Are There Things You Didn't Understand About JW's Until AFTER Baptism?

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  • Francois

    There are things about da troof dat nobody unnerstands YET. And I mean any of the governing body, much less the r&f. Do you actually think that there'd be anything such as the door to door annoyance if the GB had to get up early of a Saturday morning and do it themselves? Not on your fine hairless ass.


  • shotgun

    Good topic Min

    I know for myself I certainly did not understand the full consequences of my baptism and I was 22 not 9.

    As for all the questions, I can't remember one. I remember being asked if I had already dedicated myself to jah in prayer, I said yes but should have added it seemed empty and no different from any other prayer.

    I think most teens are a little more informed today then what they were 15 to 20 years ago about the WT shortcomings, at least I hope so.

    Rocketman made a good point too, Phillip never asked the Ethiopian to complete his studies of Isaiah or answer a set of questions, he taught him briefly about Jesus and baptized him.

  • rocketman

    It could well be too that the many questions are a legal cover-your butt thing by the jws.

  • minimus

    Yeah, Probably all the legal dept. got together and wrote the questions...........How many understood that if you questioned ANYTHING that the organization spouted, that you could be disfellowshipped for apostasy? Who knew that if you could PROVE that the governing body was wrong about something, that unless you kept a lid on it, you'd get DF'd? Who would've ever thought that if your spouse was engaging in beastialty that you couldn't get a divorce?

  • minimus

    If a person doesn't have a clue about most everything and STILL wants to get baptized, who's to blame? It would seem, that unless a person is still a child, they have to accept some responsibility for their decision.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    What I have learned after the fact, as it were, is that the JW baptism means nothing. Its all about the set-up by the Watchtower Society to make you 'official' so they can use all their scare tactics on ya to make you obey. They make you feel like a second class citizen (can't comment at meetings, etc.) till' you get 'dunked'. Getting baptized as a JW is like selling your soul to the devil. When you do this, the devil (Society) owns ya. I think that’s why it feels so good to come to the awareness of the meaninglessness of the JW baptism. It’s kinda like tearing up that contract with the devil.

    If all JW's could come to this realization about the Watchtower Society that folks like us here on this board have come to, would there enough JW's left to have a meeting? LOL


  • neyank

    There are many things, as we all know, that prospective JWs are not told until after baptism.

    They are not told about the changes in teachings over the years.

    They are not told of the failed prophecies.

    They are not told that you must have and use the same concience as every other JW.

    They are not told about the diferent rules that a JW must conform to or they will be booted out.

    They are not told that if something from JW land goes against your concience, you must ignore your concience and blindly follow the WTS.

    They are not told that if they do not perform whithin the WTS standards, they will be looked upon as weak and bad asociation.

    They are led to believe that there are some things that you can decide for yourself to believe and go along with until after taking the plunge and you learn diferently.

    Prospective JWs are taught NONE of the negative aspects of the WTS because the book conductor knows there might be a chance that the prospective JW will say NO WAY!

    So basically, the WTS we thought we were joining isn't what we were led to believe it was.

    So I think those of us who were baptised without knowing the real truth behind the WTS,
    which is almost all of us, should be able to just have our baptisms anulled because we joined under false pretenses.


  • minimus

    The beauty of the WT. is, they can change ANYTHING they want, when they want to, without questioning it. If you want to research a point to see if this was the same "thought" as before, you are not allowed to look it up. JW's are even told to NOT read the older publications and just stick with the "latest" from the "Slave". So, even if you wanted to review what you thought you knew to what is "new lite", you would be accused of "independant thinking".

  • neyank

    Exactly Minimus.


  • minimus

    Yeah......Here's a question to think about............ What the hell was I thinking?

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