ARC Case Study 54 - Witness List published for 10 March 2017

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  • jwleaks
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I see that they have not included the lying bethelite lawyer "Vincent Toole" this time!

    Just as well, in case he was again asked if he knew what "theocratic warfare" was!

  • jwleaks

    The credibility and reputation of the entire religion of Jehovah's Witnesses now rests in the hands of Terrence O'Brien and Rodney Spinks. Interestingly there will be the required "two witnesses" to testify to a matter, and both appearing at the same time sitting next to each other. If one lies and the other remains silent then the JWs are no longer credible.

    Neither O'Brien nor Spinks have the authority to go it on their own on behalf of Watchtower or the JWs, nor against the instructions of the GB. They must "listen, obey and be blessed." This is their final chance to apologize. What have the GB instructed them to say and do?

  • smiddy

    How do they respond to an allegation of a JW sexually abusing a child in the congregation where their are no two witnesses to substantiate the claim ,so no action is taken by the congregation and their is no reporting of the claim to either police or child protection authorities.

    Because no two witnesses were present at the time of the alleged offence does not mean it did not occur.

    The alleged perpetrator is still allowed to participate in the D2D ministry that is proscribed as an activity that denotes one as a JW. in good standing.

    What safegaurds are in place to protect the children in the general community when an alleged sexual perpetrator is still allowed to go from D2D where children may be at home on their own while the parents may be out.?

    Shouldnt every person who goes from D2D have a working with children check and not just Elders and Ministerial servants ?

    Isnt a lay person ( a Rank and file person JW speak ) capable of molesting a child ?

  • Pubsinger

    I thought that the WT Lawyer got referred to the Australian Law Society or something? Did anything ever happen?

  • stuckinarut2

    Good question pubsinger. We haven't heard anything about that as yet.


    I'm still waiting to see if the WTBTS will "adjust" their understanding of "Ordained Ministers." Will we see some spin-doctoring, perhaps some nu-light? Will the non-title holding "rank and file", be "encouraged" to fulfill their "personal ministry", with zero support from Mother?


  • aintenoughwiskey

    You are an ordained minister when slaving for them. You are a rank and file mouth breather when caught with your dick in a child.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Just because someone is considered an ordained minister by a religion doesn't mean that they are an agent of that religion. Look at ordained ministers who get their ordination to conduct marriage ceremonies online, they are not an agent of that church. Also look at NYC, Bethel reminds brothers that NYC requires those that perform marriages cannot be a layman but must be a leader of the religion as defined by their law. So just because your an ordained minister doesn't mean you are not a layman.


    Ahhh...the voice of legalism has returned.

    Isn't it great to be remined of the utter legalism in organized religions?

    The WTBTS claims to have no Clergy/Laity, but you can be a non-appointed, layman/minister; something completely contrary to the Scriptures.

    Hmmm...kinda like non-inspired, spirit directed/ fallible non-rulers that must be obeyed.


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