I appreciate "our" free speech.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I had given serious consideration too leaving the board. I rationalised my views on " Muslims" we're not held by the majority so I should leave. But this would have been wrong thinking, instead I should appreciate the platform I was given to debate with free speech. Something I was denied in the Watchtower.

    I would therefore like to thank, all those who respected my free speech. I have noted, not once was I given a dislike for my " minority" view comments, but I instead received positive counter opinion, delivered in a helpful way to help me evaluate my viewpoint. This has been extremely helpful in me seeing the bigger picture.

    The " bigger" picture to me is :-

    A) minority views should be heard

    B) and respectfully challenged.

    That's what " free-speech" is about, and that's what makes debating forums worth participating on. And I truly appreciate having that voice, having come from an organisation that denied free speech.

  • Heartsafire

    I'm happy to hear you are sticking around.

    Differing viewpoints add flavor to any discussion, and I couldn't agree with you more on free speech...so take that, WT.

  • smiddy

    Hey, The Rebel , I`m glad you had second thoughts about leaving this board .This is a discussion Board so we all have a right to our opinion even if its not appreciated by the majority on the board .

    While by far the majority of us are ex-JW`s some have become atheists others have joined different churches and one or two or more have the jewish faith ( I dont think we have any muslims on this board )

    Some topics emit a more emotional response than others.and I think we just have to accept and live with that and not take things personal after all the majority of us do not know who the hell we are anyway.

  • shepherdless

    Hi Rebel,

    I would be disappointed if you or anyone else left because they felt their opinion was in the minority. Further, I think these pages would be pretty boring if they were merely an echo chamber of one viewpoint.

  • Chook

    Sometimes you just have to get some things off your chest, so what if others get offended, tell them to pray for you . Life to short to worry what others think , the whole Jw church is peer pressure and worrying what others think. Take control of your own mind and develop your values based on your own good judgment. This forum only exists because of free speech, if we only listen to same repetitive speech we would have stayed at the KH and have GB do our thinking for us. All great humans that thought outside the box and didn't conform to tradition were persecuted. Free speech is non existent in Jw land.

  • cobweb

    I share your "Muslim views" and find myself wanting to visit this board less due to the rabid anti-muslim sentiment which dominates on here. The Reddit board has none of that which is refreshing. I still come here for the JWrelated threads and have adopted an avoidance strategy for the Trump/Muslim/Terrorist attack type threads because they are no good for my peace of mind.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    When I was on the ministry, I worked with a brother and he thought he was extremely clever, he would never use one word when ten were more confusing. I also noted if by a miracle we found a householder even slightly interested in our message, by the time we left the door he had frightened the householder away.

    And yes he was a pioneer.

    So free speech is great, but if the person giving it knocks on your door, is wearing a tie and holding a bible in his hand, my advice is " free speech" can be extremely boring to listen to.

  • punkofnice

    Nah, stuff that. I'm sick of the negativity and arrogance here. You won't be seeing much of me now.

    Free speech is one thing, but arrogant showboating and a domineering attitude is another. I see heaps of it here.

    You know, they say that if you don't like it, then leave it alone.

    So, see ya!

    (I'm sorry the hate filled rhetoric stops me having dialogue with the more reasonable members here.)

  • Giordano

    I have sat on a number of boards (usually volunteer boards) and civility is the most important aspect to getting one's opinion out there. Civility and reasonable factual material.............Sounding and acting like a dunce is not.

    We have a number of people on this forum that think calling people libtards or other low mental responses is a fair debating approach.......it isn't. We have people out there that believe in 'fake news' and 'fake facts'..... guess what.......If you push fake information your point is dismissed immediately. If you can't 'source' your information with real facts forgetaboutit. Being informed is the only way you can make a responsible decision.

    This is a heck of a great forum but when it comes to politics and race issues,.......the gun debate.......... it sounds ignorant. It just polarizes around an issue the way the JW's do. You revert back to what you abandoned.

    Facts no longer matter because everyone has their own facts which are simply put........their beliefs.

    'Facts"? are a growing industry. Facts that turn out not to be facts but are accepted because they feed your emotions or tribe. This is an issue that feeds both sides of a debate be it religion or politics.

    And when the tribe feels it's true.............even if it isn't.........it feeds the insanity of humankind.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Punk you have a duty to expose the facts of the Watchtower and it's " rockstar" leaders, to the world, or you have a duty to heal, get over it and move on. I hope you have moved on?

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