She's here and early! 27 weeks 1day.

by Darkknight757 45 Replies latest jw experiences

  • stuckinarut2

    Much love to you and your wife and little treasure!

  • LV101

    Congrats, DK - nothing more beautiful than a baby!

  • Simon

    Just wanted to add my best wishes and thoughts - hope she continues to improve and thrive.

  • 3rdgen

    Thank you for your updates. Your story has captured our hearts. Your precious Izabella is already proving herself a little fighter.This will almost surely serve her well.

    I'm so sorry for the stress your family is going through. Sending positive thoughts and wishes to you, your lovely wife, and baby girl.

  • millie210

    Welcome to our beautiful world little Izabella

  • Angharad

    Congratulations, she's a little trooper 😊

    Hoping things continue to go well

  • Awakenednow

    Congratulations !💕

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Scully ...Although the next several weeks will be busier than you can imagine, try to cherish the moments with her as much as you can. It won't be long until she's at 35 weeks or so, and then you could be able to bring her home...

    I thought, right on, my daughter is over 30 now. Then I read it again. 35 weeks. LOL. My little girl is 31 years old now and it happened so fast. She was pre-mature at 3 pounds.

  • wannaexit

    She is beautiful!! Congratulations :))

  • mentalclarity

    Congrats on becoming parents! Life will never be the same!

    Hope all goes well.

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