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  • jp1692


    I joined the cult in 1984 (ironic, no?).

    I was completely unaware of past statements like the above from WT leadership.

    My "born-in" and still-in, ex-wife showed me this quote back in 2002 or 2003 when we were still married. I'm sure she doesn't know it, but that quote was what actually got me to begin seriously doubting our religion.

    I began tugging on a few of the threads that had been giving me more or less minor, but still nagging, doubts. Once you pull of a couple of loose threads of the WT/JW "theology" the whole thing quickly falls apart.

    I tried to leave with my family intact, but alas I was unsuccessful. This is how I learned--the hard way--that doctrine actually doesn't matter to most JWs. The mind control is too strong.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • Kevin McFree
    Kevin McFree

    its not easy getting people to transition over to the online library. with publications back to only 2000 we will stick with our WTL. but what if you provided everything from wtl for a few years on the website and tracked what people were searching.

    then once the numbers show people have abandoned their WTL we remove the older publications in phases from the online lieberry due to translation issues or bandwith costs or whatever reason

  • ttdtt

    Here is a good one from 1975 :)


    Unnatural Sexual Relations
    ● Over two years ago this magazine warned against perverted sex practices such as oral and anal copulation, pointing out that, like homosexuality, these were “contrary to nature.” The Christian apostle Paul says that those practicing unnatural sexual acts ‘receive in themselves the full recompense due for their error.’ —Rom. 1:21-27.
    Supporting this, the July 15, 1974, “Watchtower” quoted a warning from Dr. Elmar G. Lutz that “herpes-virus,” which ranks next to gonorrhea as a leading venereal disease, could be transmitted through oral-genital sex acts.
    Now, from the London “Medical News” comes yet further evidence of the rightness of the apostle Paul’s inspired statement. At the Praed Street Clinic of St. Mary’s Hospital, authorities are quoted as saying that, while male gonorrhea acquired from the rectum (as in homosexual acts) has been relatively “commonplace,” evidence now records increased rectal contamination with gonorrhea among women. Of 105 females referred to the Clinic, doctors found that almost half had “indulged in either oral or rectal coitus.” The report adds that “such figures co-relate closely with those previously obtained from overseas sources.”

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