Older Watchtowers and Awakes added on jw.org Online library

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  • AuntBee

    WT back to 1950, AW back to 1970, like the CD ROM Library...

    Why? lol.

  • _Morpheus

    Wow thats brave. I wonder if they were bold enough to change any of the quotes we love to throw in their face

  • sir82

    They have pretty much phased out the "Watchtower CD Library", the thing you used to get on CD every year.

    They've got most of everything that the WT Library used to have, including those old magazines.

    It's fun to try to spot the missing "literature". For example, no "Commentary on the Letter of James", no "Creation" book, etc.

  • OrphanCrow

    Could this have anything to do with their recent copyright claims and attempts to block certain website(s)?

    Would the org have to provide historical documents for research purposes to bolster their copyright claims? And if they don't, would it allow for others to make them available?

  • sparky1

    Good point OrphanCrow. I notice that they have not tampered with some damning statements in the original text.

    Case in point:

    "The present wicked system of things, which extends worldwide, entered its last days in 1914, and some of the generation alive then will also be on hand to witness its complete end in the "great tribulation" ". Reasoning From the Scriptures 1989 edition pg.234

    The Creation book circa 1985 is available on their website.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Good find.

  • JW_Rogue

    Yeah, maybe they want to show that they are still publishing those so they can get them off of other sites online. My guess is the CD-ROM will be a limited special order that most won't bother getting, now that everything is on JW.org

  • careful

    Maybe it took them some time to go back and edit out certain embarrassing things? They ARE into rewriting history, even if, like sparky notes, they have left some blunders in.

  • amicabl

    I looked at jwtalk.net and comments on reddit. It seems to have taken everyone by surprise. I told my wife and she mentioned it at field service meeting this morning...AEST....An elder who I know well said he will pop round and see me. I am looking forward to that as I have a small list of items to hit him with (gently) including the cancelled Kingdom Hall build. As long as he comes alone.

  • BluesBrother

    I have not looked yet, but it sounds great news....

    However, I will miss the c/d rom library. One thing... I have 2 libraries loaded on the p.c . One is the latest and the other is a bit older before they introduced the ' update' facility. I want to see a facsimile copy of it .

    I will not get rid of the old one.......I don't trust them not to work thrrough and adjust embarrassing quotes. .....A' la Winston Smith

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