From the WTBS to... CHURCHS???

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  • truthlover123

    Because Jesus said - he sits on the right hand of God

    Because Jesus said he was here to do his Fathers will

    Because Jesus said his life was for the good of mankind so he sacrificed it and asked why the cup had been given to him

    because Jesus said he sat on the right hand of God, I think 12 times and his Father only knew who would be with Jesus after he finished his earthly course

    I do no think about the rules and regulations of the Watchtower nor is my allegiance is to the 8 or 7 gb members who made themselves so and place themselves as something special...' no man is special in their realm of stepford wives

    I guess I am one who believes in God and his son - if there is more after this life then so be it...Right now just fighting to get through this covid- hangin on by my fingernails --

    I can stand outside a hall or a church or a mosque and dont really feel I have to go in --now if your talking about awesome archetecture, flying buttresses in the 500-700 year churches yaS! Let me in- I want to see the wonder of mans ingenuity histories, and architecture.. TO know man can build such grand monuments then spend trillions to find another planet because they have ruined this one jewel is beyond all sense.

  • truthlover123

    TBK- your on the money JW's have adopted the writings of a catholic church member to expound on the name of God_Yahweh or LORD and devised the name Jehovah, which today is not correct-- as writings back then contained no vowels, a,e,i,o u

    and even today pope- with his Cardinals, bishops, laymen is equivalent to JWS with their governing body, their dtb district overseers,,now circuit overseers, elders, ministerial servants

    Its all heirarchy something the wtbts denies but its all there to see. Even

    the courts said so in recent rulings i,e, ARC and New York Lawyers in recent court cases for child abuse

  • LongHairGal


    You bet the JW religion has a hierarchy. They can deny it all they want but they are full of it with all their titles and labels. When I was ‘studying’ they swore up and down they ‘had No clergy class’. After I was in a while I could see they do in fact have what I felt was a plain-clothes clergy.

    I always felt they are a somewhat inferior copy-cat mirror image of the churches they are so jealous of. Too bad, though, that they don’t emulate the churches and have soup kitchens and programs for the community, etc.! They should be performing some REAL charity!

  • DoubtingThomas

    LHG- so you could care less about TRUTH?

    A group has to have it's leaders.

  • truth_b_known
    Behind the times in your research: The original Hebrew name of God re-discovered in 1,000 Bible manuscripts (

    The article just confirms what is already known -

    The name Jehovah is actually based on a mistaken reading of the biblical text by medieval Christian scholars who were educated in the Hebrew language but were not aware of certain Jewish scribal customs. In short, they did not realize that it was a Jewish tradition to write the vowels for the word adonai, “Lord,” with the consonants for the name Yahweh, known as the Tetragrammaton, and they wrongly read this hybrid word as Yehowah, or Jehovah in English. That is to say, the name Jehovah (or Yehowah) did not exist in Israel—despite the popularity of this name in English-speaking Christian circles, and despite religious organizations like Jehovah’s Witnesses.- Dr. Michael Brown, “Do Jews refer to God by the name of Jehovah?” 60 Questions Christians Ask About Jewish Beliefs and Practices.

    It was a Jewish custom to take the vowels for the word "Adonai" (Lord) and add them to the consonants of the tetragrammaton to invent the name "Yehowah". In turn, that name was Latinized and later translated into the German version - Jehovah.

    So, not behind the times. The article simply echoes what was already established. The name of the Hebrew god is still unknown. The pronunciation was lost ages ago. Jehovah is a Germanic translation of a Latinized version of a made up name for god by Jewish scribes.

  • DoubtingThomas

    TBK- you have read it wrong.

    Yehovah is the pronunciation in Hebrew, and Jehovah, despite the complex working of the English language, is the name in English. (Yaun /John)

  • LV101

    Bullseye 🎯LongHairGal! I even told an elder only the clergy class could show up fashionably late (I was referring to a hard liner high up the echelon) and it's quite a pecking order - he laughed. I also told him their views on no education were quite a red flag and I'd never allow any young ones in my family to pay any attention to the crazy! JWs are the antithesis of Christianity. Sure we learned to flip through same scriptures in their special interpretation NWT/mind control horror but as you mentioned did nothing to provide for the disadvantaged. Maybe some needing assistance were hauled to and from bunker meetings -- big deal. Probably cost them their most valued material items -- the cult has claws into any/all properties via wills/trust funds of decedents and waste no time charging in to clean up. All for the good news, of course.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Sounds like you need a CHURCH!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Doubting Thomas:

    You said on another thread:

    The WTBS led me to the Truth (Bible), and I've embraced it!

    How do you expect to survive the judgement after you die as described in Hebrews 9:27 while personally rejecting the blood covenant offered for the forgiveness of sins in Mt. 26: 27-28 ?

    What exactly is the bible truth that you have embraced that you think saves you from judgment?

  • LongHairGal

    Hi LV101:

    Thanks! Oh, by the way, the OP is unreasonable and wouldn’t know ‘truth’ if it hit them in the face.

    I’m glad you gave that elder a piece of your mind about the hierarchy there…Yes, I believe the JW religion is shameful for many reasons but the fact that they have no REAL charitable use to anybody (especially in this day and age) is a more obvious reason they are worthless.

    Also, you are right about any vulnerable JWs who may have received small favors (like getting rides to useless meetings, etc.) being in danger of having somebody’s ‘claw$ sunk into them’..It is VERY true that togetherness is a very dangerous thing in the JW religion! This is especially so if a person is older or even a single person.

    I’m very glad I’m not in the religion anymore. But, I am especially aware (and always was) of the fact it is all so predatory. I would NEVER want these opportunistic people near me now trying to insinuate themselves into my busines$ under the guise of ‘being concerned’..Yeah! Like hell they are.

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