Happiness and Freedom On A Paradise Earth?

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  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    The film 1984 comes to mind when you think about the new system!!! x

  • LifesNotOver

    Carol1111 - just a point, not to be picky but kind of important. :) The teaching is that Jehovah is going to kill all Non-JW's at Armageddon permanently! no resurrection! If I misunderstood your post, sorry.

  • Chook

    Where's the freedom with religious police ( prince window cleaner). Can you imagine the big Wednesday hierarchy conference, trying to workout how they are going to bullshit Moses about facial hair

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    If I have to obey these mindless elders, having them watch over me every second for eternity or die at Armageddon, I will take the later.

  • Carol1111

    Thanks for the clarification, LifesNotOver.

    I have never been a JW so I only know what I hear when they come to the door.

    So, who do they say is going to be resurrected? Just dead JW's who have not gone to heaven?

    I'm sure I have been told that children and those who have never heard of JW's will be resurrected.

  • blondie


    The WTS has a convoluted concept of resurrection

    1) Some who died will never be resurrected: Adam, Eve, Cain, Judas, those who died at the flood, those who died at Sodom and Gomorrah, and those who are executed at Armageddon.

    2) Resurrection of rest who died before Jesus on earth. Sin against the holy spirit, e.g., the religious leaders of Jesus time as a group who stay in a state of unbelief at the time of their death will not be resurrected.

    These ideas are always in flux.

  • hyperpen

    Isn't it going to take 1000 years for the 8 million witnesses to take care of the 8 billion killed at Armageddon? That's 1000 dead people per one witness. The whole earth is going to stink!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Today there's 4.0-5.0 acres of land for every 8 billion single person on Earth.

    So for the 8 million JW's that's a lot of land. How will they maintain it and when

    the dead come back to life will they charge( work it off) them a fee for building on their land.

    I know of one brother who will set up a Real Estate office for prime land.

  • LifesNotOver
    Carol111 - more from LifesNotOver ... blondie made some good points. In answer to your question, "they" teach that at Armageddon Jehovah is going to have Jesus and his angels kill every man, woman and CHILD who is not a loyal JW at the time. That's why is is so all-important that every person be reached with the "message". Those who aren't reached and baptized, who haven't heard of the JW's, well, too bad so sad! If a child's parents are baptized (or one parent I guess) but the child is not baptized but is too young to be held responsible, that child will be spared at Armageddon along with the baptized parent(s). Anyone whom Jehovah kills does not ever get a resurrection into paradise. So, only loyal JW's and their young children will be spared at Armageddon - everyone else on earth will die at Jehovah's hand by way of Jesus and STAY dead! Is your head spinning?? I know I'm not explaining it all that well which I'm glad for because that says to me that it makes no sense to me and why I hated door-to-door work so much because I see now that I was being told to convince someone of something that made no sense, not just made no sense to me, just made no sense period! So ... if one parent is baptized and the couple has one young child, that one parent and one young child will survive Armageddon and live in paradise on earth, but the other unbaptized parent and any older unbaptized siblings will be killed and no resurrection and no paradise on earth. Tell that to people at the door - yeah, right!!
  • Finkelstein

    As with many religious cults power comes by virtue of mind control.

    So if a fear mongering high controlling cult like the JWS as it is, it should not be surprising that acquired and encompassing power would like to be continued and enforced to the men who have it now.

    Its too bad that people cant see and realize that the bible's book of Revelation is just simple fictional mythological expression.

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