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  • Dagney

    So today I did it. I cut my Dish Network programming to basic....$20 a month TY very much. Instead I have $60 streaming device that gives me everything I need. My internet is poor, (I'm working on that), and sometimes the streaming is a bit dodgy, but for the monthly savings I'll put up with it.

    I've been wanting to do this forever, but the technology wasn't so readily available from amazon prime. lol.

    I want to watch the Star Wars movies in the suggested order. No problem. I want to watch the 1964 series "The Addams Family," no problem. Friend in UK was talking about the 4th season of "Luther" just airing last night. I went home and search for it and the first episode was available for me to watch. I wanted to watch the old movie, "Damn Yankees," a DVD that can't be found anywhere to rent or buy. Done.

    It's a new world.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    That box is basically pulling bootleg streams and torrents. It's 100% pirated stuff.
  • Dagney
    Not 100%. Most of the stuff I watch is either current programming or DVD's. The current programming is readily available at the network site, but instead of streaming on my computer it streams to the TV.
  • talesin

    I am starting Luther tonight. It's supposed to be a great series, and of course, Idris Elba. "Nuff said!

    The network shows I catch online, too, as I have no TV. So glad I can still watch The Daily Show! Though we no longer get Jeopardy on Canadian networks - that is my fav show, which sux.



  • Dagney

    Oh Luther is very very very good. And of course, Idris Elba.

    Very complex guy. Another BBC show Bri recommended is "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell." I didn't realize it was on the BBC network site all this time. I'm still working on Outlander. 3 more episodes to go.

    Trevor Noah is doing pretty well isn't he? I record and watch every night. Just have to adapt to searching for the show on the internet thingy.

  • Sabin

    Outlander OMG! I love that show, I'm waiting for season 1 volume 3 to come to Ozzy land. Did anyone love the Vikings as well? I love all that action stuff except I turn away when it gets a bit gory I don't like that so much. All those men running around sweating & dirty with hair on their bodies that is exactly how a man should be. Of course that is just my opinion.

  • talesin

    I just watched the last episode of Outlander. GET YOUR HANKIES READY!

    Sabin, I did't watch the Vikings. Had to watch Outlander - read the books. *swoons*

    Trevor Noah is da bomb, they couldn't have chosen anyone better. He cracks me up, laughing at his own jokes. :D

    I'll have to check out that BBC.

  • justme

    @Dagney--if your internet is decent after you work on it, that movie Damn Yankees is on a site i watch movies on , here's the link to site, i watch everything on there, even the newest of's the link to the actual site

    and the direct link to that movie, it comes in good--enjoy...i hope it works out for you click where it says video and it will come up like a you tube video

  • Dunedain

    This sounds similar to NetFlix in the U.S. Netflix has a ton of movies too, including hard to find ones, and even some original series, also. I got NetFlix because my cable bill is $250.00 bucks a month, U.S.. Thats with the phone, computer service, and literally EVERY channel imagineable, but its so expensive.

    Anyway, i figured i would try NetFlix to see if it would be "good enough", and i wouldnt need to spend so much on cable. Well, now i have NetFlix, AND still kept my cable, lol. I guess when you got a 70 inch Sony flat screen, you have to have EVERY channel, or at least, i do, lol.

  • Dagney

    Oh no oh no oh no tal, I have the last episode left. Yikes. Sabin - hold on to yer knickers! I don't watch the gory parts either. And yes, the grunge is starting to get to me too.

    justme- Right! primewire is the main site that I watch, for TV and movies. I'm pretty happy with it. Thank you for those links. They would be good to have when traveling.

    Dunedain - it's sort of like Netflix, I like Netflix also, and it's much easier to use. But I'm going to enjoy the slashed bill by 70%. It was so frustrating paying for 250+ channels and only watching 10 or so. They have the packages rigged so that if you wanted the Classic movie channel, you had to buy up. If you wanted National Geographic or Discovery, you had to buy up. It was a waste of money, but I sort of justified it because I work hard, and good TV was relaxing to me for the few hours in the evening.

    We'll see how it goes....

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