Know it’s not true but stay anyway

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  • Elena

    How many of the millions of JWs know it’s not true but stay anyway?

    My guess is most JWs know it’s not true on a subconscious level to an extent but they don’t want to think about it too much and would never ever voice it out loud.

    but this is probably true with all religions around the world?

  • BluesBrother

    They don’t dare to think to hard ….. that is what got us on here , and they know that.

    They just pray for more faith, leave “it all up to Jehovah “ and go with the flow….

    That is what some tell me anyway

  • Elena

    I think it’s the same for all religions. Around me here most people are church of this or that or whatever religion.

    They find it beneficial but don’t really believe it all.

    JWs like the sound of the Bibles promises but they know in their heart the GB have not got the correct interpretation

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I think there are lots of JW's that know it is all twaddle but like myself are too old to do anything about it.

    If I walked away now I would lose far more that I would gain, family members, friends, JW's I employ.

    If only the internet had been invented 50 years earlier.......


  • ThomasMore

    Sunken Cost Fallacy for many with over half their life involved. It reminds me of the saying: "At breakfast, the chicken is engaged but the pig is committed!

  • LongHairGal


    I am sure your story and what you said describes the great majority of Witnesses and why they stay in the religion.

    And you said it honestly: “You would lose far more than you would gain…” This is why I feel badly for some of them. Yes, it’s too bad the internet wasn’t around 50 years ago!

    I was raised Catholic and had no family in the JWs so it was relatively easy to walk away. This is also why I was not susceptible to criticism about my job when I was there.. I wisely let it go in one ear and out the other!

    I think the Witnesses have the distinction of also being in a religion with people sitting there who don’t want to be there (I wont name any others).. It is as if they have a gun pointed at them.. Truly they are captives.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Sunk cost fallacy.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I might agree that most JWs think that some of it is NOT TRUE, but still they will tell you that IT IS THE CLOSEST TO THE TRUTH that is out there anywhere.

    BUT, there are plenty that just lap up the KoolAid and truly believe.

  • jehovaxx

    Sunk cost fallacy applies to so much. People get comfortable.

    Maybe the place someone lives and the job they have are not exactly right for them but they are comfortable. There is no harm in staying as they are, so If it ain’t broke why try to fix it.

    The area you live now, you know it, it’s all familiar, you have friends and you are comfortable there? Why don’t you move? Answer sunk cost fallacy.

    Most people are in the religious beliefs they were handed down by their relatives or simply the country they were born into. Why don’t they change as they don’t really believe all of it?

    answer sunk cost fallacy.

    this is certainly true for all JWs who if they really stopped to think about it, they don’t believe all the GBs interpreting of all scriptures.

    but they have so much invested in so many years building friendships and relationships. Sunk cost fallacy yes, but what is the actual cost?

    what is the harm in staying physically in while mentally either totally out or at least partly out being agnostic?

    there is no harm from where I’m sitting. I have really good friends in the congregation and find it very interesting studying the Bible with a critical mind.

    I don’t know the truth about the interpretation of these scriptures, or even if God exists. But for now I’m taking pascals wager that possibly God exists and the Bible is very interesting to study with JWs every week.

    With some friends in the cong we love to chat about the portion of the Bible we are studying midweek meeting. We all have critical thinking skills and often ask very thought provoking questions

  • Chevelle

    Having any doubts or engaging in any form of critical analysis (versus simply accepting the delusional teachings of 9 narcissistic dudes in Warwick) is equal to "straying from Jerhover". This is drilled so hard into the heads of the rank-and-file, that they instinctively start to drown out the "Voice of Strangers" whenever "these ones" start talking.

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