I'm so excited

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  • SheilaM

    I prefer not to hunt or have Thunder hunt. But as someone brought out the deer popultation is out of control.

  • obiwan

    I could never justify sport hunting, I hate it as well. The deer I bag go right into the freezer. Two or three good size deer will last you all year.....yummmmm, venisonnnn(drooollll)

  • BluesBrother


    I would like to apologise for the nature of my post last night. To refer to "A sick mind" was uncalled for and rude of me.

    It was posted in a gut reaction to the subject matter, without due consideration .

    One of the great benefits of this board is the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds and opinions so I should not have rushed to judgement.

    I still would never want to go hunting ,but I accept that others think differently

  • obiwan

    It's cool BB, no problem here. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion.(I've been called worse)

  • xjw_b12

    OBIWAN You Must be a member of PETA then. People Enjoy Tasty Animals !

    I could only imangine the response this thread would have received if the Title was " I'm Going Out to Hunt Me Some Deer! LOL

  • freein89

    My husband is hunting and fishing guy supreme. I have one rule-it has to look like food before it comes into the house. No face, no feet. He eats what he hunts. I occasionally eat some venison but most of the time he cooks it for his work crew. He cooks up big batches of stew and feeds the guys. He also brings his coleman stove and has a fish fry for whoever is on the job site. Oh by the way, he is a ceramic tile contractor. He told me that when he hunts he says a prayer after hunting to thank his creator for the food. But as he gets older-he's almost 54, it gets harder to kill when he hunts. He figures that at some point he will quit hunting, but for now it is something he enjoys with his family and friends.

    His ex-wife hunts, but its not for me, I can't even squish big bugs. But sometimes I go ice fishing with him, sorta fun out in the ice shack with some peppermint schnapps (sp?) in hot chocolate. One time I had a great big crappie drop off my line when I had it almost out of the hole, I dropped my pole and stuck my arm in to grab my fish and all I ended up with is a cold, wet arm.


  • Cicatrix


    Are you aware that in certain counties in Michigan the deer are suffering from increased incidences of TB?

    Be sure to cook your meat well and use gloves when you process the game. You may want to search the internet for more info.

  • obiwan

    Yeah, I do know Cicatrix. The DNR has been requesting that you send the head in for testing. I have someone else do the processing, so I wear the gloves only when I gut the deer. It usually takes a couple of months for the processing to get done ( they get really backed up) so if the DNR get's in touch with me before that, then I'll take specific measures so I don't get sick.


    I love venison too!!!!!!! I respect the fact that you hunt for FOOD and not for the shear pleasure of killing an innocent creature. There is nothing wrong w/ it OBS!!

    So how was the hunting trip???? Did you enjoy the bow?

  • Valis

    Eheh...sweet revenge...Actually I wouldn't mind bow hunmting for deer, but sitting in a beer I mean deer blind and waiting for a deer to come along and go for the salt lick or corn feeder is lazy and unsportsman like IMO.


    District Overbeer

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