Bible Student Movements + surprise announcement from me

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  • steve2

    Jesus Christ people. Let the guy write it. if anyone is using their time and effort to continue to work on projects exposing the watchtower, who the hell cares if you think it might or might not have been done before?

    I would have thought that anyone who boldly declares they intend to write essays that will make JWs uncomfortable and which they cannot ignore is inviting at least some amused puzzlement if not derision. Kicking rocks, by contrast, doesn't quite cut it.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I purchased some of the reprinted literature from the Chigago Bible Students about 20 years ago. Invaluable reference material. I don’t know if they still do that, I would think so.

  • Simon
    Why is it solely on Cedars that people were outed. I can't imagine that was intended.

    I think it was as much the denial / refusal to accept and change course that was the problem. That was all him.

    Honestly, I have a FB account and it seems pretty clear that isn't the easiest place to be anonymous.

    I agree. FB is the last thing you should be using if you need to protect your identity. But then the problem was that people were being added and outed without their knowledge.

    Anyways, I don't want to resurrect the AWAA thing. Its a shame it didn't work out. All those people working together would have really been nice.

    Maybe, it seems like he was constantly in the middle of issues and in hindsight, it's possibly a good thing that it fell apart. Think about it ... a man with a fake identity subsequently having question-marks over his involvement with sexting (some claim with under-age girls) and using the fake identity to register as an officer of a company that was going to offer assistance to vulnerable victims of abuse? That is a real recipe for a complete fuck up situation unravelling if ever there was one.

  • Diogenesister
    He's the closet thing to a journalist that I've seen come out of the ex-dub forums.

    I think Thats partially why, Data. I think some get the impression he is using the whole exjw thing as a leg-up to a career in journalism. He also, unlike many visable exjw activists, does not help recovering/waking up jws on a personal level ( i.e. unless you can help him with his career path he doesnt want to know )

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Pomo, if it helps you process your journey out and helps others to find a way out, have at it. Don't turn tail and start complaining that bullys are poking you. Pull your big boy pants up and start writing. Many will support you. Just don't over sell your self. Your writing should sell itself. Good luck.

  • pomo6780

    It's amusing to see how people jump to conclusions after being pranked on here by me...

    Dudes, hah! I know I was wasting my time even writing the initial post. I apologize for trolling you. I've also given your deepest sensitivities exposure...

    Even though I did actually, deep down, want to share uncovered information.

  • pomo6780

    On a serious note, I think there are important subjects on jws handling on sexual abuse that need to be addressed. This is the one subject that has outed tens of thousands of the believers of the faith. Let's focus on that.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Hahaha good way to expose your deepest trolling insensitive habits.

  • pomo6780

    Keep them coming, because we're not children here. Oh wait, I've just broken the terms and conditions because lurking kids in the org are going to read this topic. Anything to give them a shakeup and show how stupid we are...

  • pomo6780
    My silence now will be your winding down. Again, this topic will be ignored by me. I've moved on.

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