What do you think is the origin of Giants and/or Sasquatch?

by The Real Edward Gentry 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Diogenesister
    The real Edward Gentry People nowadays are much smaller and I think its due in part to us losing more and more of Adams perfection.

    LOL....perfect, you mean like Jeptath who sacrificed his daughter...burnt her to a crisp on an altar.

    Or perfect like the lovely Lott who had a threesome with his daughter's.

    Then there is the PERFECTLY delightful Sampson who went on a rampage committing arson, robbery and mass murder.

    Not to mention the perfect ARCH COWARD DAVID who sent a soldier, fighting for him, intentionally to his death so he could commit adultery with the soldiers wife. Then allowed his infant son to pay the price of his infidelity with his life. He similarly allowed his people to die in their thousands to pay the for his own sins.

    Perfect like Abraham, who agreed to sacrifice his son when asked by a random unknown voice. Who married his sister then tricked a man into almost committing adultery with her, just for his own material gain. Who drove his own son into the desert, when just a baby, without water, shelter or food and who forced himself on the child's mother because she was his slave.

    Perfect like Issac who tricked his hard working brother out of his birth right, when he was hungry and needed something to eat.

    They sure were so much more perfect than we are....I bet God can't wait to make us more like them; therefore MORE IN HIS OWN IMAGE!

  • Diogenesister

    On a serious note, in Tibet there were many legands which report seeing this large, furry, 'Bigfoot' 'Yeti' creature. They had some fur reportedly belonging to the fierce creature. When they tested its DNA, it came back as similar to a polar bear/grisly bear. This theory has now been challenged, though, but they still claim its a bear.


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