the latest young guy were to be disfellowshipped. The girls mother was a frustrated party planner and so it was no problem for she and her husband throw a full on elaborate wedding that weekend so that their daughter could get married in the Hall before she and the new husbands disfellowshipment was announced at the following Thursday meeting. They even had her Elder Uncle perform the ceremony.

    This was a blatant mockery of the principal behind disfellowshipping and was Pharisee-like in the way they found a loophole or technicality to get the Kingdom Hall wedding they wanted for their daughter and have all of their friends and family in attendance.

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