Fidel Castro and the WT

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    I am going to engage on a trip to the past and share with you some of the matters that marked the beginning of the JWs persecution in Cuba. You will be surprised that the pattern that was followed is very similar to what happened in other dictatorial countries.

    In the Cuban case, I am going to surprise you and tell you that like what happened with Hitler; the WT was partially responsible for their clash and confrontation with the Cuban Government. During the early 60s the Revolution was fighting for survival and they were willing and ready to demolish any perceived enemy to their cause.

    A prime example was their war against the Catholic Church that was the most influential religious entity in the country; it took the Supreme Leader only a few public discourses to send the vast majority of clergy packing and back to their country, in this case Spain.

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses were an insignificant minority but they over estimated their importance and displayed a belligerent attitude, it was known that this was a US based religion and an easy target to connect them with the CIA. The WT acted like it was business as usual, during the early times of the revolution an Awake magazine came out with the title “Soviet world master plan for world conquer” and it was pure anti communist propaganda.

    I am going to skip a whole bunch of steps and get to the point when the WT challenged the Government in Court, fighting for their right to keep preaching, meeting and exercising their religious freedom. The case went badly for the WT due to the fact the Government was able to show that the WT was just a publishing house and that they were never registered as anything else, certainly not a religion.

    The history is extensive and I am going to stop here, if there is interest in this issues I will adding more details otherwise will be “hasta la vista”.

    Would you have the reference to that Awake article ?
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    If my memory serves me well it was around 1959-1960. Will work a little bit locating it.
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    Soviet Master Plan for World Control....... .............. 9/8

    Page 16

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    An actual reference to the AWAKE article would be appreciated ,

    They were never registered as a religion in Cuba ? Can you verify that information ?

    I know that initially they never registered as a religion in Mexico , because only the Catholic Church could own their Churches , not any other religion.

    So the J.W.`s operated in Mexico as a Cultural organization , for many decades and not a religion.


