Derek Chauvin - The Right to a Fair Trial

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  • Simon

    Did I mishear something in the trial?

    Was there some question about whether the car exhaust could have effected him, and did I imagine that they dismissed it because his blood oxygen level was so high?

    If so, how do you die of asphyxiation and at the same time have plenty of oxygen in your bloodstream?

    I'm not a doctor, but I thought "breath to get oxygen" was a thing?

  • iXav

    Where Derek Chauvin messed up was kneeling on the victims face and being filmed. He thought the police will have his back but they let him rot because the situation was too politically sensitive.

    Another mistake Derek made was kneeling on someone's neck for so long after the victim stopped moving without checking on him.

    If so, how do you die of asphyxiation and at the same time have plenty of oxygen in your bloodstream?

    That is irrelevant, in such a sensitive case, they will throw him under the bus no matter what.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @iXav: Chauvin did not kneel on the face or neck. The trial clearly showed the evidence the media suppressed.

    The other problem was that even the EMT's didn't check on Chauvin until they were "at a safe distance" from the mob.

    The problem for Chauvin was that the cat was already in the bag, the jury was intimidated, the judge was a partisan hack that refused to protect his jury.

  • Rocketman123

    I wonder if the circumstances would have come out differently if there wasn't pedestrians on the side shouting and taunting Chauvin and the other police ???

    Sorry I'm a bit of a rational thinker.

  • MeanMrMustard
    He wasn't strung out high when the arrest took place, that can be confirmed by the video, so why do you say he would have OD'd in the back the police car ? He was cognitively fluent during the arrest from the start. Someone who is high on fentanyl doesn't act like that. Nonsensical. Making stuff up as it suits you doesn't present intellectual honesty.

    Dude, WTF?! There was video of him in the store acting crazy, and stumbling around. That was BEFORE ingesting the drugs in the car. How do we know he did this? His girlfriend testified IN THE TRIAL that they were with their drug dealer, the very dealer that refused to testify on fifth amendment grounds because, as the drug dealer’s lawyer asserted, he has third degree murder exposure now. This all took place DURING THE TRIAL.

    They were with their dealer, outside, when the cops arrived. Floyd ingested all the drugs to avoid possession charges, and most likely encouraged by the dealer, to avoid dealing charges. How do we know this? Because his girlfriend said so in her testimony IN THE TRIAL!

    He didn’t have “traces” of fentanyl. He had over three times the amount needed to kill a man his size. Plus meth, plus heroin, plus weed. This was from the toxicology report submitted DURING THE TRIAL.

    But he had resistance to drugs, right? Nope. Because he wasn’t buying fentanyl from the dealer. He was on meth. But the dealer was spiking the drugs with fentanyl. How do we know this? From his girlfriend’s testimony AT THE TRIAL.

    It was a drug deal gone bad. He, and his dealer, didn’t want to get caught with the drugs. Floyd swallowed them. From that moment, he was a dead man.

    None of this is made up, it’s right there in the forking trial!

  • johnamos

    [Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!]

    A good office doing his job is now in jail like a evil criminal, and a criminal is now hailed has a hero and a good man and worthy of honor.

    Putting aside that george was trying to use counterfeit money, how many of those that support george are concerned at the fact that a guy so out of it on drugs that was passing out asleep behind the wheel, was driving in that condition. How many people have lost loved ones due to DUI drivers.

    When it is said that while he was down on the ground he called out for his ma’ma because he knew he was dying, why did he call out for his ma'ma in the 2019 video.

    When he said he couldn’t get in the back of the cop car because he was claustrophobic, why was he able to get in the car back in 2019.

    For those that say that the reason he was saying he couldn’t breathe was due to him being on the ground in prone position with 3 cops on him, why was he saying he couldn’t breathe when he was in the back seat fighting to get out.

    A. He was lying about not being able to breathe in the car and on the ground, as this is what cops say happens many times that they lie and fake medical issues when being arrested which is a form of resistance.

    B. He really was having medical issues causing him to pass out in his own car and to feel short of breathe like he couldn’t breathe in the back of the cop car which would mean that for that same medical reason (heart/drugs) is why while on the ground he felt short of breathe saying he couldn’t breathe. It had nothing to do with the 3 cops. And the facts show that the cops were taking his claims of not being able to breathe seriously because within the first minute of being on the ground they called EMS for his bloody nose but by minute two or three they called again to step up the response time due to breathing.

    I would lay down in that same spot with those 3 cops on me for 10 mins and I would be breathing the whole time and I would get back up. The bottom line is he had a cardiac arrest in that moment brought on by OD. Again why else was he passing out behind the wheel of his own car before the cops got there. If the cops were never called and he was left alone to stay passed out he would have died there in his own car. Or if they got him in the cop car he would have died in the back seat on the way to the station. If you are going to have a heart attack it’s going to happen wherever you are and whatever you are doing at the time.

    Look at Prince who yesterday died 5 years ago in his house in his elevator, cardiac arrest.

    George Michael died in his bed, cardiac arrest.

    Amy Winehouse in her bed, cardiac arrest.

    Carrie Fisher died on plane cardiac arrest.

    Interesting what is said in regards to Carrie and cardiac arrest:

    [Fisher was on a commercial flight on December 23, 2016, from London to Los Angeles when she suffered a medical emergency around fifteen minutes before the aircraft landed. A passenger seated near Fisher reported that she had stopped breathing.]

    [cardiac arrest, meaning their heart has stopped effectively pumping blood to the brain, lungs and other organs. In that case, the American Heart Association says, the patient loses consciousness and has no pulse. Death can occur within minutes if the victim does not receive treatment.]

    None of those people had 3 cops on their back...

  • MeanMrMustard

    @Simon: Yeah, there that question too. His blood was 98% oxygenated. Again, evidence that almost caused a mistrial, but in the trial nonetheless.

    There was some question as to whether CPR could re-oxygenate the blood. The EMTs worked on him a while, and broke one rib doing CPR (again, brought out during trial). However, there really wasn’t any good answer to whether CPR could do that.

    If it can, then it just invalidates the blood gas evidence. You can’t trust it. But that’s more reasonable doubt.

  • MeanMrMustard
    The above is irrelevant because it was not filmed. What was filmed is "Knee on the neck" and after that, it is case closed.

    Yeap. When the medical examiners were asked (again, in the trial!) what they would conclude the cause of death to be if they just saw the body, answer: drug overdose or heart attack.

  • johnamos

    This is the sad reality of cardiac arrest and how fast you die. I can't find the longer version of this that shows him laughing and doing his show but where this picks up from is the moment he went into cardiac arrest. The audience and even the assistant have no idea what is happening to him (he dying before their eyes) they think it part of the show.

    Seeing this (notice 3 cops are not on him) you can relate this to the george floyd video at 8:24pm-8:25pm.

  • Rocketman123

    Because his girlfriend said so in her testimony IN THE TRIAL!

    umm... interesting

    With the toxicology report in hand and her testimony, why wasn't that used to establish cause of the death ?

    You would think the defense lawyers would use this during the trial.

    If the toxicology report showed an enormous amount of fentanyl in his system which would caused a cardiac arrest as its known to, why didn't the involved doctors state so ?

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