Are There Things You Didn't Understand About JW's Until AFTER Baptism?

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  • gumby
    How could anyone ever claim, then, to not know what they were getting themselves into?

    I must say Min.......this is one of your better questions.

    Sorry I didn't read the comments here but I gotta get going on another weekend excursion.

    I think even those of us who were born into the religion and feel WE knew/know of the implications for not following dub rules....didn't know what we were getting into.

    By that I mean I don't believe there is anyone who knew of the phychological effects on the emotions that disfellowshipping would bring. We knew it would be horrible.....but we never realised the feeling of being shunned and how inhumane it would feel. There are many things within the organisation we thought we knew.........but never FELT.......untill we experienced matter what WE THOUGHT we knew.


  • minimus

    My mother understands that since my daughter and I were raised as Witnesses, we didn't have a real choice. But she feels my wife should no better since she left the Catholic Church and made her choice later on in life.

  • jst2laws


    This is a very important thread. I love the comments. Any one else?


  • blondie

    I didn't know about all the weird things of BS/JW history, that Russell used the Great Pyramid to make his time calculations, miracle wheat fiasco, that the cross was used until 1928 on the cover of the WT, that XMas was celebrated until 1926, that they thought the end was coming in 1925 and that the "ancient worthies" would be resurrected, Beth Sarim, that Rutherford was married but did not live with his wife.

    I didn't learn till afterwards that elders would lie to me and each other, that they would protect child molesters. It took a few more years to realize that there are lying elders in every congregation .


  • neyank

    "But she feels my wife should no better since she left the Catholic Church and made her choice later on in life."

    That's the problem minimus.

    Those that got baptised without growing up in it had NO WAY of finding out the real truth behind the WTS until now.

    We were not told.

    The WTS frouned upon any that would seek to find out its history.

    The JWs at the door were always too happy to have someone question their own religion but when the WTS gets questioned, WATCH OUT!!!

    Jst2laws, you're right about this being important.

    Anyone that is checking out the WTS should know about these things.

    If we did, would we have gotten involved with them?

    I for one would definitely have said NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • minimus

    So, what makes the Witnesses so attractive to people???

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    "So, what makes the Witnesses so attractive to people???"

    Ya know this really is an excellent question and should probably be a new subject.

    I believe the reasons are many that help to draw a person into such a religious group. But simply (IMO), there are times in a person’s life (has been in mine) where people need help and understanding. Problem is, they don’t know where to find it. Then someone shows up at his or her door with all the ‘answers’. They’re promised a better life. They’re shown the way to join with others who also have found this better life. Its presented to the interested one that all they have to do is join (with the ones presenting the ‘truth’) and everything will be all right.

    You can’t sell a lie very easily, so the Watchtower has been very careful to contain its agenda deep below the surface. Only very superficial "truths" are presented at first. Then as the indoctrination process begins and continues, more "truths" are presented and explained. It becomes a circular logic type of reasoning; "I know it’s the truth cuz I believe it. And I believe it cuz I know it’s the truth". There’s a push (albeit inferred) to deepen relationships within the group and create distance with ‘outside’ relationships. This provides the ‘need’ for the group that later on is used as a tool to keep the new JW ‘in line’. There is ‘reward’ for ‘good’ behavior , which provides positive reinforcement. This goes on and on until the new recruit is totally mentally dependent on the group. By then, its too late.

    For those who are ‘born’ a JW or who have been ‘brought’ in at a very early age, they just simply "know" it’s the truth. Children look to their parents as gods and if they are told by them something good and true, then there is even a ‘checks and balances’ mental process within the psyche of the child. It’s just the way it is, to the child. What other way COULD there be? I personally had to go/grow through this type of ‘indoctrination’. It took me until my early twenties to finally figure it out on my own.

    But all this isn’t possible without the need for help and the offer to comply.

    For those who aren’t hurting and still find the JW religion interesting, well, maybe they need the kind of structure in their lives the Watchtower Society provides. Some people need to be told what to do, think, say, etc.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on this subject.


  • minimus

    Steve, That was an EXCELLENT post! And i do agree that some people simply enjoy being told what to do and how to think.

  • shotgun
    shotgun said Rutherford was married?

    I didn't know that...never read it anywhere..who was he married to.... Adolf Hitler?

  • minimus

    Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford have a son by the name of Malcom.

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