  • Hecce
    Awake 9/8 1960 Page 16

    THE spirit of commu- 1. nism burns with a desire for world control. Whatever turns the ParSOVIET MASTER PLAN ty road has taken since the Communist Manifesto of 1848, the ambitious goal remains the same: "The immediate aim of the Communists is . . . overthrow of the .-' bourgeois supremacy. conquest of political power by the proletariat." Western observers see frightening evidence that Soviet strategy follows a master plan for world control. Success of the blueprint has been fantastic. At the close of World War II the Communists controlled 8 million square miles of territory and 170 million persons. Today the Communist empire embraces 16 milIion square miles and 970 million personsl Surveyed for eventual absorption are many underdeveloped and emerging nations, as well as Capitalist countries with large Communist parties, such as Italy and France. Chief base of operations is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Its population of over 200 million and area totaling one sixth of the earth's land surface make up the largest nation in the world. Only one of its fifteen republics is actually named Russia, but since it is the largest by far, the names Soviet RUssia and Russia are used synonymously with Soviet Union. The brains of the Soviet master plan, of course, are all members of the Communist· party, the influential, policy-making body that uses the formal Soviet government as a figurehead. Strict discipline rules. Mere sympathizers cannot join the party. Its call is open only to dedicated disciples who are willing to demonstrate faith by militant, obedient works. Every country in the world is said to have its own Communist party, legal or illegal, with programs based on the general principles outlined by Marx and Engels in 16 for WORLD CONTROL the Communist Manifesto of 1848. Italy, France, India, Indonesia and Finland have large parties, with an estimated total mem~ bership of 3,500,000. Another 2,500,000 dedicated members are on duty in parties of various dimensions scattered around the globe. In executing the plan for world control the Communist machine utilizes every conceivable weapon--diplomatic, military, economic, literary and scientific. This struggle for conquest is far-reaching and much wider than one might suspect from Western news reports. Its true scope was aptly stated by William J. Jorden, former chief of the Moscow bureau of the New York Timett: "We are conditioned by history and headlines to think of our differences with Moscow in terms of power balances and of long-standing conflicts-the German probAWAKE/ lem and Berlin, disarmament and nuclear testing, NATO versus the Warsaw Pact, and the like. Yet outside these l>roblems, carefully spotlighted by Mr. Khrushchev, another and perhaps more meaningful conflict is going on. This is the struggle betWeE!n communism and free institutions for the minds and loyalties of men thus far deeply committed to neither." The Economic Front Soviet economic expansion is a vital cog in the Kremlin's master plan. By IIerculean efforts in manufacturing and industry the Communists hope to convince the world of the superiority of their system. To catch up to the United States, the Soviets plan to reach 80 percent of American production in ten years. Output of goods and services is expected to rise 80 percent above pre~nt Russian production by the end of the current seven-year plan. Western observers are uncomfortably impressed by industrial growth in the Communist bloc. This growth not only has propaganda value but fills a vital role, as explained by General C. P. CabeJl of U. S. Central Intelligence: ''The Communists want nations to become increasingly dependent economically upon the Communist BlOC. The stage is then set for ultimate Communist takeover." Economic warfare lays down a barrage of trade agreements, long-term loans and related trade policies that nudge the target nation away from the West, into a neutral position and eventually into the Soviet bloc or as close as possible. The natural resources and treasures of the target nation thereby flow into the domain of the Soviet colonialists. In his recent article, "The BlUeprint for Cornmunist Conquest," William J. Jorden illustrated the Soviet formula. When a colony erupts into a struggle for independence, the Central Committee of the Communist party in Moscow outlines three SEPTEMBER 8, 1960 immediate goals: (1) The Communist bloc must -be identifiM as the leading champions of the struggling nationalists. (2) The radio and printed page, the vast material and literary resources of the Party stir up antagonism toward the Western colonialists and the West at large. (3) Active preparation~ are made for the day when independence finally comes. The birth of a new nation is saluted by quick recognition from the Soviet government. Through offers of aid and trade, efforts are made to get the baby nation looking to Moscow for political and economic help. A program of cultural exchanges is inaugurated-students, teachers, performers and technicians flow into the target area. A military rnission arrives to instruct citizens in the use of modern arms purchased from the Communist bloc. As reported in one case, "A campaign was launched to limit Western influence, exclude foreign capital, discourage foreign investments, and raise the taxes of foreign business interests." "Secret party members sought jobs in key groups such as the police, trade unions, educational organizations, the press and Ministry of Information. There was an active program to recruit people already in critical positions." UN eutrality" is the theme played over and over again in the ears of the new nation to wean it away from the West. Additional economic tactics are pursued, such as buying up the young nation's surpluses and dumping them on nearby world markets, thereby creating havoc for the new nation's economy and dissatisfaction toward its government. Western imports are greeted by strikes; rumors of an antiCommunist military alliance, by student riots. At the opportune moment the Communist radio and local Workers party turn on the new government. There are street demonstrations testing the strength of the Communist-led groups and the govern- 17 ment. A ComrnWlist coup can happen any time, with even a small hard core of dedicated party members ready, willing and able to take over. Mr. Jorden observes that this is the situation in "a good part of the real world around us." He finds little cOmfort in past Western efforts to counteract the Communist blueprint. Rather, "as the Communist bloc advances, it clearly intends to devote increasing efforts and resources to its program for victory in the underdeveloped areas." The Notorious "Popular Front" The Soviet master plan is not so rigid as to ignore the weapon of expediency. When a local Communist party finds it advantageous it will join a coalition movement and pretend to abandon the revolutionary objective for the common good. Socialists, nationalists, radicals, Catholics or anticolonialists are readily joined in a popular front. If the coalition front takes over tl\e reins of government, the Communists are in a key position to influence its affairs or take it over completely. Mme. Suzanne Labin comments on the devastating gains made by this feature of the master plan: "The popular fronts best known for having increased CP (Communist Party) strength or carried it to power were those of 1936 and of the Resistance in France; the postwar popular fronts in Italy, Ceylon, Indonesia and Iraq; the one that brought Ho Chi Minh to power in Indo-China in 1954; and two made by the Kuomintang in 1924 and 1937, which served as steppingstones for Mao Tsetung's accession to power; the one that turned Guatemala over to CP henchmen; and all those which, in Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, helped make Soviet satellites of their countries and bloody victims of those democrats who had joined the popular fronts in good faith." 18 Military and Scientific Front Thirty years ago the Communists proclaimed: "War to the hilt between Com. munism and Capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 20 or 30 years." Whether the Kremlin will now risk an all-out war is said to depend on the balance of power, or "balance of terror," as some call it. The Soviet plan calls for spending one ruble out of every four for military purposes. Already Russian ground forces have been completely modernized. The Soviet fleet is second only to America's; its submarine force, the largest in the world. Her formidable air strength is mainly jet fighter planes. The ballistic missile is leaned on heavily to span the oceans and influence the crucial balance of power. Scientific achievement is closely related to the military program. Reluctantly the West hailed Russia's photographing of the far side of the moon by Lunik In as "a brilliant example of rocketry and technical precision." The Communists boast the world's largest operating atom smasher and the largest astronomical observatory. Soviet chemists annually produce research that is both original and of high quality. To maintain and increase the rate of scientific achievement the master plan emphasizes scientific education. Right now Russia is producing scientists and technicians faster than the United States, and the gap is wIdening. Western fears were well expressed by John Gunther's Inside RUS8'ia Today; "The thought of what the Soviet Union may be like after two or three generations of increasing educational advantages is staggering." Propaganda and Diplomacy When Nikita Khrushchev unleashed a tirade of invective upon President Eisenhower not long after the scuttling of the May summit conference, some observers AWAKE! wondered if the Communist boss was los~ ing his sanity. Time magazine better ap~ praised what was happening: "Viewed in the light of his aims, methods and past be~ havior, Khrushchev's outburst was a cal~ culated tactical thrust that fitted into a sinister pattern: to destroy U. S. prestige around the globe by straining the bonds between the U. S. and its allies, and by making a grandstand play to public opinM ion in the vast areas ly provide· information for underdeveloped minds. There must be more exchanges of students, professors, books, films and as~ sorted missions between uncommitted nations and the Western world. A call has even gone out for Western youth to enter the fray as "missionaries of freedom," with the aim of exposing the Soviet strategy and spreading principles of democracy to the Communist target areas. Reeently Western of Latin America, Asia and Africa and thus encourage the overthrow of proWestern p a Ii tic a 1 leaders .... The 'great flights' of attitude that President Eisenhower noted in him spring not just from an erratic personality, as 1S often INFORMATIVE! ENJOYABLE! newspapers found comfort in Soviet press tirades against the increased activity of Jehovah's witnes8~ es behind the Iron Curtain. The Soviet master plan, which slanders all religion as the "opium of the people," has hit a • HOW FIRM IS YOUR FAITH? Ie It strong or are you filled with doubt.? What C;ln be dane to giVe it;l firm found;ltion7 Be sure to read the ;lrtlcla. • WHAT IS BEHIND THOSE. HEAD. ACH lOS? Finding the answer may put you well on the way to avoiding them. If you are one of the milljo"~ who !ufters from head. "ches. you will w;lnt to re;ld this article. • CAN YOU GAMBLE ANO WIN? It it ;I .ure way to get rich? Is if harm len enter. tainment? What effect does It have on soci. ety? These questions are an$wered In this f;letu;ll article. All in tlU! next tuue! thought, but from Communist tactics." Soviet diplomacy will call for a "thaw" in thE" cold war if it is thought that concessions, such as Western withdrawal from Berlin, might be gained through "good· will" tours and conferences. Communist diplomats gained much at Yalta and are willing to hope for more, but their strategy never excludes the propaganda weapon, because the Soviets are dealing with the Western world, wbere public opinion is a powerful force on government policies. The Best-laid Plans Uprisings behind the Iron Curtain spur Western patriots to call for more economic, military and counterpropaganda efforts in a grand counteroffensive against the Soviet master plan. "Fight fire with fire" is the' theme of alarmed observers who cry for better integration of Western strategy to stop the Communist advance. It is said that mOTe than economic and mHital'J! aid to underdeveloped lands, the West must quickSEPTEMBER 8, 1960 snag in this growing underground organization of Christians \vho are more dedicated and fearless than the Communist party members, Through~ out the Iron Curtain countries Jehovah's witnesses continue to tell the searching, spiritually hungry people that, neither communism nor capitalism, but Jehovah God will soon settle the question of worJd control in favor of his kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ. Observers eve\'ywhe~ wm 00 \nt~ed to learn that God's Word foretells a com~ ing allMout attack by the Soviet planners against the servants of Jehovah. (Dan. 11: 44, 45) This aggression by the Communist world~grabbers constitutes grounds for Almighty God's predicted destruction of international communism, "and there will be no helper for him." Designers of the Soviet master plan will learn the hard way: "Many are the plans in the heart of a man, but the counsel 01 Jehovah 'is what will stand."-Prov.19:21. 19

