Russian BOE letters of instruction - meetings and $$$ matter$

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    These letters can be found in the original Russian on

    I will provide links but also copy and paste the English translation that was provided for each one.

    This first letter was dated May 21, 2017 and concerns instructions on how to handle the donation$. (*bolding is mine)

    May 21, 2017

    Subject: Guidance on voluntary donations and meeting expenses

    Dear brothers!

    In this manual, we want to provide guidance for the accounting meeting under new circumstances for us. Attached to the letter you will also find some additional technical details and sample forms filled s-26 "Blank Meeting accounts" and s-30 "Monthly Report on the Meeting of the accounts." After reading this guide to familiarize yourself with your congregation elders of this letter and its annex, without transferring them to the documents themselves. Discuss ideas from this guide to be responsible for the account in the congregation and give him an application, it is not necessary to transfer him to the letter itself. No need to print this letter. Perhaps your collection, it has been meeting in private homes, then you need to take care of, so that publishers in all groups where the meetings are held, will be able to make voluntary contributions to the worldwide work of the Kingdom, as well as the needs of the local congregation.

    Boxes for the collection of donations. Care must be taken to ensure that every meeting place of meetings, there were two donation box (suitable opaque jars or boxes). Not necessarily that they were familiar shape, but they need to look decent. The inscriptions to refer to contributions in the boxes, you might want to make removable. We should not make the same boxes for all groups. The Council of Elders is to decide whether to store the collected funds into groups, or, after each meeting, pass them responsible for meeting the account. In any case, you should follow the instructions for accounting in the meeting.

    Donations to meeting needs. As well as your collection take care of their Kingdom Hall, you should maintain proper form and new places for the worship of Jehovah. Therefore, from donations to the needs of the meeting, you can oplachi- Vat expenses associated with conducting congregation meetings. Please discuss these issues with the owners of the premises. If donations to meeting the needs will accumulate, then the excess funds can be sacrificed to the worldwide work on the resolution.

    Donations intended for the branch. Donations to the worldwide work of the kingdom (of the box offerings and resolution), for the construction of Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls all around the world, on a global assistance program to aid program of traveling overseers, as well as for the purchase of videoborudovaniye, designed for the needs and should not be used for payment of meeting expenses (see s-27, paragraph 5). Please do not send more in the branch of "voluntary donations translation Blank" (s-20). Each week, by Wednesday, in the section "Transfer of funds" at the meeting site secretary to fill in the data on voluntary donations for the previous week. We realize that this innovation will require you more time and effort, but it will allow us to have the latest information about the amount in your collection of donations. Carefully enter the data on the site, avoiding errors that knew exactly what amount of donations the organization can manage. On the basis of this information in your collection order will be sent on a regular basis about how to deal with the accumulated funds. In most cases this will be the payment of funds for the maintenance of special full-time ministers (see annex to the letter, subtitled "Maintaining special full-time ministers").

    Accounting. Despite the innovation, try to continue to follow the basic principles of the "Guidelines for the accounting meeting" (s-27). At the end of each month, details of donations intended for the branch, should be made in the "Commitments at the end of the month" blank bills (s-26), and information about donations for resolutions - in line "Money meetings reserved for special purposes" (ie ) form "Monthly report on the accounts of the meeting" (s-30).
    On the audit of accounts of the meeting report . Instead, quarterly, we ask you to organize a monthly check congregation accounts, and hold it as long as you do not get back the recommendation to carry out a quarterly check. Please refer to the basic principles set out in the form "Report on the audit of accounts of the meeting" (s-25). Within the "Additional Notes" be sure to specify that during the monthly meeting of checking accounts, cash was counted himself a brother who carried out this check. The amount of cash must exactly match the amount in the "Total cash at the end of the month" (m) of the form "Monthly report on the accounts of the meeting" (s-30). Please include in the "Additional Notes" figures from the fields (e), (g) and (m). Form "of the accounts audit report meeting" (s-25) immediately submit electronically to the accounting department of the branch. In the subject line, specify the name of the meeting, the form and the month. For example: ". Stavropol, Central s-May 25th.".
    We pray that Jehovah will bless your ministry and generous support of the Kingdom of the case (2 Lt 24:. 10-14).
    With Christian love,
    Your brothers

    *Note for district overseers. During follow-up visits, please make sure that the meeting followed by a new order. Especially with regard to the filling of the weekly donations Information on the meeting site and monthly checking accounts. If necessary, be ready to help them.

