Are Jehovah's Witnesses selfish??

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  • stuckinarut2

    Is the average Jehovah's Witness selfish and self-centred?

    I know, I know...many will object and say "NO - Preaching is the most selfless thing a JW can do. It saves others lives..."

    They may even compare themselves to ancient Job who served God faithfully (so the story goes)

    But, if we really think about it, how many JWs would keep going preaching if the GB said it was "optional and did not need to be reported on a report slip each month" ?? I would bet VERY FEW if any!

    Also, the basic tenants of the faith is that of REWARDS for faithfulness. IF a JW is faithful and spiritual, they will be given the opportunity to live forever in the paradise. How many would live the life of a JW if no paradise was on offer??

    What about the idea of the mass death of BILLIONS at Armageddon? How does the average JW rationalise the teaching that EVERY person who is not a faithful, active JW will be slaughtered? Even little babies of worldly people who are simply living the best life they can? But since they do not take magazines or become JWs they somehow deserve to die??

    So I propose that most JWs are inherently selfish and in the faith because of what it offers them...


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    A JW parent will shun their child for not conforming to THEIR belief system. If that's not self-centered, I don't know what is. As a parent, my life is one of sacrifice for my child. It's not about his life not conforming with mine. It's an amalgamation and negotiation between making both worlds co-exist in harmony.

  • punkofnice

    There's going to be a mixture of motives with the jobos.

    My overarching feeling is that they are the victims of the Mafia boss god mentality, even if they don't know it....

    Matt Dillahunty - God, the Mafia Boss - Atheist Experience - YouTube

  • Whynot

    I think the best way to really know who is truely selfless is by looking at who is there for you when you ask for help.

    You WILL find some JWs that are selfless but most will not even bother with you. JWs are conditioned to judge and condemn. It's sad. I have seen it and experienced it.

    The times they may actually show up is if they announce on the platform that someone needs help and have someone arrange to offer help.

    I have many, many stories to tell about this but I will just mention one. An elder got very sick and was on bedrest for about 6 months. This elder I must say is a pretty decent human. Everybody loves him and his wife. But when he was sick and couldn't move, no-one called nor passed by to see how he was doing.

    I was starting to fade but I knew about this. I was very pregnant and couldn't do much for them (just food and take out trash) but I got PISSED when I found out that NO-ONE else was calling or visiting. Oooh! I grabbed my phone and called the elders and was a bit harsh but I told them that they needed to give him attention! I also firmly suggested that they make arrangemebts to help this elderly couple.

    Next meeting, they DIDN'T! So I took matters in my own hands and spoke to the pioneers and asked them to please pass by and help this elder and his wife. Finally they made arrangements. Geesh!

    This really made me mad. I still get mad when I think about it. But it shows how the JWs just don't have focus on what it means to help your neighbor, and look for opportunities to show true Christian love. The focus is on making your hours, and meetings.

  • asp59

    I remember a KH I attended in a ritch area. They hade to sell kingdom Hall cause they couldn't pay the rent. But I knew a lot of JWs in the area that own fancy summer houses in vacation places. I think they are selfish cause they been taught to enter new system you only have to preach.

  • pale.emperor

    Think of it this way... according to Watchtower, Jehovah will make you immortal in a perfect world. All you have to do is be a slave to Watchtower in the here an now. If your child/brother/sister/mum/dad decides to leave or is expelled from the religion then you must shun them or you wont get to be immortal.

    If your friend/relative is shunning you, they're essentially saying that they'd happily sacrifice knowing you simply so they can become immortal. Most parents would do anything for their child, JWs on the other hand will give up their own children in order to become immortal. How is this any different from sacrificing your children to a god?

    I can remember a handful of genuinely altruistic people in the JW cult when I was in. Hell, one of my favorite people in the cult has been disfellowshipped twice for being too kind to disfellowshipped people. He was genuinely "christlike". He used to still talk to them and run errands for them if they were unable to do something. But 99.999999% have been trained to withhold their kind nature if you were to disagree with Watchtower. They're the exact opposite of the Good Samaritan.

  • zeb

    Facing eviction years ago when a jw who was a builder left us in the s*** we had no where to live.

    We asked for the loan of a trailer to park it on our site until we could sort out the mess. No one would lend us a trailer they wanted them for their holidays.

  • carla

    I asked my jw about this one once, he had no response-

    John 15:13 King James Version (KJV)

    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

    They are also selfish with their time, they expect everybody to work around their cult activities and can't understand why you can't wait for them! Everybody else should put their life on hold while they are at meetings & fs.

  • blownaway

    I remember my grandfather had to give a talk at an assembly about JWs need to learn to tip properly that they were getting a reputation for being cheap.

  • carla

    Yes, waitstaff cannot feed their families with jw literature which they used to like to leave instead of cold hard cash but then that is the jw way isn't it? No real tangible help and now they don't even leave the litter-ature, just a business card sending you to their website. Here is tip for jw's- when waitstaff clear your table after you go everything that is not cash, something of value or dishes goes in the garbage. Waitstaff does not have time to read your crap and leaving business cards? trash too, nobody even looks at them.

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