The TWO new things to come this year for J.W Org !

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  • Phizzy

    Hi all,

    While having my first strong black coffee of the day, I was thinking about what may be to come next as the org. rapidly goes Mainstream, and this is what I came up with :

    1) They will introduce for Sunday, the After Meeting Fellowship, a time for just chatting but with the added bonus of Coffee and Snacks. This will just extend what many do anyway, spending that time gossiping etc. but will add to cohesion, and stop what a number used to do, rush straight off. This will be introduced as a "Loving provision from Jehovah", and as a time that new people can attend without even actually attending their first Meeting. hence convert prospects can get to know a few first, and the J.W's will be able to tick a Box every month because they did some "preaching".

    2) THE BIGGIE, but subtly introduced as no real change at all, they will stress that all medical procedures etc, including the taking of Blood, are ENTIRELY a "conscience matter" and private. Nobody is to question what another J.W does, especially the Elders.

    Thus they will no longer be known as The Killer Org. and it will totally remove any legal liability. By introduced subtly, I mean it will only be a "Clarification" of course.

    Thoughts ?

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    In my area we would have a "supper night" once a month after the mid week meeting, everyone would bring a plate.

    - Always a high attendance on this night and it worked well for a few years until the fun police stepped in with some reason why it could not continue.


  • NotFormer

    I doubt it. The organisation is famous for its "Who will be accountable?" stance on anything social. And they wouldn't allow the service of food and drink under their roof due to liability issues.

    It's a no-brainer to ordinary people to lighten up and allow people to have a bit of fun. But it's not in the WT's DNA.

    As for blood, that's a possibility. But with the vaccine mandate, they still showed signs of being happy to dictate what medical procedures people should and shouldn't have.

    BTW, Phizzy, despite my doubts, I hope that you are 100% right! 🤞

  • KerryKing

    Ah but would Df'd people be allowed a cup of coffee? Decisions, decisions....

  • Diogenesister

    Phiz & NottyThey could get around the liability issue like schools do now....that you bring your own nibbles in, in order to congregate (and then everyone shares anyway 😂)

  • Phizzy

    Yup, a Club I belong to does that when we have a "pooled" meal, there is always lots too much food, so they could combine the Fellowship meal , which they will claim is based on the N.T "Love feasts", with the left-overs being a bit of a Food Bank.

  • Halcon

    An episcopal church service I sometimes watch online always has the priest reminding everyone that there is coffee and snacks after service so everyone stick around.

    Its a mainstream thing so this is certainly possible.

  • truthlover123

    Meal or two might work, all love a gathering, however, the cliques still remain and elders would come to the meal just to be seen. Otherwise elders would go back to their favorites after that. Ever since the tick that u r a JW went into play, no call, no asking how are you doing? NADA

  • nowwhat?

    Sunday Social hour is not feasible because kh's have 2-3 congregations that meet. if they can relax the df policy you would think they would relax the blood policy next

  • no-zombie

    Because there are so many thing that need to go within the Organization and the fact that its literally steered by a small unaccountable committee, it is really hard to foresee the next series of changes. And so at the moment, it could nearly be anything. But, as time goes on, a pattern of thinking will develop and things are bound to become more predictable.

    However right now, I'm finding that the private conversations after the meeting much more interesting, with many of our good folk, making up their own wish lists of changes.

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