How many child molesters do you personally know of in the J.W's?

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  • Vidiot

    Since the overall number of abusers seem to average out to approximately one per congregation (and that's probably going to increase in the near future, considering how many KHs are being scheduled for sale, and congregations being dissolved/consolidated)...

    ...I'd say...

    ...all of us have personally known at least one at one time or another.

  • freddo

    These perpetrators I knew from my old circuit and knew them to speak to (before I knew about them or afterwards when I felt obligated to) before they moved away or got DF'd.

    1. I became aware of this one when was a teenager aged 16 through 19 who during that time abused younger boys sexually. This was 1980's. He was a pioneer and was DF'd when it came to light but no report was made to the police at the time. It was about 20 years later by one of the (now adult) victims and the police investigated it.

    2. The next one was the high profile (in England) Michael Porter (from Somerset) case in 2007 - he was a late teen through mid twenties pioneer and MS when he perpetrated his acts of child abuse much earlier. Several of his victims were either too young to know what he did to them or too fearful to tell anyone. Eventually a victim, now an adult told him that if he didn't self report to the Police then he (the victim) would. Porter coughed to even the cases where the kids were too young to have remembered and he pleaded guilty. He got a suspended sentence but this was appealed and eventually he got sentenced to 18 months real jail time.

    Porter had already left the area, married, become an elder and a bethelite before being exposed. He was in an English London flagship congregation and was service overseer on a body of elders which included some of the London Branch Committee. He got a public reproof and a District Overseer was sent to placate his home congregation when they wanted to know why he wasn't disfellowshipped.

    I believe he has a child of his own who he is not permitted to have contact with unless supervised by social services! What a mess.

    3. Another one was when I was an elder and we "inherited" a now dead paedo (twisted, self entitled bastard - hooray!) who had done jailtime and been sent to our town by the authorities. They told us that he was a paedo and needed watching. We informed "family heads" of his background; but several older sisters found out through the grapevine and "were incensed" at not being told. One who had been abused as a child DA'd over it.

    So 3 plus others that I knew about in less detail from other JW's.

  • joe134cd

    Just to add another to my list of 4. I knew of another who was sexually abusing his step daughter. Although I do believe he didn’t interfere with his biological daughter that he had to the same women. To be fair although the offenders father was an elder, he was always pretty wishy washy about jwisim. When it all come to light he and his spouse were inactive at the time. I believe he served jail time for it. I believe he is back with his wife and in jwisim again. There are another couple of instances of families that I suspect there was a nasty underbelly, but as no allegation or conviction was ever made it would be unfair of me to comment.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    In answer to the original post:

    An elder who was accused by one witness so it was never proved, and he served until death.

    And another elder who was annointed, accused after death. Only afterwards do I remember how handsy he really was with children, including me (I wasn't actually mollested, he was just overly familiar with me and others).

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I knew of one, however, I don't know if he is still alive.

  • yalbmert99

    I knew one in the congregation of Shawinigan-Sud, in the province of Quebec(Canada) he was an elder and sexually abused his daughters. Eventually disfellowshipped and he fled to western Canada.

  • BluesBrother


    One , a MS .....admittedly back in the 80' s , ingraited himself as a family friend. He used to give the kid a lift to school but stopped to screw her in his van on the way. In those days he escaped a custodial sentence . He was reinstated and still in.

    Another was abusing his step-son. He is now in jail.

  • jws

    I only knew of one for certain. Back when I was in, this was all kept well hidden if it happened and back then we thought only Catholics had the problem.

    The one I know about was years later and I heard about it through an ex-congregation grapevine. IDK if he was even a JW by then.

    And, it also leads me to wonder whether there was sexual abuse going on either by him or his father when this guy was a kid. His father was an elder.

    I'm sure I'll get backlash over causes. But one of his sisters is now a lesbian and the other is very promiscuous.

    I don't know for certain, but some people claim abuse can lead to homosexuality. I tend to think most of that is a religious argument, but I haven't analyzed the study or the funding. So i'll leave it as a maybe. And I've heard plenty of stories of how sexual promiscuity started with abuse.

    So if I had to guess, there was maybe something going on in that house. The elder father? Or the oldest boy?

  • Simon

    NOTE: We don't need detailed descriptions of abuse. Any such posts will be removed.

  • flipper

    Since I've been out of the JW organization for 15 years since 2003, I have no idea of what's become of these perverts. But in 2006 when I initially heard of the child abuse problem being huge within the WT organization I checked online on the sexual predator list in California called " Megan's Law " which shows pictures of registered sex offenders to see if I recognized any of them from when I lived in my original hometown until age 25.

    I was shocked to see that I recognized 12 out of 1000 registered sex offenders as JW's I used to know or knew of in my original hometown. Really disgusting. They varied from elders to elders adult children to ministerial servants. Don't know if they were still JW's at the time I saw them on this list - however their pictures looked pretty disgusting anyway. But 12 out of 1,000 comes out to about what ? Approximately one out of 80 registered sex offenders on that list had been JW's ! That's pretty twisted. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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