Humans brought to Earth, not native to it.

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  • truthseeker

    I think there's a point there. We are not hairy like our predecessors so we need shelter and warmth in winter unlike other mammals who have no concerns about the cold weather.

  • truthseeker

    There's nothing religious about this discussion, it's just a theory. I'm not so narrow minded that I have no room for the possibility of life on other worlds or even life being brought here from other worlds.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Just checked my galactic files...


  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Bad Wolf said:8 hours ago8 hours ago
    Those who think the idea is ridiculous, there is nothing proving beyond of a shadow of a doubt where or what we come from.

    Please learn from this BW, so that in future you question the wording of what you are posting since your opening statement is completely false. You may speak with JWs and other crackpots in these childish terms but you cannot pit such ignorance against the work of thousands and thousands of scientific researchers.

    We do know without a shadow of doubt where we come from: the same planet as our fossil ancestors do and we can even pin point the region on Earth: The Great rift Valley, in Tanzania and Kenya, East Africa.

    Also, we know what we come from, that is who we come from.

    The earliest members of the Homo family are in the region of 2.5 to 2.8 million years old. We also have a succession of fossil species in the geological record from that time leading up to Homo sapiens that is modern humans. Just to hammer home the point, to prove the connectedness, modern humans bear the DNA traces of having interbred with extinct species of the human family, including Neanderthals and a lesser known fossil human species called the Denisovans.

    Most educated Homo sapiens today understand this.

    Evidence is evidence, you can discuss why fossil humans are there and how they got there but you cannot dismiss the fact that humans form a pedigree, an evolutionary branch of ancestors found in the rocks on planet Earth.

  • sir82

    He said reptiles use the sun to regulate their temperature, but humans need to avoid spending long periods exposed to the sun as it can make us dizzy and cause heat stroke.

    This, Dr Silver says, is evidence that humans are likely to have originated from somewhere where there was not as much sunlight.

    Well that's quite a leap.

    Perhaps raccoons and other nocturnal animals flew in from a planet where there is no sun at all....[cue Twilight Zone theme....doo doo doo doo......]

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    BW, I did not mean to put you down-- rather to shake you out of old JW assumptions.

    When we leave the cult we are left with little idea of how the world truly works, we have a jaundiced view of most things courtesy of the Watchtower and it does take quite a while to catch up with reality.

    Do keep posting provocative questions!

  • Finkelstein

    Bad Wolf is a bit of an idiot, for he forgot to realize that all biological organisms/animals/fish have a hard time living on this planet.

    Whatever drugs your doing Bad Wolf I suggest you stop, you could end up in a Kingdom Hall reading Watchtower and Awake .

    It is strongly suggested that life here on earth did come from outer space developing into simple organisms.

    But humans alone, come on get an education and quit making yourself look stupid.

    Although we were visited by Martians once ????

  • Vidiot

    C'mon, guys, you gotta admit...

    ...this would explain some of the weirder aspects of "humanity".


  • stillin

    I thought is was a fact that men are from mars, women are from Venus. The bigger question is where is BadWolf coming from?

    In an infinite universe anything is possible.

  • Finkelstein

    Oh I know where he's coming from .........

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