Do you tell your spouse or partner EVERYTHING?

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  • obiwan

    awwww, there, there Tink Obi will make everything better.

  • tinkerbell82

    aw thanks mentor ;) i was pretty peeved, to put it lightly. actually, i AM pretty peeved about it still. i just do not condone that sort of thing and my knowing about it isnt helpful, i dont have a frickin time machine!

  • TresHappy

    You know a few years back a former friend of mine was having an affair behind her hubby's back. He had MAJOR issues and this guy made her feel oh so good. She wanted to tell her spouse but I advised against against, basically for her safety. He was so unpredictable that I worried her honesty may have proved injurious or fatal. She had fallen in love with this guy and was at a crossroads, between her JW raising morals still clogging her head or her heart. I told her if she was going to continue to see this guy, she should separate in order to distance herself from hubby's prying eyes. She did and eventually divorced her husband and broke up with that guy. I don't condone affairs, however I don't think an affair is a capital offense, punishable by death. I sincerely think her husband would have killed her. He wasn't a JW, into guns and prided himself on dispensing justice his own way.

  • JT
    sometimes you just don't wanna know

    Interesting thought, so you perfer to leave in a fantasy instead of know the real deal on issues

    it is interesting cause that type of thinking is what many JW say about their BELOVED ORGANIZATION

    so to me to say the same thing about our "Beloved" mate is closing ones eyes in my view

    but then again some relationships can't handle the truth, i am fully aware of that fact

    i guess my wife and i are LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY type folks

    call a spade a spade- i tell my wife all the time

    "If i start acting like a JackA$$" THEN tell me to "GET TO STEPPING"


  • tinkerbell82
    so you perfer to leave in a fantasy instead of know the real deal on issues

    um, hardly. that's why i said "sometimes". some things are just unnecessary bits of information that i'd rather not know because nothing will come of my knowing. if it's a big deal then obviously i want to know. that would be the OTHER times.

    (edited to add - sorry if that came off as smart alecky; i'm incredibly cranky today. :)

    (edited again to fix misspelled 'edited' and say thanks bro for the cherry, i feel muuuuuch better now! :P but i ran out of posts so i figured i'd sneak this in on the sly ;)

  • drwtsn32
    i'm incredibly cranky today.

    ::throws a cherry at tink::

    Does that help, sis?

  • moonwillow


    Some things are best kept secret.

  • closer2fine

    nope, but he gets to hear the highlights.


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