Reckless eyeballing

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  • Valis

    Maverick...of course not! Leering properly is a fine art...especially leering when some might not think it proper. Afterall, you have to keep your eye on the prize don't you know... Trash talking women is not nice, but then again the proper naughty compliment sometimes does wonders....just becuase you like looking at women doesn't mean you can't use tact...well most of the time anyway..*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • tinkerbell82
    Sexual harassment is a joke?

    not at all. but it's not like it doesnt happen everyday. when it's such a common occurrence, i guess it's easy to treat the topic a little lightly now and then. as i said before, i do not condone the behavior, but there's not too much you can do about it.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Maverick, not as a general rule....I wouldn't put up with it....I think that if a guy talks trash to me then that's what he sees me as, and I'm more than willing to give him an attitude adjustment .....there's a difference between flirting and talking trash and ogling someone (when they talk to women's breasts instead of their face)....

    Frannie B

  • jwbot

    ooooooo leering brothers...SICKENS ME!

    I would get it a lot...I have big breasticles. yay (sarcasm).

    Well when I was dating a guy a while ago who was not a witness, but aparently had a couple friends who were witneses. These guys who were his friends were in another congregation, but still in my district and knew me. Well one of them asks my boyfriend "are you still with the girl with big titties?" WHHAAAT? This was coming from a guy that was working on being a ministerial servant. I was livid. I felt dirty, I mean, I didn't know these guys, but they knew me from assemblies because of my breasts? Absolutely disgusting. I was 17, and by that time I knew I would never date witness guys, this just confirmed it.

    So many (not all, but the majority) JW men, especially young men, are disgusting sickos who have no respect for women and who only want to dominate and conquer.

    Yes, I did my share of flirting and looking, but I was never disrespectful, and I expected guys who flirted back to be respectful at the same time.

  • drwtsn32
    ...I have big breasticles.

    jwbot: LOL! I use that word too.... I thought I was the only one!

    Ravyn: Your story cracked me up! I can't believe those horny mic boys had to be given special instructions regarding your lovliness.

  • happyout


    A year or so ago I was sitting at my desk working. The Sr. VP of sales came in and sat in front of my desk. I looked up at him. He started staring at my chest. Then he transferred his gaze to a picture I had on my desk of my husband and I at a Christmas party. In this picture, my dress is sexy and low cut (but not trashy). He looked back and forth, from the picture to my breasts (I was in a conservative business suit by the way). After nearly 60 seconds of this, I asked him VERY LOUDLY "Excuse me, did you lose something on my chest?". He started stammering, saying he was wondering where the coat I was wearing in the picture was. Yeah, right.

    There is a huge difference between looking and staring, and also between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. I will not accept anything risque in the office, because I have a very strong standard of professional behavior. I applaud your stance at the work place, and I would love to work in a company such as yours.

    On the other hand, when I am out in public at a bar, club or gym, I can't really expect the same standard of behaviour. I will still blast anyone I think is being disrespectful, I just realize that in public common sense is an oxymoron, and good manners are hard to find.


  • talesin

    Maverick, IMO you are right.

    I don't mind if my significant other (or date, for that matter) looks at others when not with me. But I find it disrespectful if he does it while with me. On the one hand, we're only human and all (men and wommyn) enjoy looking. On the other hand, it's important to show the 'one we're with' they are special (ie, 'I have eyes for no one but you'). Let's be romantic, for cryin' out loud!!! (BTW, same rules apply for females.)

    Note: I hate it when men are with another womin and leer at me. I usually give them the finger or somehow show them how disdainful I am of their behaviour. How dare they (perhaps) make their partner feel insecure or not as attractive as some stranger walking by.

    You asked for women's opinions. That's mine. I also have to say that if a person is exceptionally beautiful, I don't mind my partner commenting on it, but not in too lustful (ie. sleazy) a manner.

    Okay, honest, a bit insecure, but that's me!


    (edited to add: "Discretion is the better part of valour")

  • Maverick

    Thanks again Happyout, this was my point. There are settings where flirting or little comments are not a problem. A house of worship or work are not such places! And married or dating situations are out as well. I expect a professional demeanor at work and safe and clean behavior at church. And it does not matter what the woman is wearing. If a man can't control himself in those settings he is not worth being around, and has only my contempt! And a gentleman always treats his date as the only woman on earth. All other females are to be treated like his Mom or his sisters, respectfully but never sexually! I am no prude, and am hardly a repressed individual. But I have seen how my daughter and her friends get treated and watch how women are talked to in public. I feel it is a crime. And when I see guys feeling up female cashiers and standing way too close and talking to their chest, I get pissed! There is a power-play going on. Women have to take it. Same at the Hall. If a woman said something to an Elder he will her console her to her face and then tell the other Brothers what a nut job she is...just a female...can't help it! I'm sorry, I buried a lot of this when I left. You guys got me going now! Maverick

  • Prisca

    I don't mind being looked at with appreciation (by anyone) but being leered at in a demeaning fashion is a different matter.

    Men are such that they can't help look at a pretty woman. It's the way they are made. But there is a huge difference between a glance (caught the eye but looks away quickly) and a leer (ogling and often with a letcherous smirk).

    Maverick, if there were more men like you, the world would be a better place

  • Simon
    Men are such that they can't help look at a pretty woman. It's the way they are made. But there is a huge difference between a glance (caught the eye but looks away quickly) and a leer (ogling and often with a letcherous smirk).

    Exactly, well put.

    I can't help it (honest!) but I try to be discreet and not letcherous. When we're driving this involves going "hubba hubba !!" while looking in the mirror. I normally get a slap from you know who

    I don't imagine many women like being stared at and whistled / shouted at. An appreciative quick glance and smile probably works wonders for their ego though.

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