Who/ What In Your Opinion Was The Best?

by minimus 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • JeffT

    I didn't like Reagan much at the time, Nixon even less.

    In retrospect I think they were good Presidents. Nixon's problems stemmed from his internal demons.

    Min: I knew I was going to reel in somebody with that one.

  • minimus

    Steak houses, Ruth’s Chris and the Capital Grille

  • minimus

    I had to check her out. It was a glorious time with no such thing as implants lol.

  • minimus

    Best soul singer Teddy Pendergrass from Harold Melvin and the Bluenotesand Marvin Gaye. Total opposites but the best of the best.

  • truth_b_known

    Best feat by mankind - Walking on the moon.

    Best U.S. President - JFK; a WWII combat vet who made it possible to put mankind on the moon.

    Best Burger - Impossible Beef is fantastic, but In-N-Out has the best mass retail hamburger.

  • minimus

    In and out when I was in California years ago was definitely delicious. They brag on their burgers and with good reason for a fast food joint. Kennedy was a very flawed man but in comparison to today’s President, he was superb. Sad to not be able to get the very best of him with his life cut so short.:(

  • LV101

    Minimus - you are right about Ruth's Chris being great steak house. They were the best - we used to have a few throughout the area (so convenient w/out going to the strip) and now only one or two in the casinos/hotels on strip. Who knows what will be left after the COVID horror. So many restaurants have closed down permanently -- sad.

    Re - man walking on the moon -- anyone watched the videos re/it all being fake. Check out the filming at Area 51. So many people are doubters but I still have faith. Not so sure about Kennedy being the best -- hum. I did like him back when.

  • minimus

    I’m on my way to the butcher for some wonderful steaks. Yummm

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