  • talesin

    Since Americans are unable to visit Cuba (or were for a LONG time), i'd be interested to hear about what happened with the JWS in Cuba. I'm sure that Castro did not kow-tow to them like the USA does to every crazy cult on the planet (religious freedom, etc.).

    I've heard lots about Cuba, and the people, what it's like there, from friends who vacation there. (I'm Canadian, so we have no problem with Cuba.) But they are not, and never have been JWS. So, I've heard nothing ... no news from Cuba ... about the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Tell! : )

    edit: I want to hear about this:

    The case went badly for the WT due to the fact the Government was able to show that the WT was just a publishing house and that they were never registered as anything else, certainly not a religion.
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  • Hecce

    Sorry, the first link should be 10/8/60 not 10/22/60.

  • Hecce

    With regards to the legal status of the WT in Cuba.

    The Branch was established around 1935, the name was La Torre del Vigia and it was listed as a Cultural Society for the distribution of biblical tracts and publications. The religion register goes back to the colonial times with Spain and very few religions other that the Catholics are listed.

    Like in most Latin American countries the WT went beyond their original purpose and starting preaching, gathering in private houses as Kingdom Halls and operating like a recognized religion. All of this was fine under right wing governments, under communism it was a different deal; so when the proselytizing and meeting activities were suppressed there was a legal challenge from the WT, this was american style.

    The result of the case was the discovery that the WT didn't have standing to behave as a religion and no organized religion rights.

    Good for now

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