    Deposit card bank Tinkoff.
    If a special minister is away from you and you can not give him the money in cash, please, find his bank card number Tinkoff (no account number) or with the bank agreement number.
    If you do not know how to contact them, please contact your circuit overseer or the branch accountant. Keep careful in telephone conversations.
    Maintaining special full-time ministers. If special pioneers are in your collection, then we will tell you how much they should give. Sometimes we will ask you to transfer cash and other special ministers (if they are near you) and / or to ask you to fill up their ban-the Planck map. If you can not communicate with the recipient of the funds, we will tell you the number of his bank card (contract). Not later than one or two days after receiving a request from the branch you will need to top up the card the minister (see. Annex "Recharge Card Account"). Immediately after the transfer of funds (bank transfer), you should scan (to photograph) "Receipt» (S-24), signed a get-Telem and assembly shall be responsible, or check out of the terminal (bank order). An electronic copy of the receipt or check, along with the order of the branch store in the current folder. Please do not send these documents to the branch. In the column "Description of operation" form accounts should make a record of the amount of the re-cash or by transfer to the account.

    Comments to the samples fill in the form "Monthly report on the GSS-Rania accounts» (S-30) and "Blank bills» (S-26). As an example, we chose the option of co-GDS assembly meets in three different places. After each meeting with the two-dimensional publishers must complete and sign the form "Receipt» (S-24), as referred to in paragraph 6 "Instructions for accounting meeting» (S-27). If possible, take a photo of the signed receipt and immediately send it to the meeting of the box. Original in this case can be destroyed. Please note that in the column "Date" Blank bills listed the actual date when the money is responsible for the accounts were prepared, and in the column "Description of operation" - the date of the signing of the "Receipts» (S-24). Following the issuance of a special allowance polnovre-mennomu minister make a record of this operation, for example, the "Issued by Raspaud-maskers branch P. Ivanov." Last month, the operation should be filling the frame "Liabilities at the end of the month." After issuing means (or transfer) of the on-sacrifice intended for the branch, you should reduce the amount of residue found on you in this frame. For example, the sum of the line "Total cash at the beginning of the month" (h) Form S-30 was 40 000, and in the line "meeting money at the beginning of the month" (a) - 20 000 rubles. This means that the difference of 20 000 is designed-las branch, but remained in the congregation. In May, it was donated to the worldwide work 11 830 rubles (just in case) and 3400 rubles on the resolutions (see. Section "Money meetings reserved for special purposes" [e]). Thus, at the end of the month at the meeting of accumulated funds intended for the branch in the amount of 35,230 rubles. The amount remaining from the funds after the grant Ivanov allowance should be made in the "Commitments at the end of the month" (35 230-15 000 = 20 230). You can make a check like this: from the amount specified in the line "Total cash at the end of the ME-syatsa" (m), subtract the amount shown in the line "Money is available to cover the meeting-stroke races" (g). Should get the amount of your liabilities to the branch (24 870-4 640 = 20 230).

    In order to fulfill this mission, get any convenient terminal, allowing anonymous recharge card Tinkoff, from the following list:
    - terminals in the cabin "The Messenger" link (anonymous recharge card can only be through the terminal, do not turn to the cashier-operator);
    - Elecsnet system;
    - terminals CyberPlat system;
    - terminals EuroPlat system.
    Your nearest terminal can be found at . Preferably choose a method of funding, which allows you to do so without presenting your passport. In the terminal, you need to select the partition recharge debit (or credit) card Tinkoff Bank, indicate credit card number (or number of the contract) and a row inserted into the bill validator bills until reaching 15,000 rubles. Take the receipt and complete the operation. To make a large sum, do 2-3 sets of 15 000 in the same or in different terminals. If you can not find in your region terminal systems listed above, you can use the other replenishment points, presenting a passport or send funds from any personal bank account, but in this case, one person should not list more than 15 000 rubles. In operations need to be cautious.

    The Tinkoff banking system:

    This next letter, dated June 9, contains instructions to stop using kingdom halls but to continue to meet, stressing the importance of gathering together to "share encouragement".

    June 9, 2017
    by all Council of Elders in RUSSIA
    Subject: Venues

    Dear brothers!

    In difficult circumstances, God's servants is especially important to meet
    together to encourage one another (Heb. 10:24, 25). Nice to see how much effort you
    make to continue to hold congregation meetings in the new conditions.
    Since the new circumstances by themselves can cause additional
    experience, we want to have publishers had less risk to face
    more severe persecution. Therefore, from now on you must stop
    holding meetings in the Kingdom Hall , regardless of to whom decorated hall, or in
    the premises, which were used as Kingdom Halls.

