I Hate the Sound of the Word Jehovah

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  • cofty
    Hi cofty ..you mention the 'sound ' of the word, I wonder if there is a significance. Is your abhorrence / reaction the same if you see it in print ? - Galaxie

    That's a good question. I am sure it's only when I hear it spoken, especially if it is overly exaggerated like the GB in their manipulative videos.

    I wonder what would happen if I move next door to Cofty & blast kingdom melodies all day. - Divergent

    My nearest neighbour is half a mile away - you would need to have bad ass loudspeakers to annoy me.

  • LV101

    For some reason I never liked the sound of the name Jehovah and it always bothered me. I've never heard another person talk or refer to God as Jehovah. I've heard ministers on TV/radio mention now and then. I used to mention this to my sister and she'd immediately tell me how she loved it and later yrs. told me she couldn't stand it and the way the JWs threw it around like they had some special station (guess they call it audience). Maybe it was too many yrs. in the Baptist Church when young but they never referred to God as Jehovah.

  • DarioKehl
    I really hate it when Lett says it. Sickening.
  • truthseeker100
    Hate will eat u up!!!
  • Phizzy

    Yup, I have the same reaction, and it feels like the same feeling of utter disgust and distaste when I see a Kingdom Hall.

    It is everything evil that they stand for, enshrined in the name Jeehoober, and in their buildings. Not that individual JW's bother me as people, even if they are brain-washed drones.

    It must be similar for a wrongly convicted and incarcerated person when they hear the word "Prison".

  • Magwitch
    I thought it was just me that hated the word. Growing up in a small redneck town in the middle of nowhere, the kids in grade school and junior high always made fun of me by calling me "Jehovah". I guess my hatred for the name goes much deeper than kids making fun of my religion.
  • OneFingerSalute

    On the other hand, I love Jeehoober, Jay-hoobar, Jeehobo, Jeehoobidoob and Jeehoover!

    Those are funny. I asked a friend how many names "god" had. They said, "Just one. Jehovah."

    I told them that there were many names. Jehobo. . .god of the homeless. Jehoover. . .god of the house-keepers. Jehoho. . .god of the comedians.

  • cofty
    truthseeker - Less of the self-righteous preaching please.
  • Giordano

    I brought up this very point a while back that Jehovah was first used or invented centuries ago. A couple of Bible translations use it in place of the Lord but in general it is not, a part from the JW's, in much use for the past decades.

    For reasons that were more intuitive then doctrinal....... calling God Jehovah never felt right to me. I was a pioneer, then pioneered where the need was great and in the early 1960's, was the assistant presiding minister, the Ministry school servant and who knows what else in our small needy congregation. So I used it during meetings, the public talk, as needed. But it was always cringe worthy it just felt false.

    When my wife and I moved and faded..... dropping "I am a Jehovah's Witness" felt alright with me.

    Always thought that jerk off Rutherford should have simply re-branded the Bible students as 'Christian Witnesses' which would have been more in keeping with what I used to think Jesus was saying. And certainly more calming in FS.

    However just about every name for a church is a little strange, self serving or misleading. There some real ding bat names.

    1. the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming,

    Commonly called and remembers as the Shakers.

    1. Religious Society of Friends

      Mormon/ Latter day Saints really??

    Christian Scientists (the people that didn't give a fig about medical science).

    Scientology (totally lacking in science).

    There are a bunch of strangely named religions so in many respects Jehovah's Witnesses are just another strange but dangerous religion.

  • HB

    I have always hated the sound of the word Jehovah, and I’ve never been a JW, never been in a Kingdom Hall or been personally affected by the JW religion.

    Reading through the above posts so far, and focusing on just posters that don’t like the word Jehovah, people seem to fall into three categories…..

    1. Some dislike the word just because of what it is associated with and the bad memories.

    2. Some dislike it mainly because of the actual physical sound of the word itself.

    3. Some dislike it for both reasons 1 and 2 which have become inextricably intertwined in their brain.

    People who are not particularly interested in language probably react to Cofty’s question in a completely different way than those who enjoy words for their own sake.

    We mostly all know which type we are…. If poetry leaves you cold, you have no interest in etymology and think literature is a waste of time, that’s fine, you will be in the first category.

    You probably think those of us in the second category that can happily spend an afternoon reading a dictionary or thesaurus, or wax lyrical over Shakespeare or Tennyson are mad.

    My husband has no concept of what I am talking about when I say a word is beautiful or ugly. To him words are just utilitarian collections of letters and allow him to communicate, they have no other value. (He’s great at maths though!)

    For me, the word Jehovah doesn’t have deep connotations or bad memories and I haven't been conditioned into looking at it in a certain way. It doesn’t even create a particular image in my head like the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ does. Neither do I have a problem with the way it looks when written on a page.

    But I intensely dislike the sound as I say it or when I hear it spoken by someone else.

    It’s bad enough when said by an American or Australian, but for me it’s particularly bad when pronounced by someone with a ‘cut glass’, upper class English accent. (I'm English.)

    The reason I don’t like the sound is very personal. Others may feel the opposite.

    For me, Jehovah doesn’t roll of the tongue smoothly.

    For a start, the sound ‘Jee’ or ‘Jeh’ involves effort. Depending on your accent and how fast you speak, the lips form either a slight open-mouthed pout or a kind of grimace with the tip of the tongue quickly touching the top of the palate. It's a jerky, alert sound, not soothing. (Say ‘Jee’ out loud then contrast for example with the easier, softer, pleasant sounds ‘mmm’ or ‘ooooh’)

    The ‘Jeh’ sound doesn’t flow nicely into the next syllable ‘ho’ as the lips have to move to a new very different shape. The tongue moves to the base of the mouth, and the whole jaw needs to move to make the sound.

    Then the next syllable ‘vah’ again doesn’t flow smoothly from the previous one and is a spiky, ugly, aggressive sound which is almost spat out.

    There are many websites where people discuss phonaesthetics and there are countless lists of people’s favourite and most hated words. Haven't seen Jehovah mentioned in any lists good or bad.

    A few words sound good but depict something unpleasant and some are ugly but describe something lovely. But in many cases, cacophonous words describe something distasteful or bad and mellifluous words describe something pleasurable or good.

    E.g.: ‘glutton’, ‘grudge’ ‘bulbous’ and ‘phlegm’ are ugly sounds whereas ‘serendipity’, ‘ephemeral’ or ‘luminescence’ are flowing.

    I like the sound of Dionysius, Vishnu, Zeus, Athena and Aphrodite, but not Buddha, Bacchus, Thor, Marduk or Mercury. Or Jehovah

    There is a kind of very mild synaesthesia going on where the stimulation of the part of the brain that deals with processing sound creates an involuntary reaction in a different part of the brain which deals with pleasure and dislike.

    Lastly, if you don’t know about the ‘Bouba/Kiki effect’, it's interesting. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouba/kiki_effect

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