Updates on the workload of Bethelites

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  • slimboyfat

    Maybe it was especially harsh for some reason... or maybe not. Maybe this is how they are dispatching people from bethel these days.

    According to the 2016 and 2017 yearbooks they got rid of something like 6000 or 7000 bethelites in one year. That's more than a quarter of the total number, and totally unprecended in their whole history.

    So in that kind of upheaval I guess things like this can happen, more by bureaucracy than any particular malice.

  • Diogenesister
    _Morpheus2 hours ago2 hours ago
    You get notice. All bethelites get billed every month for “services” like phone calls. I call bullshit on the bill for fruit. The only exception would be if he were df’d. Then you are given a buss ticket and shown the door immediately, your possessions shipped to you later. Still no bill for food though.

    Morpheus I believe they got notice of a few weeks, 3? But two months earlier a meeting was called and they were told they we're being" reassigned" probably to Bethels abroad to 'help out' there. It makes me wonder if they planned to lie to everyone as to what became of the "sacked" bethelites as:There was no indication whatsoever they were going to be laid off. This only two months before they actually were.

    Regarding the fruit, there May have been a misunderstanding as he certainly doesn't strike as the sort of lad to lie, he certainly hasn't done so about anything else.

  • _Morpheus

    Yes it was two weeks to organize your affairs and arrange to get out. “Fair” by the worlds standards of terminating employment but definitely unloving for “gods people” to do to someone who has volunteered for a year or more at great personal expense.

    If someone took me wrong and thinks im somehow defending the orgs hq, please understand bethel fucked me over for a year and i have zero love for them or the org as whole. I couldnt leave fast enough and its one of the reasons i eventually was able to leave, seeing what hq was really like... if someone just dosent like me calling bullshit on something that is clearly bullshit then feel free to continue allowing your hate to make you gullible. Bethel dosent charge for food. The only exception that someone mentioned was the commissary which is possible but i didnt include it that because the commisary was cash and carry when i was there, they didnt bill for it. That may have changed.

    My philosophy remains: there is far more than enough to hang them for without making things up or exaggerating the facts.

  • steve2

    Will he be excluded from Paradise if he refuses to pay? Will his standing in his destination congregation be affected? Will it affect his credit rating outside the organization? Will his debt be passed over to a debt-collection agency?

    To be fair, though, sometimes it is the small things that take their toll on vulnerable people, almost like the final straw. Gulping down camels and straining at gnats does seem pretty much the mentality of bean-counters in JW organization.

  • slimboyfat

    Morpheus I appreciate you have direct experience of bethel and the rules and I don't question that. But you weren't at bethel when they were sacking a quarter of the workforce in a short period of time. Who knows what kinds of madness might prevail in that situation. There's no need to accuse the guy of making it up.

  • sparrowdown

    Seems bizarre to be talking about how grown-ass, able-bodied people are "coping" with (oh the horror!) cooking their own meals and doing their own washing?

  • KiddingMe

    The guy says in the video that he got the fruit and drink from commissary. Maybe they billed him because he took it without paying for it.

    That still is petty for HQ to do considering the circumstances.

    It seems that the guy initially got some type of notice but then things changed. Maybe he started voicing his feelings about what was happening to him to others in bethel?

  • _Morpheus

    If it was a commissary situation he has zero right to complain. From day one you know the commissary is cash and cary. Just because you were asked to leave dosent entitle you to be able to take things from the commissary without paying. Thats exactly what i mean by exaggerating facts. They didnt ask him to pay for food because he was leaving, they asked him to pay for something he stole. We do no favour for the exjw community to with that sort of nonsense.

  • slimboyfat

    If he'd actually stolen the fruit, you'd think the response would have been different than simply sending him a bill.

    There seems to have been some sort of misunderstanding. Maybe he said he had skipped meals and needed something, the person at the desk agreed, but someone higher up decided he needed to pay anyway.

  • _Morpheus

    Slim, i see you trying and i dont fault you for looking for the reasonable explanation here, but again, the commissary is cash and carry. Everyone at bethel knows it from day one. There is a cashier for god sake. Every bethelite knows that if you dont want to eat then you simply carry food away for later. They even have a stupid ass bethel word for it (lifted from the bible that i refuse to type). There is no just reason or cause for this man to believe that he didnt have to pay for food from the commissary. Its an exaggerated story to make bethel look bad which dosent need exaggerated stories to look bad.

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