How many child molesters do you personally know of in the J.W's?

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  • karter

    Were are they now and what position are they in.

    Lets do a running count.

    C.O.B.E was interfering with his daughter,D.F,Reinstated died in good standing.

    Branch oveersear multiple young children D.F,Reinstated in good standing.

    Publisher interfeared with small child in the K.H D.F Not sure were he is.

    Publisher sexually abused 3 relatives no action taken in good standing.

    Current Elder raped his sister years ago little action taken Was not an Elder at the time.

    Publisher Sexualy abused young girl D.F,Reinstater now in good standing.

    M.S Multiple young girls D.F,Died trying to get reinstated.

    So thats 7.


  • stuckinarut2

    I knew of two cases in my last congregation. Also one other possible one.

    Plus I knew of one case in my childhood congregation.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    My Aunt's Ministerial Servant husband was confronted by his two grown worldly daughters for molesting them as children. He served five years in prison. You want to know why these daughters got justice? Because they didn't go through the "theocratic" system and reported it to the police.

    He's now back in the congregation with privileges and, from what I last heard, was invited with my Aunt to have a family dinner at my parents' home. Never mind that my parents' house is adorned with photographs of eight little grandchildren on every wall. *shudders*

  • zeb

    1. who abused my kids.

    2.named at the ARC

    3. Revealed recently in the press. *shudders yes and-stomach crawls*

  • joe134cd

    I knew of 4 cases. Of those 4.

    2 of them were elders.

    Of those 2 elders, one (surprisingly) served jail time for incest. I saw him at a convention just before I left. The other wasn't sexual but physically abusive. Subsequently his wife of many years divorced him, and kids turned out really bad. I have never seen this elder since the gossip started. I know the incest elder was DFed but I'm unsure about the physically abusive elder although I do know he was removed as an elder. Both of these men on the surface I would of never suspected them of doing what they done.

    Of the other 2 cases both were publishers. One (again surprisingly) served jail time for molesting a young girl in the congregation. The other one although sexual assault was never made, it came pretty close to it. Just real creepy stuff e.g wife caught him looking through the key hole while her teenage daughter was getting undressed, and he was exposing himself to her. To be fair this guy only became a witness so he could marry the mother. Wasn't a witness for very long, although long enough to get baptized. I don't believe an announcement was ever made about him from the plat form, and he just faded. I believe he remarried and has got a biological chiled of his own. I hope he treats this child with more respect than he did his stepchild. The stepdaughters mother also took him to the financial cleaners and was able to purchase a house after the divorce.

  • Wild_Thing

    At least 5, personally. I have asked others who have never been witnesses this same question. They agreed that was probably a higher number than the average population.

  • Divergent

    I know of 2 such individuals in a neighbouring cong. One was disfellowshipped at least twice & is currently no longer a JW. The other was reproved (not sure if it was private reproof or publicly announced) & is currently a JW in good standing. In both cases, the abuse was NOT REPORTED to the authorities

  • purrpurr

    I know of two, one a pioneer who abused a girl for years, when she exposed him as a teenager the elders df'd him AND HER! Not reported to the police the abuser got reinstated and moved area, joined another congregation where he abused another girl, the girls father beat him up when he discovered it and the elders df'd THE FATHER! The abuser was last heard of having married a woman with a teenager (shudder)

    Another was a father who abused sexually his two daughters and beat up his wife. When his wife ran with her daughters and was taken in by a kindly jw family the elders counseled that family and told the wife to go back to her husband! She dutifully did and the abuse continued, the wife went to the police and they arrested the husband and charged him. He went to prison but the elders did their own JC on the husband and decided that the testimony of the two daughters counted as one witness only, and therefore decided that the husband was innocent they even went to The police with their decision! Not that the police took any notice! The wife and daughters were then shunned in the congregation for making false accusations against the husband and having him sent to prison (!) They were even pressured to make a statement in court saying that they forgave him, they refused but it was the elders hope that it would reduce the sentence of the husband if they had!...... years later when the husband was released the elders welcomed him back... into the same congregation as his family! And soon he was back as an elder!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember talking to a CO about this years as ago and he told me the wt. only knew about five cases. I told him I must know all of those cases. He stop the conversation and walk away. So here is my list.

    1. Four elders

    2. One teenager male

    3. Three men who never served but one did pioneered full time.

    4. Three women

    This was all central FL except for one which was in central IL. Looking at this list has given me a moment of reflection on how bad it is. The time period is early 1960's to 2009. Still Totally ADD

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I know of two cases.

    One was in my congregation, used to read at the Tuesday book study, and always went out on field service with the elder who took the book study.

    I joined the JWs at 13 but didn't find out he was a convicted paedophile until I was 18. I was in the same book study as him for my first two years of association without knowing he was a convicted child abuser.

    Apparently, he had been disfellowshipped twice. After the first time, a long time ago, he went to prison for a spell.

    He got DF'd again much later on in 1997 - not for new offences but because he'd covered up half of the old offences.

    The other I knew of was the uncle of my best mate. My best mate, his brothers, sisters and parents were in my congregation from when I was 15. His dad was an elder. The elder's brother was the paedophile and he wasn't in my congregation. In fact, I never met him.

    I remember talking to my mate's dad (he had stepped down by that time, over something completely different).

    He was saying that some kids flirt with paedophiles and even want sex. I remember arguing against him, saying that nothing excuses child sex abuse and that the law states that children cannot give consent, in other words they're too young to have sex.

    Theses two are the only ones that I knew of.

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