GcMAF - cure or major treatment for autoimmune disease, cancer, autism, etc, and being suppressed or hype?

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  • Bad_Wolf

    Since most people in this group have been taught how to research and fact check with our JW history and getting out, this is a topic that can be constructive to check out.

    I stumbled upon this and spent some time researching it, and it's quite interesting. It's part of your immune system, GcMAF. Doctors and scientists noted that those with autoimmune, hiv, cancer, etc, have low number of this and elevated nagalese.

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=gcmaf on this official source you will find 69 studies and publications done on this with multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, various cancers, lupus, autism, etc.

    Even though nagalese will stop your body from producing more GcMAF, the doctors and scientists checked into injecting GcMAF and in many of those conditions and other research you can conduct, you'll find from major improvements to complete reversals and symptom free.

    Is FDA and other organizations and regulatory agencies encouraging further research and/or looking into this? Instead, denials, shutting down doctors who have been using it, shutting down producers, making it illegal, and look up dr. bradsheet, or a facebook group called remembering dr. bradsheet. He was using it to treat autism, on the facebook group you can find patients of his who posted pictures and told their stories. His office raided w/ search warrants for GcMAF and everything related, and he was found dead floating down a river hours later w/ bullet shot to the chest.

    One of the publications on the pubmed source, after noting how much it's helped with cancer, questions why the FDA is holding it back.

    So is big pharma standing to loose too much money from the benefits of this treatment and suppressing it? Or are there valid reasons why it's being held back? (Saying it's not tested enough or not made in approved places if there are no actual plans or in action of doing those things are not valid answers if not allowing anybody to meet those qualifications)

    Aside from finding this out, if this really does help a lot, knowing this can be beneficial to you and loved ones now or in the future. I'm already researching more into this for that reason.

  • dubstepped
  • Crazyguy

    I had a friend and his father was an owner of a pharmaceutical company and knew many of the board members of the cancer society. He was told that they have no intentions on curing cancer only finding treatments for it.

  • OrphanCrow

    Further to the link that dubstepped posted, this is from Retraction Watch that lists some of the retracted studies related to gcmaf:

  • Diogenesister
    had a friend and his father was an owner of a pharmaceutical company and knew many of the board members of the cancer society. He was told that they have no intentions on curing cancer only finding treatment for it

    This is true but it's less nefarious than it sounds. As I understand it that is because the research is leaning towards aiming to control it's symptoms in the way you can control diabetes, for instance, asthma and now HIV. They are finding better outcomes, at least in the short term, for their research and trials.

    And of course some of the rare genetic cancers may be eradicated using gene therapy, too. I'm no expert, btw.

  • Unstuck

    I work in a cancer practice (melanoma) and I can speak rather adamantly as to the efforts being made to FIND A CURE! I have seen too many patients die from this horrible disease and I am very happy to say that as far as melanoma is concerned, great advances have been made in treatment. When I first started here in 2003, the prognosis was very bleak for Stage IV disease - you only had a 33% chance of being alive in 12 months. It was grim and horrible.

    Now, in 2018, if you have Stage IV disease - you have an 87% chance of being alive in 12 months. In fact, some of our patients who commenced on new therapies (either targeted therapy or immunotherapy) are now completely disease free 4-5 years later! Without more concrete data the word "cure" can't be bandied about and there is much research to be done in the group of patients that don't respond to either targeted therapy or immunotherapy - we don't why they don't respond, yet.

    I can't speak for other cancer groups but I defy anyone to tell me that there is no intention to cure melanoma - that's poppycock. (Yes, I'm rather passionate about this topic.)

  • Unstuck

    Diogenesister - you're not far off the mark! I had a very interesting conversation with one of our professors who feels that melanoma will be treated like an immune disease. There appears to be a link between melanoma and our immune systems, or I should say that how melanoma behaves is similar to other immune diseases. Take for example chickenpox. We have that as children (usually) and our immune systems work out how to suppress the disease but later in life it can return as shingles - our immune suppression no longer works. So this professor theorized that melanoma could in the future be treated the same way, using immunotherapy, suppressing the melanoma disease. It could be argued that that is not a cure as the disease is not eradicated but it then becomes a condition to be treated long-term.

    There is of course much more to it - I can only explain in layman terms as I'm not clinically trained (you know, spent my life in a cult and didn't pursue higher education) but I'm gobbling up what information I can now and I'm fascinated to learn what "man" and the "world" are achieving despite the fact that things are supposed to be getting worse......

  • cofty
    I stumbled upon this and spent some time researching it

    Translation - I came across this while browsing one of my favourite conspiracy theory forums and spent the next half hour watching videos. I didn't waste a moment researching any facts that might show it to be nonsense.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Even if it were true, there's a broken down system with doctors wanting to learn. I speak of experience since I was diagnosed with interhepatic cholangiocarcinoma. In the States they are using immunotherapy for this rare cancer ( i say rare because there isn't enough research done on it and there's only four percent of us worldwide that have it) and it seems to help many. I'm on the cholangiocarcinoma warriors face book site and am listening to many who are using these trials and benefiting from them yet the doctors here Ontario say immunotherapy isn't used for this cancer. I told my oncologist to go on the site but refuses to listen.There's two others from Ontario that have noticed the same thing. And he's not the first oncologist to do this, All my warrior survivors on this site want to speak to these doctors but that will never happen. Doctors only want healthy patients!


    I personally know and visit a Dr. who is also a natural health practitioner. In his younger days he was involved with the World Health Organization and spent a lot of time in China.

    China, contrary to the Genesis account, has been around a long time, and has amassed quiet a bit of knowledge about health, although traditionally explained from a non-scientific viewpoint.

    So think of Dr. Oz when it comes to my friend. He’s not a product of our cookie cutter medical system, not interested in throwing drugs your way, but not anti-science. He has a wholistic approach as the key to wellness is helping your immune system do it’s job.

    He’s been raided by the FDA for helping people beat cancer naturally. I had a cancerous spot on my skin, which as you know is very dangerous. It’s gone, only a nearly imperceptible scar remains.

    He’s been to court many times fighting for your rights to seek whatever treatment you desire. The FDA, on the other hand defends their arbitrary law that only a drug can cure, or prevent diseases, which is complete horse shit.

    The drugs from Big Pharma are man made products copied from the natural world so that they can be under a patent and sold. You cannot patent a natural substance, so the FDA has no real interest in protecting or promoting natural practices, and many FDA personnel are extremely close-minded.

    Yet, there are also many untrained nutters promoting diets and cleanses, and products that don’t work at all, or not for every person.

    We are all individuals. What works for my body may not work for you, and vice-versa. We do know that a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle is good for everyone. Keep in mind that we are primates with a primate digestive system.

    Dont be fooled into thinking that drugs cure anything, they don’t. Aspirin doesn’t cure a headache just as a cast doesn’t cure a broken arm. By the same token, you can’t break your arm and drink smoothies. Go to the Doctor..

    The only science that I can think of actually curing anything would be some kind of Stem cell treatment or directly altering the DNA in some way. At any rate, the FDA and Big Pharma are not beyond reproach and many of their employees are bigoted and closed-minded.

    The best approach is a balanced one, but the human ego and shit-tons of money make real change difficult at times. It’s just going to take time for entrenched thinking to die off. The old, increasingly irrelevant groups in power need to literally die off. In the meantime you have to make an effort to look at all sides of the issue and make the decision you feel is best.


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