Are Jehovah's Witnesses selfish??

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    To summarize: Some of them aren't, not because of the org, but despite of the org.

  • FedUpJW

    Is the average Jehovah's Witness selfish and self-centred?

    That would be putting it mildly!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yes jw's are selfish and also quietly smug! Let us never forget our jw heritage.-----We're right and everyone, 8 billion, others are wrong! That is what we were taught and that is what we practiced! It's impossible to see that until you break free from jw's and take an honest look!

    just saying!

  • 2curious
    I was thinking about this the other day. When I told my parents i was going to be disfellowshipped and that i was engaged to a non-witness, their first reaction was, "we'll never see our grandson again" and "how could you do this to us?" Then came their concern for my everlasting life, but with the "we're worried we'll never see you again." It was all about them. They then proceeded to immediately warn as many people as they could about me, because, I guess that helped their consciences. I've always thought of my father as an extremely obedient person, but the truth is, he'll throw anyone under the bus to save himself. He didnt care how the confidential info he spread affected me, because he'd done his duty and would be saved.
  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    From my experience I think 9 out of 10 JWs are selfish people. I have seen with my own eyes how during CO week JWs avoid some of the brothers and sisters at the KH to look super spiritual in front of CO. The majority of JWs think only about their status within the organisation and they will sacrifice anything - family, children, parents etc. It is exactly the same when employees would do anything to get a promotion. So they are selfish, self-centered, weakhearted, childish and dull. I am very sorry for saying this but only a dull person will exchange spirituality over family. For me greedy material people and greedy spiritual people are the same. This world is only about them they don't care at all about the rest.

  • sparrowdown

    The borg indoctrination teaches it's members how to be self-centered, narcisisstic jerks and calls it "putting Jehovah/the kingdom first."

  • Wild_Thing

    I think egocentric would be a better description than selfish. And the organization teaches them to be that way.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    The whole Jehovah's Witness organization by its own policies is selfish. It's a self-serving corporation, only caring for its own (scarcely, at that) and sapping up outside resources in a non-reciprocal fashion. Users and abusers.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    As a jw if you are in need of food and no money you are told to go to the local food bank run by a church. If your mate or a close love one dies make sure they don't die when a convention is taking place. After all going to a convention is more important than going to a funeral. If a elderly one in your congregation is sick and needs help makes sure they call there adult kids first to get help. Remember field service, meetings, convention and all the busy work the Borg throws on them is more important than showing love and helping someone else. Still Totally ADD

  • Diogenesister
    Pale. Emperor Most parents would do anything for their child, JWs on the other hand will give up their own children in order to become immortal. How is this any different from sacrificing your children to a god?

    This is what I think Paley. Its like saying my life is more important than you are.

    There are Octopi and Spider mothers who give their own lives that their children might live.

    Even if the jw parents hesitate in putting themselves first, if their instinct to put their kids first starts to win through, Watchtower says if you want to SAVE your child you must stand firm and SHUN.

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