Who/ What In Your Opinion Was The Best?

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  • minimus

    McDonald’s is great for a night of drinking.

  • iXav
    I bought a strip of Wagyu beef from Costco a few weeks ago, quite an investment even at Costco prices.

    Now you have to sell another Kidney to enjoy all that goodness again

  • pistolpete

    Best boxer---


    Best President----Andrew Shepard'


    Best Athlete-----Son of Zeus


  • OnTheWayOut

    Min: For me the best President in my lifetime was probably Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan- Iran-Contra Affair- Arms for Hostages scandal.
    HUD rigging scandal.
    Savings and Loan crisis created by tax loopholes and bank de-regulation
    While climbing the political ladder, Reagan opposed every major piece of civil rights legislation adopted by Congress, and while president, he continued that legacy.
    Just as "Make America Great Again" tried to make white people remember when they were the clear majority in America, Reagan played to nostalgia for the 1950's era before civil rights, feminism, environmental activism

    Reagan was probably America's biggest downfall in modern times, reviving class warfare of rich vs. poor, management vs.labor.

  • minimus

    Onthewayout. I know how left you are and you do realize you would have had Carter still who really is considered one of the worst presidents we have ever had. Of course this is all subjective which makes this a fun thread. You would have gone real crazy if I had said Trump, lol

  • minimus

    Regarding favorites, I love gritty gangster movies. Good fellas was excellent! Of course The Godfather was superb. Who was better than Robert DeNiro in these types of gangster movies?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Carter's biggest problem was that he thought that if he just told the people what needed to be done, Congress would do the right thing without any pork deals. Of course, that didn't work and Carter didn't get anything done.

    I was primarily pointing out why you, Minimus, like Reagan.

  • minimus

    I like Reagan because he was the gentler more polished version of Trump. The world knew he meant business. Was he perfect? No but a hell of a lot better than the alternative Carter.

  • LV101

    Reagan all time fave for Pres. Best burger - Fat Burger with extra this/that the other; filet mignon at Bellagio Hotel & Casino and The Palm (some of our great steak restaurants have closed) and Del Frescos (same as NY).

    Better than anything else - dessert (cake) from Bellagio Patisserie and Cake Box (Venetian).

    No fave best over-all athlete - love Clayton Kershaw/Dodgers.

    Agree with Simon re/Bob Dylan. Oh my - saw him live grand opening of Bellagio Hotel & Casino and MGM. He's unreal.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Really, we are saying the same thing about why you like Reagan.

    History was more than kind to Ronald Reagan. Today you hear about the Reagan who instituted a massive tax cut in 1981, not the Reagan whose trickle-down didn't work, so when his theories failed to materialize actual revenue, reversed course to sign the largest peacetime tax increase in history in 1982, and then raised taxes again in 1983 and 1984.

    Republican candidates will talk about the Reagan who cut government regulation, leading you to believe he wanted smaller government, but not the same Reagan who increased the size of the federal government and the national debt.

    Maybe the 2 biggest reasons that Reagan is remembered in History so well is that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when he left office and because he was so charming, giving raise to nostalgia similar to Democrats reminiscing about the smooth-talking style of Clinton and Obama. Certainly, both Bush presidents have none of that to offer, and Trump won't ever be remembered as fondly for his bragging of his own intelligence in such stupid ways.

    Carter may not have gotten stuff done in office, but his dedication to helping people after leaving office will leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who tries to praise ANY other former president's post-presidential activities when comparing them.

    So this thread is about the BEST. Jimmy Carter was the best FORMER PRESIDENT.

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