Why do so many that leave wind up coming back?!

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  • jp1692

    Define “so many”!

    its a well-known fact that JWs have the highest attrition rate of any religion in the U.S.

    I suspect it’s similar in most, if not all, industrialized nations.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I’d be careful about buying into that narrative. Most who leave turn out just fine.

    This is just a personal theory, but I suspect that the “dumpster fires” you refer to are actually among the most injured by the cult. When they leave, they usually have no support systems, especially at first, and so struggle, and frequently make poor decisions. Most figure out. Sadly a few do not, including my brother. But that doesn’t mean everyone turns out like that. That’s just GB inspired bull crap.

  • _Morpheus

    Sorry jp and jeff your just assholes!!! You KNOW what he meant with the OP!!! Why do jerks like you always ruin a good thread????

  • steve2

    Going back is no recommendation. "Going back" is a symptom not a strength.

    Why do many people in unhappy and even violent relationships go back after leaving?

    Humans often lack the confidence, experience, support and skills necessary to rebuild their lives. You could look at any high-control religious group and discover people who leave who return.

    And what's that old saying about stopping smoking? Sometimes you have to stop five or more times before you stop for good. Likewise, some people need to return several times before they are finally motivated to put a stop to the indecisiveness.

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