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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''maybe its because Paradise Earth has been restored only that it is in another dimension invisible to us humans .''

    To announce that the kingdom has been restored in the heavens and Christ has 'in fact already arrived invisibly'

  • Gorbatchov

    Not to be missed...



  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I'm sure it will come to 'pass' with no new ''revelations''. Probably just something about the governing body working hard or something ''hot air'' about them.

  • pale.emperor

    The announcement will be that Tony Morris has a new live-in Filipino houseboy to "help him". Surely this is a fulfillment of some prophecy they've just pulled out of their ass.

  • Finkelstein
  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A free download.

    Surviving Your Kingdom Hall Sale Off

    • Where to buy tires for your car - so you can travel far
    • Cheapest Gas Stations
    • Emergency numbers you should store with the Elders - Cell phone (in case you crash) Bank Account # (in case you crash)
    • How to donate for your next Kingdom Hall
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Donating more.

    Remaining loyal

    and last but not least;

    Mentioning tight pants again.

    All you ever hear about is 'Remaining Loyal' and 'Giving more money'. I don't know how Dubbies cannot be discouraged by this.

  • lastmanstanding

    “A new loving provision from Jayhovah, the new tithing program. Elders will begin visiting each publisher in their own home to lovingly assist every one to determine the proper monthly gift to Jayhovah. What a loving provision this loving provision is, do we not agree.”

  • obarac

    Any news?

  • AverageJoe1

    Here you go!


    August 2018

    Coordinator of the body of elders: The announcements and reminders for the congregation should

    be read at the next midweek meeting and thereafter posted on the information board for one month.


    1. Memorial: In preparation for the 2019 Memorial, please review the direction in the February

    13, 2017, letter to all bodies of elders on selecting a Memorial speaker and selecting Memorial

    meeting times.

    As in previous years, there will be a worldwide effort to invite as many as possible to attend.

    This special campaign will begin Saturday, March 23, 2019, and extend through Friday, April 19,

    2019. Each congregation should submit a request for invitations by Monday, September 10, 2018,

    using item number 7959. If a request is not received from your congregation by the due date, a ratio of

    40 invitations per publisher and 120 per pioneer will be sent to your congregation. The same artwork

    that was used for the 2018 invitation will be used for the 2019 invitation. Thus, to avoid confusion,

    please ensure that any 2018 invitations have been discarded. A Memorial invitation in Braille will

    automatically be sent to publishers who regularly receive Braille items from the branch office. Additional

    invitations in Braille can be requested beginning January 1, 2019. Publishers will be allowed

    to leave Memorial invitations where no one is at home if the elders deem this to be practical.

    2. Special Public Talk: The prerecorded special talk mentioned in the announcement to the

    congregation will be available on JW Stream about one month prior to the week it is to be presented.

    Please assign an elder or a ministerial servant to download the prerecorded talk from JW Stream

    (using his jw.org credentials) several weeks before the congregation is scheduled to view it. Since

    there may be multiple recordings available in the same language, in early 2019 the branch office

    will inform groups and congregations which recording they should use. If possible, a backup speaker

    should be assigned in case of technical problems with the recording. If a congregation or group

    does not have the necessary equipment to view the recording or if the recording is not available in

    the language of the congregation or group, the body of elders should assign a qualified speaker to

    give the talk in the usual manner. Since the special talk will be a revised version of Talk No. 90,

    “Reach Out for the Real Life!,” the current version should not be presented after September 1,


    3. Global Assistance Arrangement: In harmony with the announcement to the congregation,

    please arrange for a resolution to be considered by the congregation authorizing the following

    amount to be sent from congregation funds each month for the 12-month period of September 2018

    through August 2019: (per-publisher amount noted on jw.org) x (number of active publishers). If

    preferred, the entire amount may be sent at one time. If the body of elders thinks that the suggested

    amount would impose a hardship on the congregation or that the congregation is in a position to

    contribute more, the resolved amount may be adjusted accordingly.

    The resolution should be written as follows: “In support of the Global Assistance Arrangement,

    we, the _____________ Congregation, resolve to donate _________ to the worldwide work

    during the 2019 service year. These donations will be made from congregation funds, which are

    contributed in our boxes marked for congregation expenses. The resolved amount will be donated

    (in one payment/spread over the course of the year).”

    Coordinator of the body of elders: If before the next midweek meeting the body of elders

    has approved the amount to be included in the resolution, arrange for the resolution to be

    presented following the reading of the attached announcement. Otherwise, inform the congregation that the resolution mentioned in the announcement will be presented the following

    week. Before the announcement is made and posted on the information board, fill in

    the per-publisher amount noted on jw.org.

