Governing Body Epic Fails Compilation

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  • DesirousOfChange

    You sound like you still have some JDub on your face. I am sorry but the childish noises do not overpower the pure fail coming from the governing body member's mouths!

    Let me add an explanation. You see, coming to the realization of TTATT is at least very disturbing. Especially early on in the realization. It's a life-changing development. Both the Organization and what one had come to know and believe as "Truth" suddenly (or sometimes not so suddenly) come toppling down -- with a huge emotional CRASH!. The feeling of "Where else shall I go?" hits. "Who else is doing the worldwide preaching work?" It's like the ground or floor that you're walking on just caved in and collapsed and you're being swallowed up by all the questions and the emotions.

    It's a serious matter at that point in time and not one for joking around or juvenile antics. It's been said here more than once that there is a recovery phase that one must go through, much like if you lost a close family member in death. And yes, that's where many people are when they first land at this website. That's kind of where my wife still is at in the journey.

    Once you become a "veteran apostate", you look at the humor a little differently. You come to realize it was only serious in the JW mindset. It's really always been a joke (except for the stuff that isn't funny like the deaths or abuses). I suppose the humor and even the "attacks" are a kind of therapy for many of us who still bear the scars and feel the pain.

    Thanks for letting me add my 2ยข.


  • Dagney

    This great! I will have to finish watching at home.

    Clever. Well done.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    BTW I just found this vid on utube it was done by Fateful Slave check out some of his stuff.

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