S 147 for august 2018

by obarac 36 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    How utterly boring... Same crap, different year...

    At least the Borg is making real reforms. Forbidding the term “Congregation Picnic” shows the the GB are on point with the real issues.

    JeeHobo be praised!!


  • sir82


    Careful with that posting - the form posted for our congregation has different wording in some sections & different items.

    The WTS snoopers who review this site might be able to narrow down your location (or at least the location of your source).

  • AverageJoe1

    Thanks Sir82.

    Data-Dog, lets not forget the new JW contact card with only the JW logo on it. Why on earth would they need a photo of the Bible on it anyway?ha ha

  • ttdtt

    AverageJoe1 - Thank you!
    With such earthshaking news, I know that the end is near and I will start going back to the biweekly indoctrination, I mean meetings.

    May jehober be with you.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just shut-up, obey and donate ''more'' as usual.

  • freddo

    Seems like a Britain Branch version to me - resolutions etc. to keep the charity commission sweet. Don't know what happens in US/Oz etc.

    A meeting off during the memorial week - yay! Not that I would have gone anyway.

    Saving on Memorial Invitations by using same artwork as this year. Cheapskates.

    No "congregation" picnics or gatherings - if it goes tits up you'll carry the can for arranging it brother "much too kind". They suck the tiniest amount of joy that the dubbies had going for them don't they?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    How lazy is Bethel getting? They don't bother updating their crappy artwork that was done FOR FREE?

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