    Elders need to prayerfully approach the issue meetings of
    groups, taking care of the security of publishers. As can be seen, even in small meeting
    groups provide great encouragement, to help better know each other and
    care for each other, and publishers have the opportunity to regularly eat
    spiritually (John 13:35;. 21:15). It is therefore important to continue to try to hold
    full meetings with all the points of the program, and do not connect or cut
    the meeting . For some program points, you can use Stream. It is also
    good to publishers understand that there is a violation of the law to gather
    at social gatherings, talking about topics that interest them, and discussing any
    moral, ethical or spiritual matters (see yb97 p. 75). If someone
    from the publishers held a conversation with representatives of the authorities, it is important to remember that he
    can always take advantage of Article 51 of the Constitution. On this article, you need to
    keep in mind from the beginning to the end of the conversation.

    Although we are not going to use the Halls the Kingdom, we are asking you to take
    reasonable care for the safety of buildings and property. If this is possible in your
    circumstances, charge a reliable brothers regularly come to the Kingdom Hall,
    to check its status and timely notice of the problem. Please
    check the operation of alarm systems, protective grilles,
    locks, etc. You may need something to improve in this regard. By this
    question should be approached balanced. It is important to continue to operate
    the equipment and engineering systems, necessary for the safety of the building.
    Expensive equipment, which does not affect the operation of the necessary engineering
    systems, you can decide to dismantle. Also, perhaps, some equipment
    can be used in conducting congregation meetings elsewhere. Please
    charge the reliable brothers, for example those who served on the committee for use,
    make a list of the Kingdom Hall of equipment that can be disassembled, and
    decide where you will be in good and suitable conditions to store equipment. In
    such a list could include, for example, audio and video equipment, household
    appliances, furniture and the like. For in the future need to be provided
    additional details on the service of the Kingdom Halls.

    For us the honor - to serve with you, "shoulder to shoulder" in this exciting time
    of human history (Zephaniah 3: 9.). "Every time we thank God when we mention about all of
    you in our prayers, because we always keep in mind your work of faith, labor of love and
    steadfastness, which you manifest through the hope of our Lord Jesus
    Christ, before our God and Father" (1 Thess. 1, 2, 3).

    Your brothers,

    copy circuit overseer

    It is noteworthy that the WTS' instructions concerning money, doesn't say anything about the congregations setting up a reserve fund or anything like that to assist the Russian brothers and sisters with their legal costs and fines that are beginning to accumulate across Russia. Or to set anything aside to help all the Russian JWs who worked in public service and have recently lost their jobs because of their association with the WT organization.

    Just send the org anything left over from meeting expenses and everything from the "opaque jar or box" marked with the removable label that says "worldwide work". And keep meeting. Really, really important to meet. With two donation boxe$. Or jar$.

  • hoser

    It's all about the money

  • berrygerry
    Preferably choose a method of funding, which allows you to do so without presenting your passport. In the terminal, you need to select the partition recharge debit (or credit) card Tinkoff Bank, indicate credit card number (or number of the contract) and a row inserted into the bill validator bills until reaching 15,000 rubles. Take the receipt and complete the operation. To make a large sum, do 2-3 sets of 15 000 in the same or in different terminals. If you can not find in your region terminal systems listed above, you can use the other replenishment points, presenting a passport or send funds from any personal bank account, but in this case, one person should not list more than 15 000 rubles. In operations need to be cautious.

    Money laundering?

    No, we know nothing about money laundering.

  • zeb

    a very detailed indictment of the money the money the money.

    As OC has said there is

    • nought to do with funding fines,
    • or helping those who have lost their jobs due to association with WT
    • or buying food and paying the essential bills for these ones

    .... no just send it all along to us..

  • Chook

    Berrygerry has a valid point money laundering, if Russian gov got hold of that doc all hell would break loose. I bet no GB members will volunteer for future visits to the kremlin. Jesus supposedly through the money changers out , well I wonder what type of character he would find at his brethren of Warwicks slush fund , we accept the widows mite, because eye fillet steak is getting pricey. Seriously I honestly think there will be government hunt for funds.

  • Hecce
    In my OP about Fidel Castro and the Cuban persecution I put this down:
    When started to get hot and it was evident that there was going to be a serious clash with the Government, the first thing that the WT did was to protect their assets; they converted as much of their property into solid cash and got the money out of the country mostly by illegal means.

    As you can see by the Russian letter the WT first concern is still the same $$$$$$.


    "Even in your darkest hour we hold out our Spirit Directed hand to you ...............................please place the funds directly into it " .....................Its Gods will that we squeeze your Bollocks at this time for funds ...its all about the Fund...bout the funds ...bout the funds !"

  • Gorbatchov

    Madness. All about money.


  • freddo

    On a positive note - if they are being split into little groups for meetings then there is more chance that said group will not suck so strongly on the teat of the WT.

  • ToesUp

    Follow the money!!! WT has no shame!!!

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