Russian BOE letters of instruction - meetings and $$$ matter$

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  • OrphanCrow
    AnonyMous: @steve2: if you read stuff closer to the source...

    Anony, what "stuff closer to the source" have you read? Where are you getting your information from?

    Your information is incomplete and is not accurate

    *you do know that there were Russian congregations of JWs that were shut down and banned before the Admin Center was closed? Well....there was at least one that was closed - Tanarog. I have to check to see if any others were actually closed and banned...I think there were

  • nonjwspouse

    About the "My book of Bible Stories", when I was still ignorant of the JW and my husband was becoming interested in this JW he was born into but left as a teen unbaptized, he had his Mom get that book for our then 5 year old.

    I looked at it the day after he said he was going to read some to her the night before. I was upset, but asked my husband calmly "well, what did you think?". He then confessed he kept turning pages then stopped reading because the violence in that book was way appropriate. ( good for him!) He said he didn't remember it being so violent. ( Of course not! He places all undesirable thoughts of the JW stuff in a locked box in his memory. He lives in denial even today).

    He never tried to read it to her again, though partly because as he was studying more with a JW study, so was I except about ttatt, here Yuku, jwfacts, and the Franz book etc. I then hid the book to make sure he didn't get "new light" in his mind abut reading her that book.

    She is 12 now, and he hasn't tried to indoctrinate her any more since that time when she was 6. I am thankful for that. I know it is not to be counted on to continue like this since he is still mentally in as far as I know, but glad so far he has remained quiet.

  • OrphanCrow
    Well....there was at least one that was closed - Tanarog. I have to check to see if any others were actually closed and banned...I think there were

    Ah, yes...ten were closed prior to the Admin Center being closed:

    This has also been the experience of ten registered local Jehovah's Witness organisations (in Taganrog in 2009; Samara in 2014; Abinsk and Tyumen (though the latter ban was overturned on appeal) in 2015; Stariy Oskol, Belgorod, Elista, Oryol, and Birobidzhan, all in 2016; and Cherkessk in 2017). The Supreme Court also declared the Jehovah's Witnesses' national-level Administrative Centre an extremist organisation on similar grounds on 20 April 2017 and prohibited all Jehovah's Witness activity in Russia.

  • SAHS

    Those JWs in Russia are really caught between a rock and a hard place.

    On the one hand, they are being oppressed by that little shit, Vladimir Putin, in their arbitrary, high-handed campaign against any kind of religious belief outside of their precious Russian Orthodox Church (big puke!); BUT, on the other hand, they are still being pressured by their “mother organization” to perpetuate their own brand of parochial, Machiavellian, dark ages form of fundamental religious adherence.

    Yikes! Russia is still not a very good place to be a JW!

  • OrphanCrow
    Drearyweather: 4. The Supreme Court ban is just one appeal away from being handed over to the police, who would then start investigating all meetings of JW’s.

    Dreary, I am going to disagree on this point.

    The Supreme Court ruling is the culmination of years of investigations into JW congregations across Russia, not the other way around.

    Many congregations are being shut down right now in Russia - there is a wave of closures happening right across the country. The Supreme Court ruling opened the flood gates - it was gushing out before and the Supreme Court responded. Now the authorities are acting on that ruling.

    Does the appeal date effect the implementation of the judgement? I don't think so. If someone is found guilty of murder, or any other crime for that matter, the sentence is still put into effect before the appeal is heard. Just because a criminal has access to the appeal process does not mean that they are not subject to the ruling in the meantime. (I should clarify appeal will stop the completion of a sentence - a death penalty for example. but the criminal isn't let free to roam)

    The org's lawyers have submitted a hefty document to the Supreme Court outlining all their reasons as to why the judge made a wrong decision. This has zero chance of success and will only ensure that the ruling stands. The only way that a Supreme Court ruling can be overturned is to prove that the court did not follow procedure. Just saying "you made the wrong decision because you don't think like we do..." will not work.

    The appeal will be heard on July 17th. I predict a very, very short appearance on the part of the judge and a quick gavel.

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