How many child molesters do you personally know of in the J.W's?

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    Introvert 2

    I know one personally, older man in his seventies that was COBE and heard of others in my area north of Montreal.

  • WingCommander

    I live in south-central PA, so what do you think? Red Lion? Yorkana anyone?

    1. My high school valedictorian was a JW in the same Congregation as me. Found at several years after graduation that he was caught exposing himself to a room full of toddlers at his mother's daycare. The worldly parents who found out are the ones that told the police. He was arrested, tried, given a sentence, and was on the Pedo list for about 10 years. He was DF'd as well. Moved down South, married.

    2. Same Congregation as above: 14-15 year old girl working summers with a JW-owned business. Woman was her sister-in-law. Started playing "games". It became sexual abuse as they violated her. She told her (MS?) father. What'd he do? Called the Elduh's, some of whom where the abuser's relatives. They basically slut-shamed her, guilted her into silence, and didn't do JACK SHIT about her abusers. It took her many years to come forward and put her abusers in jail. She of course? DF'd. Shunned by her own parents. She came back, but then left again. Who could blame her? She joins her (2) siblings as ALL being "out" of the JW's. I often wonder how her parents sleep at night. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    3. Red Lion/Yorkana (again!) Martin Haugh's daughter's case. His Uncle John's adopted son was a total Predator Monster, and was caught abusing kids. Was Predator reported to police? Congregations warned? Nah! John had money and "pull", so shut the f**k up everyone, and move us to the neighbouring Red Lion Congregation! There, Predator Monster abused Martin Haugh's daughter and attempted other gropings I believe. What did John and Silvia do? Not a damn thing! Oh, except protect Predator Monster and move him around down South in order to cover their asses. Totally shameful and disgusting behavior. Martin eventually exposed this creep, and the Law is now involved. Hope the family finally sees FULL justice. A LOT of Elduh's in the Red Lion Congregation are going to need good lawyers in the very near future, and I'm betting WT HQ isn't going to foot their bills! (maybe, cause they gotta protect the $$$$)

    4. Worst case I know of. Multiple "generations" of abuse in this case. Main abuser still in good standing. Brother. Husband. Father. Elduh. 144,000 Member. Incestous rapist. Child molester. I grew up around this family, and even studied (alone) with the Father in my home at age 13-14 from The Greatest Man book as I worked (lazily) towards baptism. (shudder) I quit my study eventually as I was bored and didn't want to get "dunked" cause I always felt something was "off" with the religion. Thank god I trusted my gut! Anyway, back in the mid-90's this family just imploded from the inside out. Everyone believed the 144k father that his wife was a "Jezebel" and having an affair, after like 20 years of marriage. She was DF'd for leaving him of course. That was it. Or was it? Years later, I come to find out the eldest son of this Elduh had been arrested on child porn charges, for like the 3rd time! He was being sent to the PA Federal Penitentiary. Anyway, I then found out the whole story over a period of years. 144k Father had apparently started his career of sexual abuse on his own sisters, by raping them. No one even knew he had sisters. Gee, guess he forgot to mention them? Then, he graduated to molesting his own children. (2 boys, 3 girls) Mother discovered this, divorced the creep, but probably wasn't strong enough at the time to break free from the JW cult-think and have him arrested. Anyway, oldest son was first arrested for nearly killing a newborn. Then child porn. Then child porn and bestiality pics again. (jail 25+ years) Late 90's, early 2000's, the younger son then moves into Red Lion Congregation, with letter from WT HQ following him. He's not allowed to go in Service with kids. EVER. Apparently, he had raped his youngest sister who was 14 at the time. He was 19 or so. He was DF'd. Not reported to the police as far as I know. He moved down South, and is married to an older woman whom had kids. (shudder) I hope the Law catches up with him. I heard from something the mother had posted online, that the (2) boys molested their sisters. Makes sense. It's a learned behavior (from the father) that just keeps repeating. Happy to report the mother and all (3) daughters are OUT of the JW's, at least physically. I believe the eldest daughter still is somewhat "mentally in", as when I tried to email her info to JWFACTS, etc she wrote me back about being "blasphemous" and other stupid shit. SMH. I myself, had hoped the PEDO Father (in his 70's by now) was gone or DEAD by now. Imagine my surprise while driving thru Columbia, PA back in June, and passing a Field Service group and seeing this disgusting creature knocking on doors? Yep! I'm sure the one Mount Joy, PA Congregation just LUVS their 144k SuperStar! See, WT HQ shuffled him to another congregation in Lancaster, where he re-married to a Pioneer, and apparently is reinstated in good standing. Do tell, when does Jah expose these PEDO monsters? In "his due time"? Kind of hard to do when the JW Org actively hides the abusers and victim-shames the abused into silence. SMH.

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    I heard the case of a very faithful sister who just this week approached her Circuit Overseer and said "I dont think that the Society's child protection policies are sufficient"

    His reply?

    "I Do" and walked away.

    So, it seems that the Society and it's representatives take this matter very seriously. (Sarcasm alert)

  • joe134cd

    His reply? “I do,” and walked away.

    Very telling indeed.

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