Are You Surpised By What You Don't Believe In Anymore?

by minimus 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Jehovah's Witnesses must "believe" whatever the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society publishes. Now that you aren't forced to accept beliefs that you might not have wholeheartedly endorsed, there must be many different things that you don't accept.....what comes to mind?

  • drwtsn32

    I don't believe in God any more.... for starters...

  • micheal

    One thing that comes to mind is that not everything or anything is "demonized". Just this little thing has freed me to not cower and hide when I see a preview of a movie on T.V. I can go to garage sales, I can listen to different music. This is just one small example of many things I don't believe anymore. I guess the "troof" does not set you free.

  • shamus
    One thing that comes to mind is that not everything or anything is "demonized".

    Ahmen to that!

  • minimus

    I now "believe" it is ok to say, "Bless you" even if it means nothing. I believe it's a personal decision to get politically involved, vote or get more into the community. It doesn't bother me that a person decides for himself for any type of health care, to accept blood, or to give it. It's refreshing to know that "rules" cannot stifle the human spirit.

  • maxwell

    Belief in God for me also. Of course, I was taught that from birth, but as I "progressed", I really feel that I had a totally independent belief in God and I thought that I had solid logic behind why I believed in God. I had made my mind up at that time that if my parents were to ever leave the "truth" by some highly unlikely scenario, that I would always continue on my own. That is how I felt as a teenager. So my present agnostic feelings/beliefs are still somewhat strange to me as I would never have anticipated getting to this point.

  • sens

    For Starters....

    #1 I dont believe the demons are behind Pokemon (it use to be smurfs...then the cabbage patch kids)

    #2 I dont believe that anyone who isnt a JW is doomed

    #3 I dont believe the WTS is God's Channel On Earth

    & To Condense This:

    #4 I dont believe in the 144,000...That Charlie crackpot was God's Spokesman, Well I might as well say anything they taught really

    3 Sens 4

  • micheal

    I can and I do toast again. Gone are the days of sitting on my ass with a red face while somone toasts the bride and groom to have a happy marriage.

  • stillajwexelder

    I do not believe the Internet and his board are unsafe anymore- the exact opposite - they are very liberating

  • JH

    I'm surprised that I didn't keep on being a witness. I always said that I would never quit. Maybe I would slow down, but never would I quit. That was so long ago, and now maybe it wouldn't even affect me if one day they DF me.

    With time we change. Even if I would have remained active, I would have changed. Everything changes with time. Physically, mentally, spritually we change with time.

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