I appreciate "our" free speech.

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I have noted this "O.P" is slowly loosing the friendly smile in which i origionaly intended it - you're no doubt a nice person, The Rebel.

    I enjoy lots of your thoughtful comments. You definitely have something to contribute to this forum - especially when new people, leaving or thinking of leaving the WT, post their first comment.

    Unfortunately, not all topics are nice. The problems these present need solutions that aren't nice.

    The general public are getting fed up of bending over and taking it up the *rse from terrorists.

    Maybe you would do better commenting on *nice* topics?

    Just a thought.



    Edit: I think we should treat all people with that respect - frankly, no. I'm not sure what rights the people who would do us harm have, or should have. I think the only right they have is 'the right to remain silent' ...

  • Simon

    He seems to think that people disagreeing is "disrespecting" him. Even though people often go to the trouble of backing up their opinions with detailed in-depth and well rounded arguments, they should all give way to his viewpoint based on "feelings" (because he once knew someone who might have been a Muslim and didn't kill him, therefore he's now the worlds leading authority on Islam).

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Free Speech YES

    I love it when people get spiced up and say whatever they please after all those JW years of manicured conversation it feels good.

    I've learned something important since I left and that is how easy it is to be manipulated by your own desires so now I'm more careful and I ask myself what do I really know about a subject and do I have the facts. You can find credentialed people lined up on either side of an issue and you have to do the work and think before you take a stand. I was a fool when I became a witness because I had an inner desire for a utopia for all humankind but now I realize the logistics of that desire and the free speech problem that arises with that kind of a dream.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy
    Quote from Nancy Drew:

    I was a fool when I became a witness...

    Upon reflection I would say that is a Profound Truth which applies to all of us!

    An unpleasant experience to be sure but at the same time beneficial. Sometimes it is necessary to walk in the shoes of the heavily burdened and exploited in order to comprehend their misery.

    Thank God for hindsight.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Nancy Drew,

    After finally breaking away from the JWs, I went through a period (which lasted for quite a number of years) in which " if I felt it, I said it " - and in no uncertain terms! ( e.g. liberally using all the "F" and "B" Words anywhere and at any time, making rude gestures at other drivers when they either did something wrong or otherwise just annoyed me, etc. etc. etc.).

    At the time, I thought that this was being therapeutic; i.e. a way of releasing frustration after having been repressed for too long. Now I am more inclined to believe it was part of the process of learning. Learning how to "hit the happy medium" in dealing with the real world (rather than a make believe world).

    These days, I try to state my opinions in a respectful manner, particularly when disagreeing with another.

    One definition of the art of diplomacy reads as follows:

    The ability to tell someone to "Go To Hell" in such a manner that they actually look forward to the journey!

    This is the knack that I am working on!

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