JWs drank suspicious tea and got naked and kidnapped people

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  • yalbmert99
  • Diogenesister

    What in heck is this about?

    The spelling is pretty bad so it's hard to make out....was it a collision? Where does the kidnapping come in? Boy jws are so repressed they act all crazy given the slightest provocation!

  • darkspilver
  • Finkelstein

    Maybe someone told them Armageddon had started and they wanted to escape clean in righteous before god so they got naked.

    You never know

  • scratchme1010

    First thought that came to mid was "gee it was about time something really cool happens in that rather insipid religion!".

  • waton

    last time , that I saw naked religionists before this Alberta scene in the snow of Canada, was the Doukhobors.

    assuming that the kh connection is legit.

  • hoser

    someone’s getting disfellowshipped for that

  • Finkelstein

    Must have been some rocken drug

    Look forward to hearing more about this.

    Hey maybe they were trying to escape their congregation and they thought this was a good way .

    They got Kidnapped by Apostates.

  • Faded

    This story has been hilarious.
    Day 1: 5 people arrested for dangerous driving and a host of other infractions. Turns out all 5 people spill out of the car naked as the day they were born. In -20 degree temperatures!
    Day 2: These said naked people are a
    lso arrested for kidnapping & stealing a car. Owner found locked in trunk.
    Day 3: Relative of the arrested claims they consumed hallucinogenic tea and didn't know what they were doing. Everyone asks where they can get this tea.
    Day 4: These same people turn out to be J-Dubs. LMAO

  • Faded

    So do you see the kidnapped people getting df'd for talking to the police and accusing their brothers of a crime?

    If this was a molestation case or a financial dispute, the elders would be all over them for taking their brother to court. I could see them "leaning" on the victims to not cooperate with the investigation & try to get the charges dropped.

    Or maybe that rule doesn't apply to kidnapping.

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