Angels are Neuter Gender According to JW`s

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  • RubaDub

    So when they materialize they look like ken dolls when naked?

    rockemsockem ...

    Yes, and the word "woody" is erased from their vocabulary.

    Rub a Dub

  • blondie

    I have come to realize that the worst fear many men have is that their penis will disappear.

  • stillin

    Blondie may be right about that.. But I have to say that I think that I may have once had intercourse with a materialized angel that wanted to try out being a female.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I'm reusing a comment I posted a few days ago on another thread. Don't tell anybody:

    Rumor has it that there will soon be new light explaining Watchtower's depiction of angels. Apparently all non-white members of the 144,000 are stricken with a sort of spiritual vitiligo upon receiving their heavenly reward. In the case of non-white females, this occurs in conjunction with the spiritual sex-change operation that happens within the "twinkling of an eye" upon completion of their earthly course.

  • TD

    Most JW beliefs on the subject are completely alien to the time period.

    The Book of Jubilees claims that the angels themselves were circumcised (And therefore men should be)

    We could argue that Jesus' disciples didn't accept these and other Jewish beliefs, (Although there's not a lot of evidence for that.) but we're still stuck with the fact that not only do the angels invariably appear as men, it is women they were allegedly attracted to.

  • smiddy3

    In the bible, only males have the authority, no females.

    What about Deborah blondie ? She was a prophetess as well as a judge over Israel.

    Surely she had authority over men.

  • Diogenesister
    (Some Christians debate) women going to heaven

    I was thinking of Pentecost. Unless there where no women there, women definitely go to heaven according to the Bible.

    Also, in sodom the angels took the form of men. Also the being who wrestled with Jacob, unless he wrestled with.....

  • Incognito

    Even if it is possible to believe that angels lusted (a human concept) after human women and could materialize into human form so as to have sex with those women, why were those spirit angels equipped with an ability to procreate?

    Even if equipped with genetic seed, why is the seed from a spirit angel compatible with human DNA so as to successfully produce offspring with human women? A dog cannot impregnate another species but spirit creatures can supposedly come to earth and successfully impregnate human women to produce hybrid children?

  • jws
    The entire reason to have a sex of male or female in nature is for the act of procreation. Without both genders involved in procreation, you wouldn't have a need for male and female.

    Furthermore, sex drive is a function of hormones. If you're a spirit being, you aren't filled with hormones.

    So how did the angels lust after women? And something so imperfect by comparison. It would be like you lusting after your Labrador and wanting to change into another dog to have sex with it. I'm not saying that's not some people's thing. But I think (or at least hope) that's kind of rare. And even that should be more common than angels lusting after humans because a human and a dog are both flesh and blood.

    If angels were created with the ability to lust, to what end? Do angels procreate? Or have sex for that matter? The bible says angels do not marry. So they have lust, but aren't allowed to marry? So any sex they have is outside of marriage? I thought that was supposed to be a sin. And if there aren't female angels, what are the male angels supposed to do about their lust? Have sex with each other? So lots of gay sex in heaven?

    Maybe after the angels were forced out of their human bodies when they drowned in the flood, they got with the other gay angels and had a pride parade. And flew a rainbow flag. And that's where the rainbow after the flood came from.
  • WTWizard

    There are, in fact, different types of angels. The greys are the ones they are talking about when they say "sexless" and when they claim that, in the resurrection, one will be "as the angels". The greys are sexless and have no free will, because the reptilians (a different class of angels that enslaved the greys with microchips) will not allow them feelings. Their microchips control everything about them. Is this how you wish to be? Or for all humanity? If so, then keep on studying that bible.

    Reptilians are the ones they call "seraphim". These are the ones that are in charge of ruining our planet for their eventual habitation, and they are not sexless. In fact, one of their weapons is to kidnap people of a planet they infest and race-mix with those people, sending them back to their homes to invade planets. These are actually "god's chosen people". These beings are acting under free will, and you connect with their filthy energy every time you open that bible and start reading it or start thumping it.

    And we have some of the Nordic race that turned traitor. They are subverting humanity, helping the reptilians create taboos against speaking against being enslaved and preaching that we must tolerate everyone, regardless of whether they intend to destroy humanity. Political correctness comes from these traitors, and serves the reptilians more than anything else.

    The Nordics that did not turn traitor (and that includes Satan) are working for humanity, and are our Demons (sounds scary?). They want us to be free, and they have been blasphemed into being looked at as dangerous, evil spirits that want to ruin everything when it, in fact, is the reptilian race and those who sided with them or were enslaved by them that want us enslaved. Real Demons do not want us miserable, nor do they want us in unending debt (that came from the reptilians and their enemy Nordic buddies that became angels).

    As for the archangel, that filthy thing is the messiah that is supposed to come to the new temple in Jerusalem (and yes, it is prophesied in that bible and is blatant in Revelation) to enslave the whole world. That is what that statue in Daniel is all about, and Revelation expounds on it more. It will rule with an iron fist (communism). Do you want that? Do you want to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply to feed those parasites and get nothing for it? Then go ahead, keep on studying that filthy bible or quran, keep on pushing those trigger words to keep political correctness going, keep on praying to jesus or allah. You will get this end result all too soon.

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