GcMAF - cure or major treatment for autoimmune disease, cancer, autism, etc, and being suppressed or hype?

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  • JeffT

    I've tried to put a response on here about three times and couldn't do it because my blood pressure goes up too high. To put it simply, most of you don't know what (or who) you're talking about.

    I grew up around doctors, the vast majority of them are dedicated professionals who are working hard for the best interests of their patients. Some of you know that my father spent his life pursuing a cure for leukemia. It took him a life time of work, but he succeeded. When he started working on the problem in the 1950's a diagnosis of leukemia was a death sentence, and most victims were children. Today, thanks to Dad's work on bone marrow transplants thousands of former leukemia patients are now living happy and healthy lives.

    The work he did set the stage for today's advancements in immunotherapy, stem cells and other types of transplants.

    If you think doctors are making too much money feel free to look up nonsense on the internet and treat yourselves for free. If you live and can tell us about it.

    My Father

  • cofty

    Well said JeffT.

    Edited to add — I enjoyed reading your father's bio. It must be impossible to count the people who have benefited from his work. His Nobel Prize was well deserved recognition.

    (Isn't it amazing how almost any idiot can know more than a Nobel Laureate nowadays with just a few minutes browsing a conspiracy website?)

  • 2+2=5

    JeffT, I would agree.

    Some people however have experienced legitimate medical negligence, life changing or even ending. If that’s happened to you or someone very close, it leaves a psychological scar that makes trust very difficult.

  • JeffT

    Cofty: thank you. Yes it is probably impossible to know how many lives Dad's work touched. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (where he did most of his work) says on its website that over a million transplants have been performed world wide. This is due in large measure to Dad's decision to spread his knowledge far and wide. He spent years traveling all over the world helping new transplant units to get established. The Hutch also had extensive training programs.

    2+2=5: I understand what you're saying, but stuff happens and someday something is going to get all of us. People getting the best medical care possible still die. Sometimes (in my opinion) that concept gets shouted down by the lawyers looking for clients.

  • 2+2=5

    Gross medical negligence isn’t just a legal construct.... I’m not painting all doctors with the same brush but just because you’re being seen by a professional doesn’t mean it’s the best medical care possible.

    Lawyers usually seek the opinions of other highly regarded medical professionals in legal situations, it is usually the opinions of other doctors weighing the balcance of probabilities that decides the degree of negligence.

    I’m not bashing the doctors, I agree the vast majority are good people doing their best. I also get annoyed at medical quackery threads. Eat well, plenty of fruit and veges and regular, vigorous excercise is the best medicine.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Well said 2+2=5. And it's not until you are sick and in the healthcare system that you really see the miscommunications with some of the specialists and their fatal mistakes. Some of these people have no idea what really happens but one day they will.

  • Listener

    One of my previous employers had an amazing story.

    His father in law worked as a dentist in his younger years which was around the 1930s/1940s. He spent a lot of things time in the Northern part of Australia so he treated a number of aboriginies. He learnt of a very effective cancer cure from them, particularly oral cancer of which he personally saw at least one aboriginies being totally cured.

    He learnt that the cures were a result of eating a plant called Scaevola. This plant grows in the wild.

    He spent much of his years trying to bring this cure to the attention of scientists and the Government. He was able to get one research university to undertake some research on it which was very positive. The project was abruptly shut down for unspecified reasons. However, the university had been supplying a number of cancer patients with a liquid form of the plant which they drank every day. These patients insisted that it helped them and the University promised to supply these patients with this medicine until they died.

    The Government declared Scaevola as a poison and made it illegal to collect the plant from the wild, stating it as a protected species. However the University was given special clearance to keep providing it to their patients on their list.

    I saw my boss go and collect this black liquid for his mother in law once a month. She had been diagnosed with cancer some years prior. She had drunk this medicine for over twenty years without her cancer returning. She died in her early 90s, her husband died a few months later.

    My employer showed me the plant, he would collect it from the wild and prepare the medicine on his stove and supply close friends with it who were cancer victims. He was convinced of its healing properties as he had heard of it he many stories his father in law knew of.

    They were convinced that the closure of any research into this plant was due to there not being any real interest in such a cheap and simple cure.

  • JeffT

    Listener: your post is a good example of where these kinds of threads go off the rails. The plural of anectode is NOT data. One data point is meaningless. According to Wikipedia there are 130 species of Scaevola. Which one is this story about?

    A number of years ago I had a job taking care of research animals for the College of Pharmacy at Washington State. One of our researchers attempted independently to research laetrile as a cancer treatment. Supposedly laetrile could be manufactured from peach pits and was a cheap cure for cancer. He discovered that nobody actually knew what laetrile was. He could make "laetrile" from Yakima peach pits and Wenatchee peach pits (those are two different fruit growing areas in Washington) and end up with different chemicals.

  • Listener

    There would be numerous plants and herbs that have been untested but use for hundreds of years effectively. Growing up in the 60s it was common knowledge that Doctors were happy to write out a prescription and would hesitate to recommend natural treatments over them. These days it is easier to come across a Doctor that will suggest a natural treatment.

    The name of the plant is Scaevola Spinescenes also known as Maroon Bush.

  • 2+2=5

    Take cannabis prohibition. What a horrible injustice, the absolutely shameful negative propaganda still rings in the ears of many today.

    I’ve seen it work, on sick children. Not just one, numerous. Often the results are so vastly superior to the cocktail of shit they get prescribed, (side effects of epileptic medications) it’s impossible to view cannabis prohibition as anything other than a disgusting scam.

    It can be used to treat many ailments, safe and effectively, it should also be very cheap and accessible. It’s not though, and I suspect the ultimate reason is $$

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