What is your status (as of today) as a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • vienne

    I'm none of those. I am not now, nor have I ever been a member. But, I plan on writing my master's thesis on the Witnesses, probably on their approach to education from the Russell era to today. I can accept the Bible as God's word. I do not accept the Watchtower's approach to it or its authoritarianism. But then I have yet to find a religion that makes sense to me.

  • Phizzy

    I really do not know what my Status is, I faded many years ago, but was told a few Months back by an Elder that I had " Crossed a line", maybe because of what I had written on Social Media, although what I write is always Truth, but, as we all know JW's "Cannot Handle The Truth".

    I presume I have not been officially Disassociated, but I am definitely " marked" by that Elder at least. Which affects me not one bit, as I have no desire to ever meet in any way with the guy.

    So I rather like the Label " Faded and Marked" as my Status.

  • OnTheWayOut

    6. Very content P.I.M.O.

    JW GoneBad, you might well be a Very content P.I.M.O.. I would question that conclusion, but I don't know you. Let's just say there cannot possibly be a whole category of such people.

  • LongHairGal


    I am a twenty year+ Walkaway/Fader from the JW religion.

    Over the years I contacted all my ‘friends’ to let them know what my issues were with regard to the religion’s intolerable views towards careers/jobs, etc. and how I’m glad I never fell for any of the high pressure they tried to put on younger people especially women in the congregation back then.

    I think everyone knows I’m Out and not coming back!

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I'm inactive. I stay under the radar to spry and destroy.

  • Dagney

    4. One Sunday morning in June, 2001, stopped going after a moment of clarity during the WT study when I realized I didn't belong there anymore.

  • Bud Stars
    Bud Stars

    #5. WE have been out about 12 years. Not DF'ed or DA but shunned by cong. and family. I tend to be more activist but my spouse not. I am waiting for the organization to implode - sooner the better. We are not religious and would find going back into the KH triggering. Not spiritual and have no interest in other religious practices. Intellectually I can allow for people to practice their chosen religion but on an emotional level I have a slight disdain. Hope I don't show that on the outside. Once we were out for awhile we could finally admit that a lot of the stuff in the Bible is creepy and not believeable. The complexity of life makes me acknowledge the existence of a higher power or first cause but no evidence that he is interested in condtions on the earth and definitely not a personal diety.

  • Gorb


    Good contact with JW family. Last activity in 2009. Doubts since 1995 generations change.


  • Overrated

    I woke up and walked away. No desire to return.

  • Italiancalipso

    #2 PIMO... Actually faking the service report.. Only involved in some activity, and try to show myself busy with other stuffs in order to do not be so free for the sPiRiTuAl activity...

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