    Secretary: Ensure that the resolution approved by the congregation is given to the accounts

    servant along with the appropriate instructions for remitting the resolved donation to the

    branch office.

    4. New Contact Card: Language-coordinating congregations may use the mnemonic jwcd4 or

    the item number 8524 when requesting the new contact card mentioned in the announcement to the


    5. Contribution Box Labels: New contribution box labels are being provided for use in all

    Kingdom Halls. An icon is used on each label to identify the specific purpose of the contribution

    box. For the worldwide work, the label has artwork depicting a globe. For local congregation expenses,

    the label has artwork depicting a Kingdom Hall. If online donations can be made via jw.org

    in your country for the corresponding donation type, the URL “donate.jw.org” will be included on

    the label. As a result of this design, the labels are not language-specific. A consignment of two sets

    of labels per auditorium will be included in congregation literature shipments starting this month.

    The body of elders, or Kingdom Hall Operating Committee if more than one congregation uses the

    Kingdom Hall, should ensure that these labels are placed on contribution boxes as soon as they are

    received. If additional labels are needed, they may be requested from the branch office in the same

    way that publications are requested. Please use the item number or mnemonic noted on jw.org when

    submitting requests for additional labels. If the bodies of elders using the Kingdom Hall decide that

    the existing labels with the words “Worldwide Work” or “Local Congregation Expenses” are still

    needed, they may continue to be used along with the new labels.

    6. Social Events: The congregation does not organize or sponsor social events. Individuals

    who host social events bear personal responsibility for what occurs at the event. Such individuals

    should not state or imply that they are acting on behalf of the congregation. They should not use

    terms such as “congregation picnic” or “congregation gathering.” (od pp. 127-128 par. 19) Thus,

    invitations should not be posted on the information board and announcements regarding social

    events should not be made from the platform.


    1. Memorial: On Friday evening, April 19, 2019, we will gather to observe the Lord’s Even-ing Meal. (Luke 22:19) Starting in 2019, the meeting schedule will be adjusted during the week of the Memorial so that more attention can be given to the annual observance. When the Memorial falls on a weekday, no midweek meeting will be scheduled. When the Memorial falls on a weekend, no weekend meeting will be scheduled. Additionally, please note that the 2020 Memorial ob-servance will be held on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The 2021 Memorial observance will be held on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

    2. Special Public Talk: To generate enthusiasm for the Memorial, the 2019 special talk, enti-tled “Reach Out for the Real Life,” will be presented one week before the Memorial, during the week of April 8, 2019. Congregations that have an assembly or the visit of the circuit overseer the week of April 8 will usually have the special talk one week earlier. Most congregations will view a talk that has been prerecorded by the branch office, and in many cases, given by a member of the Branch Committee. We hope this advance notice will be helpful to you in preparing for these im-portant events.

    3. Global Assistance Arrangement: The Global Assistance Arrangement allows the organiza-tion to care for incidents at Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, and branch facilities—including dam-age resulting from a natural disaster, fire, theft, or vandalism. For the next service year, the antici-pated cost for these incidents would be covered if each publisher contributed approximately ____________. This does not mean that each publisher is expected to contribute this exact amount. Instead, each congregation may choose to pass a resolution to contribute to the worldwide work and publishers can then contribute to their local congregation in harmony with their resolution.

    4. New Contact Card: A jw.org contact card that features only the jw.org logo on the front is now available for request. The card has lines on the back on which publishers can write a brief mes-sage, Bible verse, or other information. This card is part of the Teaching Toolbox, and you may begin to use it as soon as the congregation receives it.

    5. 2019 International Conventions: We are pleased to inform you that 24 international con-ventions will be held in 18 countries during 2019. This will be the largest number of international conventions held by our organization in recent years! Over 130,000 publishers, representing more than 80 countries, will be invited to serve as delegates. Due to your generosity, some 5,000 brothers and sisters in special full-time service who serve in foreign assignments will have the opportunity to enjoy international and regional conventions in their home country or another preferred destination. We pray that all of the 2019 conventions bring praise to our great God, Jehovah!—Ps. 57:9.

    2019 International Convention Locations

    Argentina: Buenos Aires

    Greece: Athens

    Spain: Madrid

    Australia: Melbourne

    Korea: Seoul

    United States: Atlanta

    Brazil: São Paulo

    Mexico: Monterrey

    Houston (English)

    Canada: Toronto

    Netherlands: Utrecht

    Houston (Spanish)

    Denmark: Copenhagen

    Philippines: Manila

    Miami (English)

    Ecuador: Guayaquil

    Poland: Warsaw

    Miami (Spanish)

    France: Paris

    Portugal: Lisbon


    Germany: Berlin

    South Africa: Johannesburg

    St. Louis

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