Reckless eyeballing

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  • Maverick

    On another treat some of the ladies commented on the married Brothers hitting on them or making sexual remarks to them. This brought back to mind the personal custom I had about NOT looking the Sisters over when they walked by at meetings. I would look away or down when and Sister passed by. I thought it was disrespectful and unloving to eyeball my spiritual Sister. And when I was married I would not eyeball women at all in the presence of my wife. That was a LAW!

    When I saw the Brothers, married or single, eyeballing women I lost all respect for that person then and there. And over the 24 years as a dud there were a lot of men I had total contempt for! I believe in keeping my licentiousness in the bedroom, which has the added benefit of surprising the hell out of my lady friends because it seems so out of character!

    I'd like to hear what my former Sisters have to say about it topic. Maverick

  • happyout


    I guess it depends on what you mean by eyeballing. Looking away totally, while sweet, would not be necessary for my husband. He can look, but not stare. He has even pointed out to me some weird things when we are people watching. And I know he will find other women attractive, pretty, etc, so as long as he's not staring and drooling, I'm cool with that.

    I think it's wonderful that you showed such respect for your wife (and lady friends).

    On the other hand, I hate being stared at, and form an immediate dislike for anyone who doesn't have the good manners to look away quickly.


  • Maverick

    Good point Happyout. Let me be a little more succinct. Seeing a Sister walk by with a glance or a nod or eye contact is not what I am referring to. Reckless eyeballing is when the man mentally undresses the Sister as she walks by. You can tell the difference.

    Also, I would appreciate comments on these dirt bags hitting on the Sisters. If I ever saw that I would blow a gasket! I'd have the Brother in the back room in seconds, and be the biggest Asshole on the planet about it with him, and anyone else that would want to get into it! This was, and is, one area I am intractable about. That may be why I never saw it. I am a real boyscout about this stuff. I have reamed out managers at Home Depot and Kash n' Karry about the inappropriate behavior of their male staff. I am required to carry a 6 hundred thousand dollar sexual harassment policy to operate my business. I will fire a person on the spot if I see it. It is one of the first things I tell my employees, right up there with stealing from me or the client or failing a drug test! I am no bullshit about this problem! Maverick

  • Valis

    It is my duty under divine mandate to leer as much as possible.....>Well that and not get caught anyway...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • tinkerbell82

    i really doubt there are many women who didnt experience this on a regular basis. i chalk it up to being part and parcel of being female. not that i condone it, i'm just not surprised by it at all.

  • Yizuman


    I hope you don't mind men eyeballing you


  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Lots of it depends on who is doing the eyeballing too.

    Sometimes you just have to bend over a little

  • tinkerbell82
  • Ravyn

    I used to get it from the brothers and the sisters.

    I have had sisters hit on me, but most of the time it was done in a malicious and jealous way, not sexually(but it has been sexually too).

    one time I had just arrived at the KH and there was a sister I didn't know standing right in the doorway, I had to say 'excuse me' to get past her. she gave me a long stare and said 'I would never wear a blouse that low-cut!' I just looked right back(at her flat chest) and said 'YOU couldn't.'

    The mike boys used to be instructed to stand in front of me. I know this because one of them was the best friend of my foster son and he told me. He also told me he LIKED to stand behind me.

    I really didn't wear low cut blouses, I just always had big boobs and no matter what I wore there was a cleavage or a button gap. They don't make dresses one size on top and another size on bottom! And suits were even worse- the skirts could put me in twice and the jacket was still too tight to button up. Can't mix and match when most of your clothes are given to you or bought at thrift stores and yard sales.

    Now when I show cleaveage it is with pride and I WANT those looks.

    My husband has no problem with it--he is proud to be mine. he also thinks JW men are blind, and the ones who aren't are stooooopid.


  • Maverick

    So basically I am wrong about this. It is OK to leer and talk trash to women. If you don't you must be a loser or gay? Sexual harassment is a joke? Maverick

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