Why do so many that leave wind up coming back?!

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  • dubstepped

    @Morpheus - It's "sparring" there champ. ;)

  • joe134cd

    I think those that leave because of TTATT as apposed to those who leave for more secular reasons are quite different, and because of this can have totally different out comes. Because a TTATT leaver hasn't physically sinned there is the option of been able to deliberately and slowly fade were as a person who has a wordly live in partner it' a lot more complicated. TTATT leavers I think do better as they can have a degree of family support. I think a TTATT leaver is more deffinant about their decision not to return, rather than returning because life threw them a blow.

  • NVR2L8

    When you left someone else drive your car your whole life, there's a good chance you may crash when you take the wheel for the first time...Living life outside of the cult is not easy for a brainwashed and gullible person. For others their new freedom is just too much to handle. It's like someone extremely dehydrated that drinks too fast despite knowing that it may kill him.

  • kairos

    During my 25 year Dub Stint, I must have seen 20 people 'come back'.

    Lots do.
    Possible reasons:
    don't fit in elsewhere

    Power through the pain, leaving is the best choice

  • sparrowdown

    I see the journey out is fraught with insecurity and doubt it is a stuggle and you get to a point where mentally and more importantly emotionally you need to let go in order to keep moving forward. I say more importantly because we can see intellectually what's right but emotionally we have to really want it.

    At some point you need to put aside the comforting idea that you can go back whenever you want to, that your family will see the ttatt and open their arms to you, that you will recieve justice for any wrongs committed and apologies for injury. You need to let go of the idea of paradise earth forever and all the perks of that concept. You need to admit deep deep down your religion is wrong and you were wrong. You need to let go fully and completely.

    All of this is a lot harder to do in reality than the bravado rhetoric we give it here. It takes years of waking up and persevering to find truth and be truthful with yourself especially. It's at that point of ultimate letting go that many falter. It's like you are perched on the edge of a shear cliff face and to get to safety you have to let go of the cliff you have just climbed and reach out momentarily having nothing to cling to and reach towards the cliff face on the other side that you can climb to safety from and many cannot make that final push to freedom. So not only do they decide to stay on the seemingly inescapable rock they are on they climb back up and set up camp.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    The ones that come back are ones that do not know the truth about the truth. They still believe what they were taught.

    A friend of mine DAd themselves man years ago. Lived a normal life. Got married etc. Was out for 18 years at least. Her family "spiritual giants" shunned her for 18 years! Now back in she posts things on Facebook about how wonderful and supportive her parents are to her and how unconditional their love is. Ugh!

    Just recently I talked to an old friend DFd 10 years ago. Had been an elder. Says he misses it and loved being a JW. He said you can't deny it's the truth!

    Unless they are mentally out, there is a good chance they will return.

  • Order

    They come back because there is no where else for them to go. I can definitely compliment Jehovah's Witnesses by saying that they are a unique religion, at least for now.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The simple answer is that people are simple.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I was raised around the "Truth" for the first 16 years. At 16 it was all about the guilt. I couldn't measure up to who and what a witness was. I left because I was a normal 16 year old with urges and desires and opinions. After 11 years out I had satisfied most of those and the guilt once again kicked in and I sought redemption for being unworthy. What a mess I was. After 22 years back in the Tower I awoke to see it wasn't me who had the problem. Hell, look at these deviants, they are afraid you'll commit fornication with your pillow!

  • Phizzy

    I know far more who have left and never gone back.

    Two I do know who got themselves re-instated for family reasons, and don't attend anymore, one of those was really blatant about it, after he was announced as back in, he never stepped in to a K.H again, his family and all JW's still talk to him and employ him.

    To experience the freedom of leaving to the full, you have to get rid of any JW beliefs, thoughts and fears. If you don't do the work (research) to accomplish this, you are in danger of being sucked back in, and looking REALLY stupid.

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