Happiness and Freedom On A Paradise Earth?

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  • Nevuela

    Iown Mylife - well said!

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer
    The paradise earth doesn`t begin after armageddon , it doesn`t start till after the thousand years of Jesus Christ`s reign when Satan & his demons are let loose for a time and then finally destroyed.

    Sounds like Jehovah is playing a cat and mouse game with Satan-- playing with his prey before gobbling it up. Why let Satan run loose before destroying him? What's the point?

  • WTWizard

    What I can't understand is why would joke-hova insist on suffering, if people are supposed to enjoy life in the future without suffering. Why impose volitional poverty to prepare someone for riches? And, suppose you have a disease that could easily be cured with the right mantra and working. Why ban curing that disease that way, when joke-hova is supposedly going to do it anyway? If I were to cure such disease, that would be one less for joke-hova, freeing up resources to do the drudgery of preaching.

    I think this whole "new order", which is eerily similar to what Bush's "new world order", is nothing more than communism. There will be no wealth. No freedom. No personality. Everyone will work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the harshest conditions and with extreme quotas to fulfill and severe penalties for falling short, no excuses, of your quota. No fun. No good health. Humans are disposable. There will be nothing but drudgery for your 50 or 60 (if you are very lucky) years of life, and then you get slaughtered. And that will be your retirement. All the while, those in charge loaf.

    You want to live under those conditions? And no, not forever--your soul will simply endlessly loop through this until it dissipates or ends up becoming a meal for joke-hova (by going to heaven). That is the paradise of joke-hova. And the preaching work, along with all the imposed hardships, is simply preparing the soul to receive this, along with giving psychic energy to joke-hova to be able to impose it. If you wish the whole human race to be enslaved and ultimately destroyed, along with all life on the planet, go ahead and continue preaching joke-hova.

  • steve2

    Jesus washed his disciple's feet, maybe the elders will end up washing toilets after all..lol

    Some of them already do. Literally.


    WT version of Purgatory - 1000 years of it !

  • Chook

    The land of many "princes" will be a thought controlled garden with tribal warfare thrown in for the most holy of warriors. Religious weapons are the holy grail of control, No human can out Gun you

  • FayeDunaway

    North Korea over the whole entire earth. Indoctrination camps, slave labor. Some people "more equal" than others.

    JW Paradise = hell.

  • 2+2=5

    If the GB and elders are going to have control for 1000 years, the world will be a dangerous place for children with the amount of pedophiles getting around.

    Satan's system punishes pedophiles, Jehovah's organization protects them.

    There is no amount of fruit platters or pet pandas that will sweeten that deal.

  • scratchme1010

    even when Witnesses finally get there they will still be under the strict instructions from the Elders and GB. They may be given jobs that they will find unpleasant, also the preaching work will be ongoing because of all the resurrected people who need to learn about why they are given another chance. How can a world suddenly become a paradise earth, imagine how much clearing up there will be to do after Armageddon!! Also the resurrected people are not going to be immediately well behaved are they? Some may still not want to do things their way. It does not seem like a wonderful reward to me, just more dominance and hard work!

    One of the things that never has made any sense to me is the concept of spending this life preparing for the next. It's never made sense to me to think that I have to spend this life working for the next life, precisely because of that nonsense that in the next life there's still going to be more work to do. It's all nonsense.

  • Vidiot

    TheMark - "...maybe the elders will end up washing toilets after all..."

    Isn't that what some of 'em do professionally, already? :smirk:

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